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Western Humor

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The Old West

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City Slickers

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Country Corral

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High Scorin' Links

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About The Author

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Cowpokin' Fun

Copyrighted Image: Steal It and Go To The Pokey!

poke pinWestern Humor
A collection of humorous short stories, poems, and anecdotes

poke pinThe Old West
A photographic essay

poke pinCity Slickers
Dandy Links (even though these folks think applesauce
is made from squished road apples)

poke pinCountry Corral
Country Jukebox, Greetings To Send,
Serious Verse, and Our Dixie Home

poke pinHonorary Cowpoke
Guest Poet Award Winner
Special Guests

poke pinHigh Scorin' Links
Links to Western Sites & Cowpokes

poke pinAwards and Links
View Our Awards, Visit Friends

poke pinAbout The Author
Biography, publishing credits, contact information

poke pinMeet My Family
Please visit our Heritage Hideout
Help us identify the people in these old photos

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3 bear paws my stock dog, DamnU DamnU (my stock dog)

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Come see what all the excitement is about.
DamnU's Clue To What's New

3 bear paws

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