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CFTM basic facts

CFTM/TVA IDs and promos

TVA Network Promo L'Heure Juste 1988 TVA Network Promo Freejack 1997

Above: TVA network promos for L'Heure juste (1988) and Freejack (1997).

1969 CFTM 10 (TVA) logo

1969 CFTM 10 (TVA) logo

Courtesy: Daren Gleason

Sounds of CFTM

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CFTM local ID & Habs promo from 1988. (mp3)

TVA promo for Freejack. (mp3)

CFTM channel 10 in Montreal went on the air in 1961, a few weeks after CFCF.

And the owner is...

CFTM-10 was formally owned by Télé-Métropole. At one point, Télé-Métropole bought out Pathonic which owned four TVA stations including Quebec-City and Sherbrooke. The Sherbrooke station, Télé-7, used to be available in the Montreal area via cable, and had a radically different schedule compared to CFTM. With the exception of local news, all four Pathonic stations carried the same schedule as its Quebec City flagship station, Télé-4, while the other TVA stations carried Télé-Métropole programming. When Télé-Métropole bought Pathonic, they decided to change their name to TVA inc. Now all stations carry more or less the same programming. TVA inc. is currently owned by Vidéotron, ltée. which itself was recently purchased by media giant Québécor.

Channel Info: CFTM 10
Cable (West Montreal) 7
Cable (Central and East) 7
Cable (Digital) 4
Look TV 2
Bell ExpressVu 109
Star Choice 711
Cable (Burlington) N/A
Cable (Plattsburgh) N/A

CFTM has its own time shifting feed.

TVA is available on the west coast but, unlike Radio-Canada, TVA doesn't actually have any local stations in British Columbia. The TVA West feed is nothing more than a machine which records the CFTM signal from Montreal and then spits out the exact same programming 3 hours later for the benefit of cable and satellite viewers living on the other coast. Therefore, it can be argued that CFTM is the only local station to have its own time shifting feed.

Let’s all share the satellite feed

Even though TVA is a major network with local affiliates (in Quebec at least), TVA doesn’t really have it's own satellite signal. Instead, it uses the same one which CFTM channel 10 uses to distribute its feed. Loosely translated, what this means is that it is impossible for channel 10 to interrupt TVA network programming without interrupting the entire network.

Call letters

CFTM stands for Télé-Métropole


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