Marc Summers
Broadcast history: Syndicated September 18, 1993 - September 1994
Host(s): Marc Summers
Announcer/Voice of 2XL: Greg Berg

Marc as a pineapple Three players competed. A choice of two things that you could "meet" was shown on 2XL. Each player locked in one of the two they wanted to see. Whatever the majority voted was what the players met via video. The thing in the video spouted information, and then seven questions were asked based on that information. 25 points were earned per correct answer and each question could be answered only once.

Phys Quiz in progressOoh! It's 2 by 2!

The highest scoring player then came out with an adult teammate and via random pick, played a mini-game for a potential 250 points. They included: XL's Extra. A prize was shown and the kid contestant was read two categories. They picked one and could win a prize if they got the question right. The question was a list. The kid and adult alternated giving answers, earned 50 points for each correct answer. If they missed along the way the game stopped. Also, 2 by 2. The kid was told a main subject (Ex: Florida) and two sub-categories (It's Citrus or It's Cities). They picked one, and if the adult got the question right, they earned 50 points. Five questions could be played max. Phys Quiz. The kid and adult performed a stunt and got 50 points for every task they completed.

It's a race to five brains

After the mini-games, there was a rapid-fire question round. The object was to light up all five of your "brains". The player in first place got a two brain head start, the player in second a one brain head start, and no head start for the third place player. Whoever lit them all up first won a $5,000 savings bond.

Ooh! A Big Screen TV!

The winning player had the opportunity to win a bonus prize. Two prizes were shown, and the player pressed buttons 1-4 on 2XL. Two of the buttons concealed one prize, the other two buttons the other prize. Whichever prize they uncovered both of first, they won.

Marc Summers, previously of "Double Dare," created and produced this series.

Marc's daughter Meredith appeared on camera from time to time, including to hand out the contestant's favorite college's shirt after they won the game.

2XL was also a toy released by Tiger Electronics. It came with several casettes, with stories, jokes, etc. on them.

The prizes for a winner aren't too shabby. Marc does a decent job as well. The set is nice, despite being small and the music is decent.

Cast - 1.0
Bells and Whistles - 1.0
Game - 1.0
Prize - 2.0
Tilt - 1.0

[ 06.0 ]

Despite the big top prize, there just isn't a lot of excitement around "Pick Your Brain." The bonus round probably took twenty seconds flat to create and it lacks real drama.