Ever wonder what musicians do in between touring/recording and they aren't ready for a break?
These guy's call it.............

That's the name of the all-star lineup based out of Los Angeles.

Formed in 2001, the band features:
John Corabi:
Motley Crue/ Union/ Ratt/ Brides of Destruction w- Nikki Sixx
Guitars /Lead Vocals
Bobby Blotzer:
Ratt/ Contraband/ Montrose
Drums/ General Mayhem!
Robbie Crane:
Vince Neil Band/ Ratt
Bass Guitar/Vocals
Keri Kelli:
Slash's Snakepit/ Warrant / Pretty Boy Floyd / Ratt
Lead Guitar/Vocals
Some Players, that occassional fill in:
Ryan Roxie:
Alice Cooper Band
Stefan Adika:
Gilbey Clark / Dee Dee Ramone Band

The guy's put on a show that includes all the Hard Rock classic's that they cut their teeth on.

The live set list includes songs from Bands like:
Queen, Zepplin, Stones, Aerosmith, Bowie, Cheaptrick, Beatles, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, etc.

The show is ass kickin' and very high energy!