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Calgary Cowboys


Founded:In May of 1975 Jim Pattison relocated the Vancouver Blazers of the WHA to Calgary. The team was re-named the Cowboys.

With the Broncos failing in 1972, the Cowboys were the second WHA franchise to give it a try in the Albertan city. The team had no superstar, but still were able to put together a great premiere season sporting a 41-35-4 record. Danny Lawson and Ron Chipperfield put together 40 goal seasons and Don McLeod kept on "smoking" in net. The playoffs were somewhat of a surprise not only to the Cowboys, but the hockey world. During a match between the Cowboys and the Quebec Nordiques in Quebec City Cowboy forward Rick Jodzio brutally attacked Nordiques superstar Marc Tardif. This attack created one of the largest bench clearing brawls in pro-hockey history. Tardif suffered major injuries to the head, he lost teeth, and received many brain injuries. Jodzio later admitted guilty to the happenings in a court of law and was fined and suspended. Even though this happened Calgary were able to knock out the Nordiques in the playoffs in 5 games, but were stopped in the second round by the mighty Winnipeg Jets.

The second season was up in the air for the Cowboys. There was speculation that a move to Ottawa was going to happen, but because of past problems with WHA teams in Ottawa that the Cowboys were going to stay in Calgary. Although the decision to stay was the good one the team missed the playoffs with a 31-43-7 record, and because of a satisfactory number of season tickets weren't sold by May 31, 1977 the team decided to fold.

Calgary Cowboys Year-by-Year Year W L T pts. Finish Playoffs 1975-76 41 35 4 86 3rd Canadian Beat Quebec 4-1, Lost to Winnipeg 1-4 1976-77 31 43 7 69 5th Western None

Other Team Facts

Jerseys- Colors: Red & White
Arena Home Rink- Calgary Stampede Corral (8,945)

Attendance Figures (Avg-Total)
  • 1975-76......4,948.......197,913
  • 1975-76......4,313.......172,535
  • 1975-76...Joe Crozier
  • 1976-77...Joe Crozier
    All-Star Representatives
  • 1976..Don McLeod, John Miszuk, Paul Terbenche, Danny Lawson
  • 1977..Paul Terbenche, Danny Lawson
  • 1975-76...Johnstown Jets(NAHL), Charlotte Checkers(SHL)
  • 1976-77...Tidewater Sharks(SHL), Erie Blades(NAHL)
    Player Stats
  • Calgary Cowboys 1975-76
  • Calgary Cowboys 1976-77

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