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Ships of the Carignan-Salières Regiment.

The seven ships involved in transporting the Regiment in 1665.

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Six ships were used to transport the Regiment to Canada and a seventh was used for the supplies. Details about these ships are given below.

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The Brézé, an 800 tons man-of-war.
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of this historic scale model of the "Brézé".
A new and very large royal man-of-war of 800 tons. It had sailed the previous year with the Terron, a slightly smaller man-of-war, from La Rochelle to the Antilles with the Marquis de Tracy and the four detached companies (Berthier, La Brisardière, La Durantaye and Monteil) to chase the English out of the colonies. After a successful campaign, they sailed to Canada in the spring as planned. Tracy, a lieutenant-general, with vice-royal authority to establish the new royal government structure in New-France, arrived at Quebec from the Antilles with the four detached companies on June 30. They had sailed to Percé on the tip of the Gaspésie peninsula where they waited three weeks for two smaller vessels, and then transboarded on the smaller ships to sail up the Saint Laurent. An old large scale model of the Brézé hangs from the ceiling of the nave of the "Notre Dame des Victoires" chapel (built in 1688) in the Lower Town of Québec. Pictures of this model can be seen by clicking on the icon at the top of the page.

Joyeux Siméon

A 200 tons chartered Dutch merchant ship. It sailed from La Rochelle on April 19, 1665 and landed at Québec on June 19, after 61 days at sea. It carried four companies, including the Chambly, Froment and La Tour companies, based on documentary evidences of the time.


A royal ship. It is not known if it was a man-of-war or a transport. It sailed May 13, 1665 from La Rochelle with four companies and landed at Québec during the third week of August. It accompanied the Aigle d'Or.

Aigle d'Or
An old and decrepit (worm-eaten hull) royal ship. It sailed on May 13, 1665 from La Rochelle with the four companies La Colonelle, La Fredière, Grandfontaine, Lamotte and the Marquis de Salières, colonel of the Regiment. It landed at Québec during the third week of August, after about 95 days at sea.The Paix and Aigle d'Or sailed together.

Saint Sébastien

A royal ship.It sailed from La Rochelle on May 24, 1665 and landed at Québec September 12, after 110 days.Jean Talon and Daniel de Rémy de Courcelle respectively the new Intendant and new Governor of New France were on this ship.


A royal ship. It sailed from La Rochelle on May 24, 1665 and landed at Québec on September 12, accompanying the Saint Sébastien. From these two ships which sailed together, more than 20 men had died at sea and 130 were too weak to make it ashore by themselves.

Jardin de Hollande
This ship transported the supplies for the Regiment. It sailed from La Rochelle on June 22, 1665 and its date of arrival is not known, but apparently after September 2.

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