Queen of Cowichan

M.V. Queen of Cowichan
Place Built Victoria, BC
Year Built 1976
Vehicle Capacity 362
Passenger Capacity 1,466 (+ 34 crew)
Length 139.29 m
Gross Tons 6551.18
Service Speed 19 knots
Horsepower 11,840
Est. Retirement Year* 2021/2022
Onboard Services* Cafeteria, Snack Bar, Gift Shop, Vending, Video Arcades, Work Stations
* From BC Ferries Coastal Ferry Services Contract (2003)
Queen of Cowichan

Special Notes:

Queen of Cowichan


Year Event
1976 Launched
1985 August 12 - The Queen of Cowichan was involved in a collision with a pleasure craft in which 3 people in the smaller vessel were killed.
1995 September 21- A few passengers were injured in an accident on the Queen of Cowichan's elevator. The Transport Safety Board of Canada published Report Number M95W0145 on the accident.
2001 September 6 - The Queen of Cowichan crew rescued two boaters whose boat had caught fire in Georgia Straight.

Queen of Cowichan

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