Steve Essa (guitar); Anthony Henning (bass); Darren Jenkins (drums); Ryan David (vocals)

Cryogenic’s career can be divided into three distinct periods, each categorised by significantly different musical directions. In their formative period between 1992 and early 1996, the band displayed a dense and traditional thrash metal style similar to early Metallica and Slayer. At this time the line up consisted of Essa, Henning and Russell Player on rhythm guitar and vocals. Chad Bartosik was an early drummer and his and Player’s work with the band can now only be found on early demos and a couple of exquisitely rare compilation albums. Cryogenic's self-titled demo sold well but instability in the drumming department almost forced the band to split. It wasn't until former Mortality guitarist Jenkins joined as permanent drummer in 1996 that the band took off and after an opening support with Fear Factory the following year, Cryogenic’s second period began when Player was ousted late in 1997 and Jenkins’ former bandmate Maloney took over the vocalist role. Suspended Animation originally featured Player's vocals but Maloney’s were used on the final release. The album displayed a move towards a style hinting more at the likes of Pantera but the immense death metal vocals of Maloney made Cryogenic a particularly formidable act. Important supports to Strapping Young Lad, Cradle of Filth and Entombed followed the release of the album and all of these elements saw Cryogenic go from strength to strength. A successful European jaunt and a national tour with Slayer in 1998 plus an appearance at the 1999 Sydney Big Day Out put Cryogenic even further ahead of the pack. Further festival appearances in 1999 were followed by the release of their second album ego-noria, that displayed the heightened aggression of the first album with subtle elements of the rising nu-metal sound here and there. This was followed by a headlining appearance at Metal for the Brain and a second Big Day Out showing in January 2000. Cryogenic toured nationally with Alchemist and Psi.Kore from March to May 2000 on the World War Three tour, the biggest all-Australian metal tour for many years with attendance figures that topped those of subsequent tours by some foreign bands. Late in the year Essa filled in with Psi.Kore for two months. Cryogenic played the Sydney Big Day Out again in 2001 and then were quiet for most of the rest of the year. Cryogenic’s third incarnation began when Darren Maloney left the band in October 2001 and was replaced by Steve Simmons, formerly of Henry's Anger. Unsurprisingly, the band’s sound has changed yet again, now taking on something of a more accessible aspect with hardcore stylings and dropped tunings, but still very heavy and aggressive. Simmons was seriously injured in a car accident in early September 2002 and left the band just as they were due to spend some time in the US. With their usual resolve, the rest of the band headed to LA anyway and began auditioning singers, eventually settling for David, who flew in from Sydney to link up with them.

In December 2003, Cryogenic relocated permanently to the US. The band is now known as In The Name Of.


Ego-noria (self release) 1999

Steve Essa (guitar)
Anthony Henning (bass)
Darren Jenkins (drums)
Darren Maloney (vocals)
  1. Analysis
  2. Directionally One
  3. Death by Misadventure
  4. Conspiracy Theory
  5. Hate My Head
  6. Fall On
  7. T.Y.T.D. (Cliffo)
  8. Full Grown State
  9. Stalemate
  10. Redneck
  11. Shock Value

Suspended Animation (Warhead) 1997

Steve Essa (guitar)
Anthony Henning (bass)
Darren Jenkins (drums)
Darren Maloney (vocals)
  1. One Minute Hit
  2. Mind Over Soul
  3. Severed
  4. Junc
  5. Death Becomes You
  6. Mary Belle
  7. Destructive Minds
  8. Numerical Superiority
  9. Bring It On

Compilation track: Take The Pain -- Warhead Vol. 1 (Warhead) 1995

Compilation track: Intoxicated -- On Earth Undead (independent) 1996

Compilation track: Bring it On -- A.I.R. Vo1. 1 (A.I.R.) 1997

Compilation track: Death Becomes You -- SOD No. 10 (SOD/Warhead) (USA) 1998

Compilation track: Death Becomes You -- A.I.R. Vol. 2 (A.I.R.) 1998

Compilation track: Death Becomes You -- A Declaration of Independents (Something for Now) 1999

Compilation track: Bring It On -- Move Along... Nothing to See Here (Blind) 1999

Compilation track: Death by Misadventure -- Under the Southern Cross (Chatterbox) 1999

Compilation track: Fall On -- Full Metal Racket (ABC) 2000

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