This list of Green Lanterns is not meant to be a complete list (for that see the website). Rather it is meant to be a quick guide to those who interacted with members of the Justice League and Sector 2814. I've only included Green Lanterns powered by Oan power rings (i.e. not Alan Scott of Earth).



ABIN SUR OF UNGARA (Sector 2814) - Deceased
Abin Sur was the direct predecessor of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern of Sector 2814. He was a historian and philosopher from the planet Ungara and shared many of the same traits of Jordan. He was independently minded, strong willed and one of the best of the Corps. Sur first came to Earth while hunting the alien who had murdered Green Lantern Starkaor (his predecessor). That was in 1882 and Sur teamed up with an ancestor of Jordan to capture the murder. Sur would visit Earth twice during the Golden Age of Heroes, the first was to battle a sentient worm from Venus alongside Bulletman in 1942 and the second visit in 1944 found Sur discovering the existence of Alan Scott. He was careful not to reveal himself to Scott.  Decades later Sur was mortally injured by the monster Legion and chose Earth as a place to make his final stand. Before he died Sur located two possible replacements and passed on his ring and duties to Hal Jordan.

ARISIA OF GRAXOS IV (Sector 2815; GLC of Earth) - Deceased
Arisia's father was the Green Lantern of Sector 2815. He was killed in the line of duty and she was picked by the Guardians to be his indirect successor (there was another Green Lantern of Sector 2815 for a time). She was still a teenager when picked and was rather overwhelmed by the shear size and presence of the Corps. She maintained a civilian identity on her home planet but she was more at home amongst the Green Lantern Corps. When the Sector restrictions were removed she chose to move to Earth and became part of the small Earth based GLC. Her decision was in part motivated by her crush on Hal Jordan. He only reciprocated her feelings when she used her power ring to prematurely age her body into adulthood. They drifted apart after the Central Power Battery absorbed her ring.
Arisia made a career for herself as a model on Earth and kept in communication with Kilowog. When the Corps was reformed she argued with Hal to reinstate her as a Green Lantern but he was worried about her mental state (the mental maturity brought by her ring had worn off). Nevertheless she accompanied Guy Gardner to Oa on a mission to search for the Guardians. They discovered the devastation caused by Parallax. With no hope of returning to the Corps she took a job as an adventurer at Warriors and was murdered shortly afterwards by the criminal Major Force.

ARKKIS CHUMMUCK OF TOOMEY VI (Unknown Sector) - Deceased
Arkkis Chummuck was the Green Lantern of the worlds of Xanshi and Toomey VI. The worlds were at war until Arkkis ended it by taking control of his own world (Toomey) and then stopping the attacks on Xanshi. The Guardians summoned Arkkis and he was tried before a panel of his fellow Green Lantern on charges that he used his ring for conquest. He was found innocent and later gave his life to defeat Maaldor.

Brik was one of the first Green Lanterns recruited by Hal Jordan during the reformation of the Corps. She idolised Hal Jordan and became one of the most loyal of the new Green Lanterns. When Jordan betrayed the Corps she was left powerless and was captured by a slaver ring. Guy Gardner freed her and she attended Hal's memorial service on Earth.

CHARLIE VICKER OF EARTH (Sector 3319; Darkstars) - Deceased
Vickers was an actor who played Green Lantern in a television show but was mistaken for Earth's real Green Lantern by a group of alien invaders. He assisted Hal Jordan in defeating the aliens and was made a real Green Lantern by the Guardians of the Universe. After the fall of the Corps he was recruited into the Darkstars. He was killed by Grayven, the bastard son of Darkseid, while defending Rann.

CHASELON OF BARRIO III (Sector 3319; Reformed GLC) - Deceased
The inhabitants of Barrio III are sentient crystals and Chaselon resembled a giant diamond with robotic arms and legs. He was a member of the original Green Lantern Corps and later served in the reformed Corps. He was shattered into pieces when Parallax attacked Oa.

CH'P OF H'LVEN (Sector 1014; GLC of Earth) - Deceased
Ch'p was the Green Lantern of a galaxy where most of the intelligent lifeforms looked like anthropomorphic animals. His archenemy was the villainous Doctor Ub'x. The universal Crisis reorganised time and Ch'p found that his friends and family on longer remembered him, the only person that remembered him (apart from other Green Lantern's) was Ub'x. Therefore Ch'p decided to move to Earth and join the newly formed GLC of Earth. After the Corps fell Ch'p's ring was one of the few left working. When the Corps were reformed he joined John Stewart in protecting the mosaic world of Oa. Ch'p was tragically killed in a road traffic accident by a yellow truck.

GALIUS-ZED (Unknown Sector; Darkstars) - Deceased
Galius-Zed was a noble member of the Green Lantern Corps. When the Corps fell he joined the Darkstars and was one of their foremost members. He helped defend Rann from Grayven but was killed shortly afterwards by Fatality, a serial killer specialising in ex-Green Lanterns.

G'NORT OF GNEWT (Sector "where ever"; JLI; JLAntarctica)
G'Nort was a humanoid dog with all the mentality and instincts of a six foot puppy. His archenemy was the herald of an interior designer and G'Nort was briefly a member of the Justice League Antarctica. Note: Don't let him on the furniture.
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GUY GARDNER OF EARTH  (Sector 2814; GLC of Earth; JLI)
Guy Gardner was ranked equal to Hal Jordan as a possible Green Lantern but Jordan was picked because he was closer to the dying Abin Sur. Guy suffer a personality altering head injury and was finally made a full Green Lantern during the Crisis. Guy and Hal never got along and the Guardians let them decide between themselves who was to be the Green Lantern of Earth. Guy pulled the matter down to a fistfight and was defeated by the older more experienced Jordan. Guy discovered latent alien DNA within himself and became the adventurer Warrior. He is currently semi-retired and owns a chain of Warrior theme bars.
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HAL JORDAN OF EARTH  (Sector 2814; GLC of Earth; JLA) - Deceased
The greatest of the Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan was chosen by Abin Sur as his replacement and become one of the most able of the Corps. Jordan suffered a mental breakdown and a slide into insanity when the alien Mongul destroyed his home city. Jordan blamed the Guardians and became the villain Parallax. He ultimately sacrificed his life to stop the Sun Eater. His undead spirit is how the host to the Spectre.
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JOHN STEWART OF EARTH  (Sector 2814; GLC of Earth; Darkstars)
John Stewart was an out of work architect recruited by Hal Jordan to be his back up in the Corps after Guy Gardner was injured. Stewart had a problem with the authority figures of the Guardians but mellowed with experience and age. John's greatest mistake was when he failed to save the world of Xanshi from destruction. For a time he was the defender of the mosaic world on Oa but left to become the leader of the Darkstars. Stewart was severally injured in the defence of Rann and later retired. His wife, Katma Tui, was killed by Star Sapphire. John currently works as an architect and was involved with the design of the JSA and JLA headquarters.
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KATMA TUI OF KORUGAR (Sector 1417; GLC of Earth) - Deceased
Katma was one of the children who grew up on Korugar during the dictatorship of Sinestro. She was responsible for organising the resistance against Sinestro. During the trial of Sinestro she was called upon to give evidence and so impressed the Guardians that they made her Sinestro's replacement. She was persuaded from leaving the Corps for love by Hal Jordan and was shocked when Jordan did exactly the same thing. John Stewart succeeded Hal and she was assigned to train Stewart. She worked closely with Stewart and the two were eventually married. When the Guardians removed the Sector boundaries Katma choose to move to Earth. She was killed in the line of duty by Star Sapphire.

KILOWOG OF BOLOVAX VIX (Sector 674; GLC of Earth) - Deceased
Kilowog was the Green Lantern that put Hal Jordan through his basic training. The bombastic giant alien was a favourite amongst the Corps and was one of the toughest taskmasters and teachers. Kilowog relocated to Earth as part of the GLC of Earth and later became a close friend of the JLI. Kilowog was responsible for the design of the original Rocket Red armour. He was killed defending the Guardians from Parallax.
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LARVOX OF SPUTA (Unknown Sector; Reformed GLC; Darkstars)
Larvox was one of the members of the original Green Lantern Corps who was recruited into the reformed GLC by Hal Jordan. He was one of the more alien looking Green Lanterns and even recruited a sentient mushroom into the Corps. Larvox joined the Darkstars after the fall of the Corps.

MEDPHYLL OF J586 (Unknown Sector; Darkstars)
Medphyll was a Green Lantern from a world where the dominant lifeforms were sentient planets. When the elemental Swamp Thing was roaming space he encountered Medphyll's world and formed a body for himself from the surrounding vegetation that he presumed to be non-sentient. It fell to the Green Lantern to defeat the Swamp Thing and to stop him from absorbing the bodies of the planet's plant inhabitants. Afterwards the Green Lantern used his ring to help school Swamp Thing in the use of his powers. Medphyll joined the Darkstars after the fall of the Corps and was involved in the defence of Rann.

MOGO (Unknown Sector) - Seemingly inert
Mogo has to be one of the strangest of the Green Lantern Corps. From space he appears as a planet sized entity with a vast Green Lantern symbol across his equator. Many of those who encounter him do not realise that he is alive or that he is even a Green Lantern. Those criminals that realise that he is a Green Lantern often flee in terror. When the Corps fell the alien sentience that was Mogo seemed to fade leaving its planet sized body inert. Kyle Rayner and J'onn J'onzz used Mogo's body as a site for a colony of aliens who would otherwise have invaded the Earth.

SALAKK OF SYLGGIA (Sector 1418; GLC of Earth; Reformed GLC)
Salakk was a veteran Green Lantern long before Hal Jordan ever picked up a ring and he was never very impressed with Abin Sur's brash replacement. During the Crisis he protected multiple sectors but found the experience depressing and went to Earth looking for company amongst his fellow Green Lanterns. For a time Salakk replaced Hal Jordan in the future as Pol Manning but returned to the present day to warn about the destruction of the Corps. However he was too late to stop the execution of Sinestro. After the reformation of the Corps he lived on Oa but was captured by slavers when Parallax destroyed the Guardians. He was freed by Guy Gardner and was on Earth for the memorial service to Jordan.

SINESTRO OF KORUGAR (Sector 1417; Qward) - Deceased
In the entire history of the Corps no Green Lantern had rebelled to the extent of Sinestro (at least until the fall of Hal Jordan). The Korugarian used his power ring to become the dictator of his homeworld and exiled to the Anti-Matter Universe by the Guardians. There he gained a yellow power ring and became a long running enemy of the GLC. After the Guardians left he was captured by the GLC and executed for his crimes. His spirit survived within the Central Power Battery and it later attacked John Stewart. The Guardians freed him from the Battery to help stop the insane Hal Jordan but he was defeated and killed.
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STARKAOR (Sector 2814) - Deceased
Starkaor was the predecessor of Abin Sur in the Green Lantern Corps. He was mortally wounded by the conqueror Traitor and passed his ring on to Abin Sur.

TOMER-RE OF XUDAR (Sector 2813) - Deceased
Tomer-Re was the first Green Lantern (apart from Abin Sur) who Hal Jordan ever met and the two become fast friends. Tomer-Re was the Green Lantern of Sector 2813 (which included the planet Krypton). Tomer-Re was the Green Lantern assigned to lead the investigation into the crimes of fellow Green Lantern Sinestro. Tomer-Re had a long and distinguished career and eventually retired to become a member of the Green Lantern Honour Guard. In that position he helped the Guardians train new Green Lanterns and undertook special missions for them. The criminal Goldface killed him during the Crisis. His dying wish was for Hal Jordan to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps.

TOMER-TU OF XUDAR (Reformed GLC) - Assumed deceased
Tomer-Tu was one of the inhabitants of the planet Xudar who was kidnapped by the rogue Guardian Appa Ali Apsa when he was constructing his mosaic world on Oa. Tomer helped diffuse racial tensions between the different alien communities and was selected by Hal Jordan (partly in memory of Tomer-Re) to be a member of the reformed Green Lantern Corps. He was last seen floating in space after Parallax stole his ring.

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