MM-83. "Wheeee!!!! (Part 2)" Max "sits" on the hood of his "misappropriated" Pursuit Special* at speed. Obviously Max was cut from another picture (MM-36) and pasted on. Which is a shame, because that would have been a sweet picture of the car.

*Pursuit Special vs. Interceptor

Peter Barton and I discussed this some time ago. I'm aware that after the Mechanic called it "the last of the V-8 interceptors" in Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior, everyone took to calling this car "The Interceptor." But to me it has always beenand will always bea (and not the) Pursuit Special. Why? Glad you asked. 

One, the MFP vehicle that the Nightrider stole was a "Pursuit Special on methane"; in other words, a specially modified pursuit vehicle. It was, unlike the standard Pursuit and Interceptor vehicles, all black. There's a much bigger similarity between Max's "black-on-black" and the Nightrider's Pursuit Special than there is between it and Max's standard Interceptor.

Two, I'm sure the Mechanic was using the term "interceptor" generically, as it could be applied to all MFP vehicles. Besides, check out the dialog from the original script (thanks to The Dan Man for the excerpt):

The MECHANIC turns to MAX:


I gotta hand it to you. Some machine... 

He holds up the detonators and fuse wire. 


Would've been a shame to blow it up.
The last of the pursuit specials. It's
history, that's what it is. A piece
of history...

Less authoritative, but nonetheless supportive, is this excerpt from the Mad Max 2 novelization by Carl Ruhen:

The man strapped to the contraption of wheels holds up the detonator and fuse box and fuse wire. "Gotta hand it to you," he calls down to Max. "Some machine, the last of the pursuit specials, a part of history, and it's a shame to blow it up."

Finally, and most convincingly, the MFP dispatcher as much as says so. In the Australian audio (and also, less intelligibly, in the US dub), as Max pulls up to the Johnny/Bubba/Toecutter ambush site, she says: "Code unspecified. We have a 'query/locate' on a black Pursuit Special: Unauthorized use by a Main Force officer. This is designated as a potential Code 3 Red Alert." Click here to listen. I suppose she could have been talking about another Pursuit Special, but come on...

I know it's pointless to resist. But I rest my case.

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