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GAMES - Formula Dé
"Nelle mani di un buon giocatore, le brutte carte possono essere buone, perfino al momento sbagliato."
The Corbelli-Pass School of Magic, Proverb #1
FDé box
Formula Dé Unofficial Expansions
Formula Dé is one of the best racing games I've ever played. Originally by Ludodélire, it has been bought during years by other game companies; the game has always had a nice support.
It's a F1 game, pretty simple and entertaining, especially if you play a whole championship.


Please read carefully

These tracks are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the current publisher. Of course, you are free to download and print them for your own personal amusement.

However, since I have recently found out that there are people selling my stuff on eBay, I warn all of you that these tracks are copyright (c) Roberto Corbelli; I will not tolerate any abuse of my work, and abuse will be punished to the fullest extent allowable under law.
If you happen to spot one of these abuses, please report it to me: these people are trying to rip you off somebody's else work distributed for free.

Track Preview Corel zip download Pdf download Description
Grand Prix of Pacific: TI Aida Aida Aida.zip
The first track I've ever made, with the help of Luca Gigli.
Grand Prix of Trasimeno: Magione Magione Magione.zip
It's a nice track, situated nearby my hometown, Perugia.
Grand Prix of Argentina: Oscar Galvez Argentina Argentin.zip
I've made this track using a different track color (light grey). Check it out!
Grand Prix of Austria: A1-Ring A1-Ring A1-Ring.zip
A very detailed work! It takes some patience to download...
Grand Prix of Italy: Perugia Perugia Pg_cdr.zip**
Two tracks in one!
Caesar Ring 1 Caesar Ring 1 n.a. CaesarRing_1.zip
Track made by Ale Crespi: see below
Caesar Ring 2 Caesar Ring 2 n.a. CaesarRing_2.zip
Track made by Ale Crespi: see below
*: white track version; **: made using Corel Draw! 8.
To view and print pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download this freeware program from: www.adobe.com
I made these tracks using Corel Draw! 4, and enjoyed the work a lot, really! Simply download the files, unzip them, load them with Corel Draw! 4 and print them on your printer: they will take up to 10-12 A4 pages that you have to recompose. I strongly suggest that you glue the track on a foamcore sheet. Be sure that you print the tracks using 200% scaling, since they were created in "50% mode" (for simplicity). One more thing for Corel Draw! newer versions users: you may experience some minor font problems; I used Corel Draw! 6 to print some of my tracks, and I've found a little error when reading a Corel Draw! 4 file: the "C" letter that is supposed to be in all the squares below the flags (i.e. the letter preceeding the number of squares of the shortest way in the corners) inexplicably turns into an "X", so I just recommend that you turn those letters back into "C"'s. This doesn't seem to happen using Corel Draw! 7 or higher versions.
The tracks are also available in pdf format: xxyyy-zz.pdf, where xx = id. name, yyy = Acrobat Reader version, zz = type of pages (thanks to Tim Trant!).
Both Caesar Rings were designed by Alessandro Crespi (his email in the files). He used parts of my previously released tracks to shape two new circuits: enjoy!
You can also download my version of the old recording sheet (written using Word 6, so they are basically doc files): Here are some interesting sites:
daVinci Games

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