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garderobeThe term for a toilet in medieval times.
geofactA naturally-formed stone sometimes mistaken for a man-made artefact.
geoglyph(Gr. 'geo'=earth + 'glyphos'=inscription or carving) A large drawing, design or motif on the ground, eg, hill figures in Britain and the Nazca Lines in Peru.
gladiusA short sword used by Roman legionaries and some gladiators.
glebeLand belonging or yielding revenue to a parish church or ecclesiastical benefice.
Gothici. Of or relating to the Goths, their civilization or language.
ii. A style of architecture developed in northern France and popular throughout western Europe from the mid-12th century to early 16th century.
GravettianA period of the Upper Palaeolithic in Europe, lasting roughly from 28,000 to 22,000 BP. Also known as the Perigordian.
grisailleA coloured glass popular in the 13th century AD.
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