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Page One:

- Basic Information ( Biography also on a seperate page)

-Hamburg: Klaus and Astrid

-Astrid and Stu: A true love story
Page Two:

- Stuart: The writer

- Stuart: The friend

- Stuart and Astrid: Communication difficulties

Page Three:

-Information: parents, siblings, address

-Stuart on  the college John Lennon

-Medical analysis


Page Four:

- Stuart: The death ( quotes from his mother, and friends

- Thoughts on what caused Stuarts death

Page Five:

- News articles on Stuart: Past and Present

- Things that you can buy: Books, video's...

Page Six:

- Stuart: In his own words
This section of the webiste contains some quotes from Stuart himself.

Page Seven:

- Message board

- Latest updates

- Future updates

- Contact the author

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10/29/00- A Date with Stuart Sutcliffe
Click below to go on a fictional but yet entertaining date with Stuart Sutcliffe.
10/30/00- Stuarts handwriting was added to page 6!!!!!
Also, a new, and very rare photo of Stuart was added to page 7
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A copy of Stuart Sutcliffe's Library card, and resume were added to this site. Click here to view them.
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Just some basic improvements were added.

Curtosy of a dedicated fan, we are able to start up our fan fiction section that we've been dying to do. Click belofw to read the first story sent it by " Meaghan". We KNOW you'll enjoy it.
Page Eight

A section written by Bill Harry, author or ' The beatles encyclopedia" this section reveals all that a Stuart Sutcliffe fan shouldneed to know regarding myths and lies.
Photo copyrights belong to:  Astrid Kircherr/K&K

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