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History of Services:

April 1941
Assigned to 1st Air Fleet, CarDiv 2.

July 1941
Operation "FU" formed part of the escort fleet.

August 1941
Flagship of CarDiv 2.

7 December 1941
Operation "KidoButai" - attack on Pearl Harbor.

16 ~ 23 December 1941
Detached from the striking force with
HIRYU to launch strike against Wake Island.

January 1942
Assigned to Southern Force.

Attack against Ambon.

19 February 1942
Raid on Port Darwin.

March 1942
Intercept enemy leaving Java in the South of Sunda Strait. Sank tanker USS Pecos.

Attack enemy ship at Tjilatjap.

Strike against Christmas Island and sank Dutch freighter Poelau Bras.

April 1942
Operation "C" - raid in Indian Ocean. Attack against Royal Navy base at Ceylon. Sank the crusier HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire. Later on, launched strikes against Trincomalee. Sank light carrier HMS Hermes.

Attempt to intercept American Carrier Force including USS Hornet and Enterprise that launched B25 to attack the Tokyo area on the 18th.

4 June 1942
Battle of Midway. Launched strike on Midway Island. Hit by 3 bombs from Dauntless dive bombers setting uncontrolable fire that caused explosions and sank.

August 1942
Scrapped from the Navy List.