The five operas that are available on CD are discussed in the links given below:

:L'Ultimo Giorno di Pompei

Carlo di Borgogna


A brief discussion of the opera, and its' two existent recordings is provided at this time. It is intended to expand it shortly.

Maria, Regina d'Inghilterra

One recording (a pirated version on Italian Opera Rarities that can in no way be recommended, and is in rather poor sound) while there is a second recording, released in 1998, which is one of the major new operatic releases of that or any other year.



This list is intentionally incomplete in that excerpts that were issued on LP that have subsequently been duplicated in the complete operas now available on CD are omitted.

Annetta e Lucindo

Quartetto: Fra l'orror di notte oscura Eidwenn harrhy, Paul Nilon, John Cashmore, Geoffrey Dolton in ORCG 103

Cesare in Egitto

Terzetto: "O bel lampo lusinghiero" Annick Massis, Bruce Ford, Kenneth Tarver in ORR236

Adelaide e Comingio

Duet: "Dove son" Francina Girones and Giovanna Fiorini EJS LP 554

Overture: in ORCH 103

La Sposa fedele

Aria: "Si venite" Giorgio Grimaldi EJS LP 554

Alessandro nell'Indie

Trio: "Ciel d'una misera" Majella Cullagh, Enkelejda Shkosa, William Matteuzzi in ORR216


Cavatina: "Tacete! ohimè quei cantici" Jennifer Larmore In Opera Rara Orr231

Gli Arabi nelle Gallie

Aria con coro: "Piangere piu" Carlo Micolucci EJS LP 554

Il Contestabile di Chester

Duet: "La, sotto il salice" Yvonne Kenny and Susan McCullough in ORCH 104
Terzetto: "Ah! Partir il voto o ciel... Deh rammentate almeno": Annick Massis, Majella Cullagh, Alan Opie

Il corsaro

Trio: "Che intesi? E' lui che adoro" (Annick Massis, Laura Polverelli, Bruce Ford) in ORR236


Trio: "Ah! tu lo guida!" (Erica Busch, Patricia Sabin, Philip Langridge UORC LP 126

Il Convitato di Pietra

Aria: "Sento brillarmi il core" Malvina Major in LP NZOS 3

Carlo di Borgogna

Aria: "Del leone di Borgogna"-"Un vano prestigio" Bruce Ford with Diana Montague and the Geoffrey Mitchell choir in ORR 202

Furio Camillo

Aria "Io d'Imen m'affretto all'ara" Elinor Amlen in AFPC-02 (LP--still available from the Bel Canto Society)


Aria "Venne un di'da Palestina" Malvina Major in LP NZOS 3

Duet: "Cara, addio, per sempre addio" Malvina Major and Linden Loader in LP NZOS 3

La Fidanzata Corsa

Recitative and aria di Alberto: "Son giunto" and "Mi parve il ciel funereo" Marcello Giordani in Naxos DDD 8.557 269

Lorenzino de'Medici:

Recitative, aria and cabaletta di Lorenzino: Dal lungo fingere. While not available commercially, the brilliant young tenor, Ariel Paltrinieri, has recorded the beautiful tenor aria, "Dal lungo fingere" which he now has on his web site. I am honored to have put in a link to this selection: Paltrinieri in Dal lungo fingere


Recitative, aria and cabaletta di Buondelmonte: Scendea la notte. Ariel Paltrinieri, has also recorded the great tenor aria, "Scendea la notte" which he has on his web site as well, and to which I have also put in a link: Paltrinieri in Scendea la notte

La Regina di Cipro

Aria: "Empia sorte! E me serbata" Erica Busch in UORC LP 126

Stella di Napoli

Terzetto: "Addio! la tua memoria" Majella Cullagh, Laura Polverelli, Bruce Ford in ORR236

Allan Cameron

Aria finale Annaick Massis with Alan Opie in ORR236

Margherita Pusterla

Aria: "E'degli uomini il destino" Bruce Carson in LP NZOS 3

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