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Melbourne:- INCENDIARY rock bands playing now
The Powder Monkeys (RIP) : 1991-2004

Members - Left to Right
John Nolan (g) - Sixteen minutes of sheer hell [1983],
Behind the Magnolia Curtain ( => Sunset Strip) [1984], White noise [1987], Bored! [1988-91],
Sabotage [1990], Hoss [1991],
Tim Hemensley (b,v)/{g} - Royal Flush [1981], Anti-Climax [198-?], Revenge [198-?],
White Elephants [198-?], Narcoleptics [198-?], Morbid Dread [1987], Sick Things [1988],
Farouk Brothers [198-?], GOD [1988], Splendid Living [1989?], Bored! [1990-91], Evil Dead [199-?],
Sunset Strip [1992 - Studio], Pete Wells Band [1996], Solo [1996-],
Todd McNear (d) - Seminal Rats [198-? - 1998], Slush Puppies,

Timmy Jack Ray (d,v) - Surfin' Poobars [199-?-1991], Pete Wells Band [1996],
Spencer P. Jones and the Last Gasp [1997], Powder Monkeys [1991- 7/2000]
NOT  Pictured ...
Aydn Hibbert (g) - Philistines [19--?]  1992-1993?4?,
Jed Sayers (hrp) - Morbid Dread [198-?] 1992-1993?4?,

Discography -
7" Singles/EPs
Yin yang/Another nite in hell     DOGMEAT/SHOCK DOG046 93/94
Get the girl straight/Wasn't born yesterday     DEATH VALLEY DV-006 8/97
The Powder Monkeys - Two Tub Man/The Hellacopters - Master Race Rock SAFETY PIN?? 6/99
The Powder Monkeys - Destination X/The Hellacopters - A House is not a Motel BUTCHER'S HOOK 6/99
The Powder Monkeys - The Wizard/Adam West - Real Cool Time FANDANGO 2000

10" Releases
Persecution blues     ONION/ALIVE 0016/10 4/96
Talk softly and carry a big shtick PUNCH PUNCH014V 8/99

12" Albums/Releases
Smashed on a knee MUNSTER 052 1994
Blood, Sweat and Beers SAFETY PIN 1999

CD Singles/EPs
Yin yang     DOGMEAT/SHOCK ??? 1994
{Yin Yang/Another Nite In Hell/Atomic Resolution}
Straight until morning EP     DOGMEAT/SHOCK ??? 11/94
{Straight Until Morning/Persecution Blues/I Stand Bare/
I Thank You/Gotta Push The World Away}
The Supernova that never quits  DOGMEAT/SHOCK DOG076CD 9/95
{Supernova That Never Quits/Conquest/Built For Speed}

Smashed on a knee DOGMEAT/SHOCK DOG052CD 1994
Time wounds all heels DOGMEAT/SHOCK  DOG073CD 1/96
Time wounds all heels (U.S.A.) DOGMEAT/AU-GO-GO/MORDAM ANDA???CD 7/97
Blood, Sweat and Beers BUTCHER'S HOOK 5/1999
Talk softly and carry a big shtick PUNCH PUNCH014CD 8/99
Lost city blues WHITE JAZZ 2000

Compilation Tracks
'Lemon' Fanzine (Giveaway with 'zine) ??? 199?
"I Thank You" [7" Vinyl]
Shock Records 1995 Comp. Shock 1995
"Straight Until Morning"/"Crank Me Up" [CD]
Vulgar Tongue Compilation (Aust. Comp) Vulgar Tongue/Shock VT01 6/96
"2000 Sins" :- JJJ (Live At The Wireless) [CD]
 Medium Rare - Underworld Magazine #4. ??? 10/96
"In The Doldrums" :- JJJ (LATW) [CD]
Kill The Moonlight - Film Soundtrack SFTRI ??? 5/97
"The Wizard" [CD]
Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators - Dictators Compilation
Roto (Spain) ??? 5/97
"Two Tub Man" (Live) [CD] (Did they make it???)
Thirteen {JJJ-3 Hours of power comp.} ABC/EMI 10/97
"Supernova that never quits"
Redball - Film Soundtrack RUBBER/BMG ??? 4/'99
"I Thank You"
Flattery - The Radio Birdman tribute FANDANGO??? 11/1999
"Smith and Wesson Blues"

Interview/Articles - The ones published in Australia anyway! (If you have Overseas stuff, please send it to this home page operator/"master"
Bassett, Darrell, 1996, 'Powdermonkeys - Steady as she blows', Inpress Magazine.
Colless, Michael, 199-(3)?, 'Powder Monkeys', Lemon Fanzine, Issue 16.
Ferguson, Simone, 1996, 'Monkey business', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Lovatt, Paul, 1995, 'Powdermonkeys - Power junkies', Inpress Magazine.
'Powdermonkeys - The Life and ramblings of Tim Hemensley', 1996, Almost Human, Issue 1,
Tauschke, Steve, 1994, 'High powered', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Tauschke, Steve, 1997, 'Monkey business', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Wilson, Hayley, 1994, 'Straight until next time', Inpress Magazine.
Iain, 1997, 'Powdermonkeys - Get the girl straight 7', Punter's Club Form Guide, p. 19.
Tom, 1996, 'Powdermonkeys - Time wounds all heels', Punter's Club Form Guide, Issue 29,
p. 31.
you can find some more Powder Monkeys press in 1999 near the end of this interview page
More Powder Monkeys reviews, for Yin Yang, Smashed on a Knee, etc.

    The Powder Monkeys have recently bid farewell to drummer Timmy Jack Ray, due to worsening internal band relations. New Drummer for the Powder Monkeys is ex-Seminal Rats/Slush Puppies/Cantankerous drummer Todd McNear.  
    Watch out for another split 7" single with Adam West (US) with the classic Black Sabbath tune 'The Wizard' (PM) and The Stooges 'Real Cool Time' (Adam West).
    The long awaited album 'Lost City Blues' recorded at Das Boot Studios, Stockholm (Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Backyard Babies, etc) is expected for release on White Jazz. The album features guest appearances from Chuck "I'm an A-Bomb" Pounder and them Swedish gals 'Misdemeanor'.

Hellenic Zeal 1993?-1999/The Zeal 1999-2000 (RIP) : ?
Members - Dave Butterworth (g,v), Eddie Donato 199-?- 7/99 (g,v), Tim Shaw (b), Myles Gallagher(d).

Discography -
7" Singles
Neptune's Horses/Ocean Liner/Broken Princess HELLO DOLLY 001 5/97
You're gone/Hot rails to hell HUMBAR/CORDUROY 11/99

Last chance again HELLO DOLLY 002 9/98



Interviews/Articles -  There's more on the way, soon enough!
Hickin, Kerrie, 1998, "Hellenic Zeal", Beat Magazine
Hobson, Franki, 1998, "Hellenic Zeal", Buzz Magazine
Tauschke, Steve, 1997, 'Hellenic Zeal - Neptune's Horses', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Tauschke, Steve, 1998, "Hellenic Zeal - Last Chance Again", Beat Magazine
Watt, Jarrod, 1997, 'Hellenic Zeal', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
'Hellenic Zeal', 1997, The Buzz magazine.

    New full length CD and LP (Hooray!) "The Zeal", out now.
    Sadly, of course the Zeal have bid the world farewell with Eddie tempted by the world of travel. Bassist Tim also retires the greener pastures of family life and responisibility.
    Dave Butterworth and Myles Gallagher re-appear in. The Double Agents.

Hands of Time :- 1998-2003? (RIP)

Members - Marcus Bechley (g), Ian Wettenhall (v,b), Stewart Tabert (d), (g, org, v)

Discography -
You're in your world RAT RACE RR002 7/'99

Interviews/Articles -

Cantankerous - 10/1999-

Members - Michael Harley (v), Reuben Pinkster (g,v), Ian Wettenhall (b,v), Todd McNear (d,v)

Cantankerous are of course the surviving members of the Seminal Rats, but are not exactly delving into old ground. Having supported Seattle's Zeke recently, they have new compositions and are still keen to play. Sadly, of course Seminal Rats guitarist and key songwriter Mr. Michael Webber passed away earlier this year and the surviving 'Rats have taken some time out for themselves but are now back into it.

The Spoilers (formerly Swank/General Electric):-
See their page and the mighty fine International Trash page

Slaves of the Avaricious : 1997-, The Romans : 1997-,
The Creeps / The Sailors : 1997-
(these bands are Martians offshoots/side projects?!#@%!*?!)

Members -
Dave Archdall (v,g) (g,v), Daniel Dempster (d,v)

7" Single
Teenage homosexual blues FULL TOSS 4/2000

Rocket Science: 1998-?

Members -
Roman (v, org, t), Paul Maybury (g,v), Dave Gray (b,g) Kit Warhurst (d)

Discography -
Welcome aboard the 3C10 MODULAR 5/2000

The Casanovas 1998-
Members - Tom 'Tommy Love' (v,g), Jim 'Jimmy Heat' (b,v), Paddy 'Paddy Downstairs', (d)

    Ain't Tommy Love a real lady killer(?)/"Casanova".

Mystaken: 1999-
Members - Sal (v,g), Maria (b,v), (d)
    The new band for Sal (ex-Small Handgun) and Maria (ex-The Boyettes)
    Watch out a future CD release from these gals. 
The Yes-Men : 1996-2001? (RIP)

Members - Sean Greenway (g,v), Stewart Cunningham (g,v), John Spittles 12/'98(g,v), 'Tas' Blizzard '96-'98, (b) Jay '99- (b), Tim Hemensley 12/'98 (b,v), Mike 'Hursty' Hurst (d)

Discography -
7" Single
Fratricide 007??? 6/99

Prosody WHITE JAZZ 2/2000

Prosody WHITE JAZZ 2/2000

Interview/Articles - "no-one cares about us . . .yet".
But Europe better, when the Yes-Men travel to tour Europe later in 2000!

Stuntcar Drivers : 1997-
Members - Gerard 'Stringer 'Daley (v,g), James 'Fatty'/'Axl' Saunders (g,v), Mat 'Fridge' Mafrici (b), Christian 'Crizza' Strybosch (d)

Discography -
Let the ride begin REDCAP 9/1999
Split with Concorde
Science fiction mind FULL TOSS 3/2000

Interviews/Articles -
That (?!) review is coming soon. Maybe an interview too?!

    Sadly, also the Stuntcar Drivers have decided to call it a day.
    Some of the Stuntcar Drivers are expected to continue in a project called "The Drones".

Naked Eye : 1996-
Members - Scott Anderson (v,g), Ian Wettenhall (b,v), Jim Lewis (b,v) 1998-, Dave Rice (d)

Instinct WHITE ELEPHANT 2/2000

Check out the cool homepage from the Main page

The Sex Bombs : 1997-2000 (RIP)

Members - Adam "The Reverend Dirty Shame" (v), Karl "KP Express" (g), Ben "The 'Fingers of Fury" (b, v), Finn "Ace D" (d)

Discography -
The Sex Bombs INDEPENDENT??? 4/2000 (it's coming soon!)

Interviews / Articles - That review will arrive!
Rocca, Jane, 1999, 'The Sex Bombs - The Sex Bombs', Melbourne City Search - Sounding off
The current homepage master, 1999, 'The Sex Bombs', Australian Independent Music site that Leapin' Larry L should see, July 1999

    Future vinyl releases and a LPCD are "in the pipeline".

Swizzelsticks: 2000-
Members -
Jo (v,g), Chris Willard (g,v), Richard (b,v), Jaws (d)
    The new band for Jo (ex The Boyettes), sees her return to the Melbourne stages. With the powerful Onyas rhythm section and Chris Willard from Adelaide's Lizard Train.
Hoss : 1990-

Members - Joel Silbersher (g,v), Jimmy Sfetsos (g) '91, Michael Weber (g) 1990-'92,
Scott Bailey (b), Michael Glenn (d) 1992-'95, Todd McNear (d) 1990-'92, ??? (d,v).
(most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer),

Discography - (most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer),
7" Singles
Green     AU-GO-GO 1990
It's everywhere     DOGMEAT 1991
The Tiredest Man Awake DEATHVALLEY 1993?
The Goddess has time WIGWAM 7/1998

12" LPs
Guzzle     AU-GO-GO 1990
You get nothing     DOGMEAT 1992
Bring on the juice     DOGMEAT 1993

CD eps/singles
Gentle claws     DOGMEAT 199-?

You get nothing     DOGMEAT 1992
Bring on the juice     DOGMEAT 1993
Everyday lies      DOGMEAT/SHOCK  1995?
Do you leave here often?    MONGREL/SHOCK 1997

Interview/Articles - There are probably a lot more, if you have more type them up and email them to me...
Carew, Anthony, 1998, "Hoss", Beat Magazine.
Jones, Tamas, 1995, 'A f**kin' rock star', Inpress Magazine.
McPhee, Natalie, 1998, "Hoss - The Tote", Inpress Magazine.
Shorland, Holly, 1998, "Hoss, The Exotics. Punter's Club", Beat Magazine.
Sutherland, Craig, 199-?, 'Everyday rock? Rock Everyday!', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
some US Hoss press and some more

Bored! : 1988-
Members - Dave Thomas (g,v), John Nolan (g) 1988-'91, Grant Gardiner (b),
Russell Baricevic (b,v), Tim Hemensley (b,v) 1989-'90, 'Tas' Blizzard (g) 1991,
Adrian Hann (k) 1988, Justin 'Buzz' Munday (d,v), Matt Randell (g) 1991-,
(most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer),

Discography - (most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer),
7" Singles
Little Suzie     DOGMEAT 198?
Satisfaction     DOGMEAT 1989
It's alright     GLITTERHOUSE 1990
Demolition girl     FROM THE VAULT 1990
Electrophonic tonic/White Elephants - Jason Love      DESTROYER 1990
People say     DOGMEAT 1991

12" Mini Albums/Releases
Bored!      GROWN UP WRONG 1988
Negative waves     DOGMEAT 1990
Take it out on you     DOGMEAT  1990

CD EPs/singles
Junk      SURVIVAL 1992

Feed the dog      SURVIVAL 1991
Scuzz     SURVIVAL 1993
Chunks FULL TOSS 3/2000

Interviews/Articles - more on the way!
Trethewie, David, 1997, "Bored! - Barwon Club Hotel", Beat Magazine.(Melb.).
    Here's some US Bored! press and some more
    Get 'Chunks' and then call yourself a Bored! disciple.

Freeloaders : 19??-1998 (RIP)
Members - Guy Lucas (g,v), Dave Gray (b), Stuart Taubert (d),
Discography -

7" Singles
Something for Nothing/DOGMEAT/SHOCK 199-?

12" LP
Through the sound barrier FULL TOSS /2000

CD Singles/EPs
Something for Nothing DOGMEAT/SHOCK 19--?
Dead before my time DOGMEAT/SHOCK 1996

Squalorfications DOGMEAT/SHOCK 1996
Through the sound barrier FULL TOSS /2000

Interviews/Articles -
Tauschke, Steve, 1996, 'The Freeloaders', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
see a page about them at Tomboy Records
    Take the time out also to check out the Guy Lucas 60s Appreciation Society tome
    Lookout for the previously unreleased Freeloaders CD 'Through the sound barrier ' on Full Toss Records.

Poppin' Mommas : 1990-
Members - Ox (v), Fish (g), Jim (b), Scotty (d)
(most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer)

Discography - (most of this information from Who's who of Australian rock by Chris Spencer)
7"?/CD? Single
Lifestyles of the pissed and brainless ??? 1991

Sheltered workshop AU-GO-Go 1993

Compilation Tracks
Now suck this ... dogface DESTROYER 199-?
(Mill working man)

The Seminal Rats : 1985-1998
for further info. go to the Divine Rites/Citadel Records WWW site and click on "Related Bands".
Here's some Seminal Rats press from over the years
    The Seminal Rats seem to have called it quits after nearly 13 long, loud years with the passing of Guitar player, Mick Weber. Their last release was the highly underrated 'Plectrum Muscle' CD. It was launched at the Tote Hotel with friends, The Powder Monkeys, Hoss and Red Shift.
    Check out Ian Wettenhall, the last of the Seminal Rats bass players in his band with Stewart Taubert (ex-Philisteins, Freeloaders, The Accidents) known as the Hands of Time. Check out their new 7" single too!

The Martians (formerly Silver Surfers) : 1995-2000 (RIP)
Members - Roman Tucker (g,v), David Archdall (b,v), Dempster (d,v), Scott Hartley (d - 1995-'96)

CD singles/EPs
We Three assholes DR JIM'S/SHOCK  2/96

Dislocate my hip DR JIM'S/SHOCK  1997

Interviews/Articles -
Edwards, Claudine, 1997, 'Warped, The Martians, The Hunchbacks : The Punter's Club',
Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Hayman, Matt, 1996, 'The Martians - we three assholes', Inpress Magazine.
Tauschke, Steve, 1996, 'The Martians', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Tom, 1996, 'The Martians', Punter's Club Form Guide, pp.6-7.
Tom, 1996, 'The Martians - We Three Assholes', Punter's Club Form Guide, Issue 29, p.30.
Watt, Jarrod, 1997, 'The Martians', Beat Magazine (Melb.).

Peppershield : 1996-
Members - Liz Dealey (v,g), Chris Willard (g,v), Jo 'Almost Human Fanzine'/'The Boyettes' (b), Simon (d)

Did you catch Liz and Jo playing in The Ramonas, Melbourne's all girl Ramones cover band recently . If you missed it you missed something!!!
    You can be sure they wipe the floor with Melbourne's 'other' Ramones cover band Mach Pelican!!!

Megalong Valley : 1995-
Members - Matt (v, g), Dave Gray (b), Paul Maybury (g,v), Evan (d)
The Chosen Few: 1977 -1981, 1998-

Members - Ian Weaver (v), Bruce 'Fred' Friday (g), Jeff Hussey (g) 1996-, Ian Cunningham (b, v), ??? b) Cal McAlpine (d),

Discography -
7" Singles/EPs
The Jokes on us ASTOR? 8/'78

12" LP
Do the manic Existencial Vacuum Empire EV1997

A Root and a beer AUGOGO ANDA 2/1998

Interviews/Articles -
Coming soon: the liner notes and lyrics from their 12" LP on EV Empire!!!

    If you don't have 300 bucks for the first 'Few (especially if you dig their recently released Augogo CD), check out the ever fabulous Murder Punk compilations - Volume 1, for the only 'Few' 7", which is only a lazy $30.
    Watch out for a retrospective Live LP, recorded in Adelaide, 1978.

The Sick Things - 198-1991
Members - Dugald (v), Mick Turner (g, v), Geoff (b, v), Gary  (d), Tim Hemensley (d)

Discography -
7" Single
Committed to suicide ??? 198-?
Committed to suicide DEATH VALLEY??? 3/2000

12" LP
The Sounds of silence AUGOGO ANDA 19??

The Sounds of silence AUGOGO ANDA 19??
My Life's a mess STOLEN ?? 1999

Interviews/Articles - Can you find me one?!
    Check out the killer liner notes within "My Life's a mess" by ex-Sick Thing and modern day Powder Monkey, Tim Hemensley.

The Boyettes : 1998-1999
Members - Jo (g,v), Jacqui (org) 3-4/1998-6/1998, Maria (b,v), Claudine (d)

Discography -
7" Single/EP
The Boyettes/I Got a Guy/Rock it!/Hey Little Boy WIG WAM 02 8/98

"an upcoming Au-Go-Go compilation", will also have a Boyettes tune, so watch out for that!

Interview/Articles - "... We have been talking to people!"
such as Robertson, Dougal, 1998, 'The Boyettes - Chicks with Picks' , Inpress Magazine

    Sadly though, the Boyettes have called it quits after a year or so and releasing an ever enjoyable 7" single. They landed supports such as The 5678s, Southern Culture on the Skids and Dead Moon.
    The Boyettes performed First at the unforgetable Guy Lucas tribute - Lucas Aid.

Velvet Tongue (The Puppet rock experience) :  1997-
Yes!?@#* PUPPETS playing loud, obnoxious Rock Music.
Discography - Have not recorded yet. (Thank god!!!)
Interviews/Articles - ...

Red Shift : 1991
Members - James 'Fatty' Saunders (v,g), Jim Lewis (v,b), Mark "the Don"(d)
Discography -
7" Single
King of the Beat/Skeletons' in the Closet/One Way Street BRAIN DEAD 9/98
Interview/Articles - "No, some one does care about us"...
Gray, Denis, 1998, "King of the Beat 7", Vicious Kitten Magazine, Issue 9, December 1998
The Red Shift Home Page has arrived!
    Watch out for the 7" single (Yes, with a Saints cover) and the label Brain Dead ("... Brain Dead Music for ..."), an upcoming Au-Go-Go compilation including the Red Shift tune "Never Going Back".
Intoxica : 1986-

Members - Tony Shaw (v), Nick Del-Ray (g,v), (g,v), George Pennington (b), (d)

Discography -
7" Singles
Brandavino party SHOCK '90
I wanna wear your skin GIANT CLAW '93

12" LP
Intoxica SHOCK 1990

Intoxica SHOCKCD001 1989
Suburban roulette MOTOR2 1992
Dragstripper GTO 1997

Interviews/Articles -
Shorland, Holly, 1997 'Intoxica - Dragstripper', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Shorland, Holly, 1997 'Intoxica, Autovegas - Punter's Club', Beat Magazine (Melb.).

Exotics, The : 199-?
Members - Tony Shaw (v), Oliver Lawrie (g), Tim Rolfe (b), Susan Shaw (d)

7" Single
Coo coo baby LOSER 1997

The Exotics LOSER 1999

Interviews/Articles - I'll get to them! Don't panic!
Tauschke, Steve, 1997, 'The Exotics', Beat Magazine (Melb.).

Bo-Weevils, The : 198-1999
Members - Davern White (v, g, org), Neil Rogers (b), Nino Spadaro (g, v), Ian Hill (g, v, org), Mark Jenkinson (d)

Discography -
7" Singles/Flexis
Why in the world/ You drive me wild The Livin' End Magazine Issue 2 LE-002 1985
Lies/ Come on back/ You drive me wild/ All I want EP KAVERN 7, K7-001 1986
Now she's gone KAVERN 7, K7-004 1986
That Girl/ I Want You KAVERN 7, K7-004 1987
Jay's song/ I Was wrong/Grandmaster of Disaster  RUBBER RUB016 1991
Middle of nowhere/ Cheap wine  RUBBER RUB011 1991

Garage twangin' retard rabble sound The Bo-Weevils 1986

12" EPs/LPs
The Vortex took them EP KAVERN 7 K7EP-001 1988
Where particular people congregate MR SPACEMAN MRSM 14 1988
Destroyer of worlds RUBBER RUB007 1990
Trapped in the garage  CORDUROY CORD017 1998

If God was an astronaut (Live, RUBBER  RUB022 1992
Reap, RUBBER RUB034 1992
Into sunshine EP RUBBER RUB034 1994
Burn ZUMA / RUBBER Zuma 0020 / RUB035 1994
Get on down  ZUMA / RUBBER ZR0028/2 1997
Trapped in the garage CORDUROY CORD017CD 1998

Compilation Tracks
A Slab of Vic AUGOGO ANDA 1986
"Since She Left Me"
Melbourne University SWAPO Benefit DOC Records 1987
Why in the World (Live)
Final audio blast Mr Spaceman MRSM 1990
"Where particular people Congregate"

Interviews/Articles -
Thanks to Maria and her fabulous Sixties Scene Magazine (Issue 6) for more information and discography.
McLean, Klaire, 1995, 'Bo-weevils - Still burning after ten years', Inpress Magazine.
Tauschke, Steve, 1995, 'Weeving & Ducking', Beat Magazine (Melb.).

Shindiggers, The : 198-, 1996-
Members - Bill Leggett (v),  Peter Andrews (g), Steve Agar (b,v) (d), Rod McMurrich (d) 97-

7" singles
Talking about you PRESTON 1984
Back home again MAN MADE 1985

12" LPs
Beat is back MAN MADE 1985
Crash your party MAN MADE 1986

Surf, sex, shindiggers CORDUROY 1999

Interviews/Articles - I'm getting to them
Bassett, Darrell, 1996, 'Shindiggers - back to the beat', Beat Magazine (Melb.).
Mikhelakos, Mary, 1996, 'Shindiggers', Beat Magazine (Melb.).

Lobby Loyde's Fish Tree Mother : 1997
Members - Graeme Duncan (v), Peter Coomber (g), Lobby Loyde (b, g, v), Bruce Aitken (d)

Lobby Loyde's Ball Power : 1998-99
Members - Lobby Loyde (g, v), Gavin Carroll (b, v), Vic (g,v), ??? (d)

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