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Channel Info: CBMT 6
Cable (West Montreal) 13
Cable (Central and East Montreal) 13
Cable (Digital Montreal) 6
Look TV 60
Bell ExpressVu N/A
Star Choice 301
Cable (Burlington) 19
Cable (Plattsburgh) 6

CBMT basic facts

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A look back at CBC Montreal's (CBMT) station IDs and local newscasts. Includes mp3 audio clips.


Past logos

CBMT 68 logo

1967/1968 CBC 6 logo.

City at 6 (left) & CBC For The Record (below) ads from TV Guide, 1980.

CBC's Montreal station with repeater stations throughout the entire province. Almost always uses the network schedule with a few exceptions. When it comes to Hockey Night In Canada, CBMT will show the Montreal Canadiens instead of the Maple Leafs, but only if they are playing a Canadian team; all the Canadiens' Saturday games can be seen on CBFT, the CBC's French station.

The CBC has a rich history in Montreal, although CBMT didn’t exist until January 10, 1954. Therefore CBC Montreal’s English history actual began on CBFT, which originally signed on in 1952 as a bilingual station.

CBC 6 jingles and promos.

Click on a link to listen. (mp3)

CBMT News ad

CBMT isn't very big on local slogans, as they often just refer to themselves as "CBC Montreal" (or "CBC 6 Montreal" back in the early '80s). But there have been a few exceptions. "Closer to you on six" was used as a jingle, complete with a channel 6 logo, in station IDs for a very brief period in the late '80s. Also, the music jingle in the following clip below was used in very early '80s IDs.

CBMT morning sign-on

This is what you would hear at the beginning of each broadcast day, which was sometime between 8 and 9 AM, back then. In the early '80s, a map of Quebec appeared on the screen as dots pointed out the Quebec towns served by a CBMT repeater station. Later on, the names of the various towns and their respective channel numbers would just roll up the screen instead, while the audio remained unchanged. A similar version was also used for sign-offs. Both were finally replaced by jazzier-sounding versions in 1987 (approximately ??) mainly because the info had to be updated.

1988 commercial for CBC's Friday night line-up

You can hear a portion of the "Daytime Nighttime" jingle in this one for The Golden Girls, Street Legal and Dallas. Note that this is actually a radio commercial loosely based on the TV promos.

Quelque Show

1971 ad for CBMT, back when the CBC was less Toronto-centric.

Courtesy: Daren Gleason

CBC ad

CBC jingle - 1988

Daytime Daytime
Nighttime Nighttime
Looks Good
CBC’s fine
Daytime Daytime
Nighttime Nighttime

The meaning of call letters

Almost all CBC O&O stations have call signs that begin with the letters CB and end with the letter T (T stands for Television). The third letter often represents the market served by that station. Therefore the M in CBMT stands for Montreal and the O in CBOT is for Ottawa. However, the third letter isn't necessarily the initial of the market (i.e Toronto uses the calls CBLT, for Local Television). Also note that these rules don't apply to independently-owned CBC stations such as CKWS Kingston & CHEX Peterborough.

CBMT (CBC) Reach For The Top

Loyola High School competes on CBMT-TV's Reach For The Top over two decades ago. (at left)

TV test pattern CBC test pattern

Overnight test pattern formerly used by CBMT and CBFT

Courtesy: Mitchell Spector

CBC test pattern courtesy: Jonathan Proulx

Jimmy Tapp

Jimmy Tapp, a veteran CFCF and CBC broadcaster and pioneer of the television talk show in Canada during the 1950s, died at age of 86 in November 2004.

CBC News story

CBC's The Tapp Room (left)

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