On The Road Again!

In early 1997, Jamie Walters came to Denmark to promote his new album "Ride". He had done lots of TV performances/interviews, and this interview was taking place while he was driving through the countryside of Denmark. He was talking about the past, present and future! This is what he said, word by word. By: Fairdy Sukirno
Note: During the interview, songs from Ride were playing in the background.

Jamie Walters:

This is great man! This is the first time I've been able to like see anything outside of downtown Copenhagen. I've been asking the record company for like the last two years for like you know....either give me a couple of days off or at least have some of the stuff I do take place like....somewhere besides the hotel!

This is the first time time I've ever gotten to drive in Denmark, it's pretty cool. I think it's the first time I've ever gotten to drive in Europe and I don't have an international license!

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1969, June 13th. I was born on Friday the 13th and to alot of people I guess that's a bad luck day but for me it's been a good luck...number 13! I moved to New York when I was 17. I originally wanted to like go to Film School so I went there for about 2 years to learn about being on the other side of the camera and while I was there that's when I first started to get involved in acting!

I've been playing in bands you know, the whole time I've been growing up. We had a lot of people to come and see us play, and this guy one day asked if I'd be interested in auditioning for a Levis commercial. First time I've ever auditioned in my whole life! And I ended up getting the job and I was totally surprised but it gave me a lot of confidence, you know. And then I was able to get an agent and started to get into TV shows and a couple of movies, and I did this movie with John Travolta called Shout and that brought me to Los Angeles. In the movie I get to play guitar and sing. I sorta got a reputation in Los Angeles....this young guy that can play guitar and sing, and he could also act a litlle bit!

So, I made my first album selftitled, my name : Jamie Walters. That one did really well, we sold about one and a half million copies of it! Then I was in Beverly Hills 90210 for about two years. And my character became a real "dick" and started to beating Donna. Then I kinda got tired playing that character and I think a lot of my fans and stuff were kinda mad at me for becoming such an evil person! And I kept reminding people that I'm not like that in real life! I'm a pretty nice guy. I've never hit a girl befroe in my life!! Except for Tori Spelling ofcourse!

Okay, right now we're driving through the Area of Torbaek. I'm told that this is a very nice place to live right by the sea. Here's some happy home owners, there they go! Actually ah, this kinda shifting we call in America, "Three on the tree". It's on the column and you have it on three speed. And this is just like the same kinda shifting in the car I drove in Beverly Hills 90210 which was terrible man! That orange pick-up truck we called it "Sungareme Dream" and everytime you shift, the whole truck kind.....kkhhhhh!!!

That brings me pretty much up to today where I'm now promoting my new record "RIDE" which I rreally like a lot. I think it's a whole lo better record than the first one! I'll just be travelling around promting and playing shows probably for the next year and a half or so! Is this a two lane road? Hahahahahahah!! (Showing Reckless video where Jamie drives and sings). Nah, nah, nah! I don't sing while I drive!

And a lot of people ask me you know..what I see happenin' in the future or what are your plans? I don't know!! I mean...I just kinda like live for the mediate future you know? I know that next year I'll be working on this album, after that I really don't know! In this business there's not really any guarantees you know? It's one of those things that a lot of people don't realise that this business is probably the riskiest business you can get involved in because it's like "feast or fail" man! Somedays you're on the top and some days you're on the bottom!

I remembered when I first decided to like become a musician and actor and all that stuff, and being involved in this business. Nobody in my family has ever even dreamed of like being an entertainer or whatever! My father play lots of instruments but he still has another job all the time. So when I decided to do that, I remember that my family was a little nervous about it.

.....I don't think you'r alowd to go right on red here! See, in L.A. on a red light you just go right...! I had to have some serious talks with parents about what or what I was doing was the right thing to do! But, I think it was! I think I made the right choice and ahh.....I'm babbling on and on now!

One of my favorite things to do is take road trips, if I have the week off! Recently, I drove off to Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas! That was great, I really enjoyed it! I drove up to Northern California and one time I drove all the way across the country. I got a car and start driving and all of the sudden I was like...I think I wanna just keep on driving.... and all the way from New York to California! It's one of the best trips I've ever taken! It was good!

I think another misconsemption about me is that, you know because I have a lot of fans that are girls and all that...people must think that I must be this real ladies man! The ironic thing is, yeah I have lots of fans that are women and girls but I'm probably the loneliest person I know!

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