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CFTU basic facts

Channel Info: CFTU 29
Cable (West Montreal) 26
Cable (Central and East) 47
Cable (Digital) 22
Look TV 87
Bell ExpressVu 135
Star Choice 720
Cable (Burlington) N/A
Cable (Plattsburgh) N/A


Canal Savoir is a commercial-free educational channel run by Université de Montréal. After more than a year of over-the-air (OTA) test transmissions on channel 62, CFTU channel 29 was officially launched on August 20th, 1986. The new service was called Canal Téléensignement or Télé-Université. Later on, they called themselves C.A.N.A.L. (short for Corporation pour l'Avancement des Nouvelles Applications des Langages) and then became Canal Savoir in 1997.


According to Nelson Media, CFTU's cable TV signal covers 96% of Quebec, as well as part of Ontario and New Brunswick. The channel has also spread into Western Canada, as it has appeared on Shaw Cable's digital services. The channel is also available on Star Choice and Bell ExpressVu. Not bad for a tiny TV station with only one small 10 kW transmitter offering the poorest OTA TV reception in town. When an out-of-towner has conversation with a Montrealer, you will notice a perplexed look on the Montrealer's face when Canal Savoir is referred to as an non-cable channel.


Don't let the name Canal Savoir fool you. Although prodimantly French, they have some English programs as well. Major universities throughout Quebec (not just Université de Montréal) provide the programming. Mostly, you'll find TV courses aimed at stay-at-home students but some of that material may include a few excellent documentaries that would even make PBS blush. CFTU also airs a number of student-produced films, some of which can get really weird, even weirder than "Weird TV" formerly on WWBI (my apologies to Shadoe Stevens).

Call letters

The "TU" is for Télé-Université.

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