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Last updated: October 12, 2005


Shenzhou-6 Pictures


Shenzhou-5 and Pre-SZ-5 Pictures

Shenzhou-2 Pictures

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(Credit: Xinhua)

Shenzhou-1 Pictures

Shenzhou-2 computer rendered image by Simon Zajc
CZ-2F; Fairing Configuration; Before launch; Spacecraft;
Re-entry module;Virtual taikonaut; Escape tower test; parachute test
(Photo credit: Aerospace Knowledge, China Pictorial)

before launch; launch; Beijing control center; "Shenzhou" named by Jiang Zemin

Shenzhou in space; re-entry; CZ-2F in VAB; CZ-2F in transportation.

Shenzhou landed; Jiuquan Center; VAB; Launch pad and VAB.

Shenzhou 3D Image by Simon Zajc; CZ-2F fairing; CZ-2F in VAB (2 pics); Shenzhou close-up (2 pics)

Launch and landing location; Installation; Touch down; Re-entry capsule (2 pics)

4 pictures captured from TV show the spacecraft

Beijing Control Center; Cockpit image on the screen, before launch(2 pix); returned capsule (3 pix)

(Photo credit: Xinhua, CCTV, CSN, People's Daily)