Expect No Mercy (1995)

Cast:Billy Blanks,Jalal Merhi

Appalling actioner about two cops who must take on corporate thugs who are trying to control the world.
The only real fun comes from counting how many superior movies this atrocious movie steals from. ( I counted over 25 such as
Johnny Mnemonic,Virtusoity and Mortal Kombat not too mention other kung fu cheapies that appear on "Kung Fu theater")

Jalal Merhi remains in desperate need of acting classes and Billy Blanks who is still  wondering what turned sour after "King Of The Kickboxers" needs to find a better agent. This is the kind of cheapie that people unwittingly pick up because of how cool the cover looks, but please don't, IT'S AWFUL! . I know people might watch it because of my negative rating but my brother in law who also saw it said these words "Damn!, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!" 

So if you decide to endure this repugnant turd of a movie, Well you've been warned..
Expect No Mercy indeed! D.Zale Dalen *
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