California's Route 145

445. (a) Route 145 is from: (1) Route 5 near Oilfields to Route 99 near Madera, passing near Five Points and Kerman. (2) Route 99 near Madera to Route 41. (b)(1) The commission may relinquish to the City of Madera the portion of Route 145 located between Gateway Drive and Lake Street within the city, upon terms and conditions the commission finds to be in the best interest of the state. (2) A relinquishment under this subdivision shall become effective on the first day of the next calendar or fiscal year, whichever occurs first, after the effective date of the commission's approval of the terms. (3) The relinquished section shall cease to be a state highway on the effective date of the relinquishment. (4) The portion of Route 145 described in this subdivision may be relinquished to the City of Madera only upon the condition that the city agrees to both of the following: (A) Maintenance of signs directing motorists to the continuation of State Highway Route 145. (B) No reduction of the number of lanes within the relinquished section. F&E System Entire route. Points of Interest Off Route 145, east of Madera, is the Hensley Lake Park & Recreation Area. Camping, picnicking, waterskiing, and swimming is included in this package. It's on River Road and then northward for about five miles. California State Highways (Pull-down) California State Highways (Tables) The Main Page