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CFJP basic facts

TQS Network ID 1996/1997 CFJP Local ID 1996/1997

Above: TQS network ID and CFJP local ID from 1996/1997.

Channel Info: CFJP 35
Cable (West Montreal) 5
Cable (Central and East Montreal) 5
Cable (Digital Montreal) 5
Look TV 3
Bell ExpressVu 114
Star Choice 721
Cable (Burlington) N/A
Cable (Plattsburgh) N/A

Recent developments

TQS celebrates 20 years with a new logo (above right)

You can watch a montage TQS - 20 ans de tounes quétaines on this external link to You Tube. (No relation to TV Hat)

CFJP-TV has applied for a DTV signal on channel 42. A DTV signal is a digital signal which allows for over-the-air High Definition TV (or HDTV) viewing, if you have a High Definition set.


In 1986, CFCF Inc.'s French-language network Télévision Quatre-Saisons (TQS) went on the air and, while the new station provided a refreshing change to francophone viewers, it also experienced major financial problems. While CFCF 12 was airing "Growing Pains", TQS was experiencing them and the parent company had to use channel 12's profits to finance TQS's growing debt. TQS is arguably one of two reasons why the Pouliot family eventually had to sell CFCF Inc. (The other reason would be competition from Global)

Note: In the early years the network called itself Quatre-Saisons (or Télévision Quatre-Saisons), but now usually calls itself TQS.


Historically, its two best and most popular show would be Surprise Sur Prise and Rock et Belles Oreilles. Surprise Sur Prise was like a celebrity version of Candid Camera with Québec celebrities and it aired not every week, but very often as a special on Sunday Night. The show was number 1 at the time and Sunday would be the only night of the week that the network would win in the ratings. Unfortunately, the show was very expensive to produce and the show was cancelled by Quatre-Saisons despite its huge ratings. However, the show would live on for a few years more as a Canada-France co-production on Radio-Canada (the French CBC), much to the chagrin of private broadcasters. Many argued that the only reason why SRC (Radio-Canada) was able to keep Surprise Sur Prise running and TQS wasn't, was that SRC received federal funding and TQS didn't.

Rock et Belles Oreilles was also quite popular even though it never obtained the ratings of Surprise Sur Prise, perhaps because it made its debut in a Sunday afternoon time slot. It was funny biting Quebec satire and it did for French comedy what The Kids and the Hall did for the CBC. The bad news, for TQS, is that Rock et Belles Oreilles would leave Quatre Saisons for what they perceived to be a better deal with TVA, and later moved on again to Radio-Canada and Super Écran.

TQS is sometimes referred to as Québec equivalent of FOX. The most controversial programming (i.e. Police Chases, Scariest Disasters) usually airs on TQS. As well, from the very beginning, TQS has been airing something on Saturday nights called Bleue Nuit which can be best described as late-night soft-pornography. Apparently, the only viewers who've complained live outside the province in New-Brunswick. "Only in Québec," as they say.

tqs logo

Quatre-Saisons jingles and promos.

Click on a link to listen. (mp3)

Most recent slogans: "Allumé" and "le mouton noir de la télé" or "the black sheep of television."

In 1987, near the network's second season, the slogan "On grandit ensemble", meaning "We grow up together", was created and used several years in a row. I can’t help but wonder if TQS was influenced in part by ABC’s "We Belong Together" used in 1986.

1988-89 network jingle

...Avec Marguerite et compagnie, La Fourchette d’Or, Soeur Angèle et Guy,
Le Grand Journal et Sports Plus, Action Réaction, pour vous ensemble.
Francine, Pierre et Roger, Téléfun! Ainsi va la vie. Oh wow.
À Quatre-Saisons, on vous voit, on vous écoute. À Quatre-Saisons, on grandit ensemble.
La Maison Deschênes, Coup de Foudre, Défi Guiness, Les Arnaqueurs, Ensemble!
La Guerre Des Sexes avec Louise et Guy, Elle Écrit Au Meurtre,
S.O.S. Télé, Ensemble!
???? et Michel, l’humour 100 limite, Les Pierrafeu, Les Muppets, Top Jeunesse,
Les Carnets De Louise, Caméra 88, Surprise Sur Prise.
À Quatre-Saisons, on vous voit, on vous écoute. À Quatre-Saisons, on grandit ensemble.

1987-88 network & local CFJP/CFAP/CJPC Ids. (mp3)

Announcer: CFJP Montréal, CFAP Québec, CJPC Rimouski.
Singers: On grandit emsemble!

Quatre-Saisons commercial on CFCF 600 AM. (mp3)

Strange but true. TQS used to be a sister station with CFQR and CFCF radio and as a result, some radio ads were made in English.

Jingle: À Quatre-Saisons, on vous voit, on vous écoute.
Announcer: Be a quiz whiz with Television Quatre-Saisons, 5 nights a week: at six, take part in Action Réaction with Pierre Lalonde, then at 7 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, guess what people will do for money on Comptant Content, the funniest cash show on TV, and on Thursday and Friday Nights at 7 test your knowledge with Double Jeu and host Guy Boucher. It’s looking great.
Jingle: À Quatre-Saisons, on grandit ensemble.

Call letters

Call letters are like little brainteasers to me. Almost every set has a logical explanation, if you stare at it long enough. CFJP was one of the more difficult ones for me. The "CF" part is clearly derived from CF Television, the original owner of CFJP and TQS, who also owned, at the time, CFCF 12, CFCF 600 AM, CF Cable TV, CFQR 92.5 FM... you get the picture. It was the last two letters "JP" which seemed to defy all logic. Until I remembered that the owner of CF Television was a guy named Jean Pouliot.

CFJP & TQS logos & jingles belong to respective owners. This page not affiliated with TQS.


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