Tim Miedecke (bass); Aaron Butler (guitar); Mick Morley (drums); Scott Lang (guitar); Adam B. Metal (vocals)

Like a strange combination of Slipknot, Faith No More and a bludgeoning death metal band, Frankenbok quickly built up a solid following based on dependable and manic performances and rather twisted recorded releases. The band formed around Butler and original vocalist Adam Glynn in the late 90s and began working as a four-piece with a drum machine, recording the Greeting and Salutations album before adding Morley ahead of its subsequent release. Frankenbok toured with Skinlab in May 2000 and played at Metal for the Brain. Shortly thereafter, the band signed with Dark Carnival. The EP release displayed a concerted effort on Frankenbok's part towards commercial accessibility, emphasising the nu-metal aspects of their music and phasing out the deathier parts along with the inclusion of a kitsch cover of Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby" that got them considerable airplay. In mid-2001 Frankenbok embarked on a six-week national tour with Dreadnaught, followed by four shows with Slayer and Machine Head in August. In early 2002 the debut album was re-released by Dark Carnival with a bonus live disc recorded in Sydney, and the band toured with Psi.Kore, supported System Of A Down and appeared at the Overcranked Festival. However, in November 2002, with a date for the recording of the follow-up album set, Glynn suddenly announced he had quit the band. He was replaced by Adam B. Metal in January 2003. Morley suffered an injury in early 2003 and John Sankey from Devolved filled in for him for live commitments including national tours with Skinlab and Soilwork. Since Glynn's departure, Frankenbok has become a considerably more serious and heavier band.


Blood Oath (Dark Carnival) 2003

Aaron Butler(guitar)
Tim Miedecke (bass)
Scott Lang (guitar)
Mick Morley (drums)
Adam B. Metal (vocals)
  1. The Hole
  2. Victims
  3. Processed
  4. Cocooned
  5. Backpack and a Passport
  6. Requiem
  7. Swim
  8. Gone Evil x 21 (Pontoon)
  9. Shovel
  10. Anti Faith
  11. Blood
  12. Push On Up
  13. Fucken Kuntz

The Loopholes and Great Excuses EP (EP) (Dark Carnival) 2001

Aaron Butler(guitar, percussion)
Tim Miedecke (bass, percussion)
Scott Lang (guitar, percussion)
Adam "Hutch" Glynn (vocals, samples, keyboard, percussion)
Mick Morley (drums, percussion)
  1. Monk Discipline
  2. The Virtue of Angels
  3. Cocaine
  4. Celibacy
  5. Success is Revenge
  6. Cling
  7. Don't Call Me Baby
  8. Untitled

Greetings and Salutations (Faultline) 2000 (re-released by Dark Carnival in 2001 with the live tracks)

Aaron Butler(guitar, programming)
Tim Miedecke (bass, keyboard, programming)
Scott Lang (guitar)
Adam "Hutch" Glynn (vocals, samples)

Mick Morley (drums - live tracks only)
  1. Greeting and Salutations
  2. I'm OK With It
  3. Linguistics
  4. P.Cloned
  5. Pycost
  6. Under the Kurgan's Kilt
  7. Pulp
  8. Counterpart
  9. Dunce With Denial
  10. Fake as Fuck
  11. I'm OK With It (live)
  12. Celibacy (live)
  13. Success is Revenge (live)
  14. Don't Call Me Baby (live)
  15. Cocaine (live)
  16. P.Cloned (live)
  17. The Virtue of Angels (live)
  18. Counterpart (live)

Compilation track: I'm OK With It -- Route 666 Volume 2 (Shock) 2000

Compilation track: The Virtue of Angels -- Loud Volume 1 (Universal) 2001

Compilation track: Linguistics -- Hip New Sounds (High Voltage) 2002

Compilation track: Success is Revenge -- Full Metal Racket 2 (ABC/EMI) 2002


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