Club and Society Heraldry
November 2006

Many clubs and societies have adopted arms, or pseudo-arms. Often, members display the arms on blazer badges, ties, etc.


The arms of the Genealogical Society of SA suggest a family tree diagram, and also include Cape Dutch gables alluding to the early European settlers: Argent, a chevronel couped inverted supporting two others Sable, surmounting the points of the chevronels seven torteaux placed 4, 2, and 1; a chief double nowy gably Azure (BoH 1998).

The arms of the Heraldry Society of Southern Africa, adopted in 2006, were inspired by the national flag: Per chevron inverted enhanced Or and Argent, a pall Vert between three escutcheons respectively Sable, Gules and Azure. The International Association of Amateur Heralds, which exists only in cyberspace, has registered its arms at the Bureau: Per pale Gules and Sable, an antique coronet with eight escutcheons in orle Or (BoH 2001).


The arms of the SA Military History Society (BoH 1970) suggest that only two out of three pens are mightier than the sword: Sable, three quills fesswise in pale interlaced with a sword erect surmounting the centre quill, all Argent. The three quills represent the histories of the army, air force, and navy.

In 2000, the Simon's Town Historical Society took over, and registered in its own name, the arms of the former Simon's Town Municipality.

The arms of the Pretoria Philatelic Society feature the bees from the now-defunct municipal arms, and a chief which suggests postage stamp performations: Gules, three bees volant, a chief engrailed and couped Argent (BoH 1999)


The Royal Society of South Africa arms are: Per fess enhanced Azure and Sable, a bar indented enhanced Argent between in chief a crest coronet and in base an astronomer's quadrant Or (BoH 1979). Presumably the coronet alludes to the "royal" in the name.

The Cape Town Club, formerly the City & Civil Service Club bears fairly complex arms: Quarterly, I Azure issuant from two barrulets wavy in base a lymphad sails set, flags and pennants flotant to dexter Argent; II Argent a Tudor rose barbed and seeded proper; III Argent a thistle slipped and leaved proper; IV Azure a portcullis Argent (BoH 1977 and 2006).

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