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February 22, 1968
Munich, Germany

Jeri Lynn Zimmerman

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Notable Information About Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan has a son, Alex, from an earlier marriage to Jack Ryan. 

Notable Information About Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine was born Annika Hansen at the Tendara Colony.  Her parents, Magnus and Erin Hansen, were scientists who took their science vessel Raven into the Delta Quadrant to study the Borg, where at age 6, Annika and her family were assimilated by the Borg.  She was liberated from the Collective by Captain Janeway 18 years later.

Recent Interviews, News and Articles

September 3, 2001
Jeri Ryan in Entertainment Weekly

From Entertainment Weekly's Fall Preview of Boston Public:

   The way executive producer Jonathan Pontell sees it, new cast member Jeri Ryan brings two huge assets to David E. Kelley's provocative high  school drama: ''She's terrific, and I think she's excited to play a human.''
   Counters Ryan, who spent the last four years starring as Borg babe Seven of Nine on UPN's ''Star Trek: Voyager'': ''I'm wondering if I can remember how.'' Ryan adds that a bigger challenge came in joining the show without knowing whom she'd be playing -- the ever cagey Kelley told her nothing about her character until four days prior to production.
   ''That's a little scary,'' says the actress, cooling her heels in her trailer on Boston's first day of shooting. ''But who better to trust to write something unseen for you?''
   Ryan's mystery woman turned out to be Ronnie Cooke, a hotshot corporate lawyer who discovers her soul during a guest-speaking appearance at Winslow High and decides it's time to trade the halls of justice for the blackboard jungle. ''She's coming from a very different background,'' says Ryan. ''She dresses in designer clothes, she drives a BMW, and when she wants her students to read a certain book, she sees nothing wrong with going out and buying it for them, which is something that most teachers don't have as an option.'' Adds Pontell: ''There's going to be different reactions [to Cooke] -- jealousy, envy, interest. It's a way of opening things up and telling more stories.''
   It's also a way of bringing some much needed star power to the sophomore series. ''We wanted to get a bit more of a profile for the
 show,'' Pontell says. In addition to Ryan, ''Public'' has snagged Michael Rapaport (''Mighty Aphrodite'') for a 13-episode stint as an unorthodox new colleague, as well as signing up ''Titanic'' baddie Billy Zane, who'll take on an arc as a longtime boyfriend that Cooke is torturously trying to leave behind. Leslie Jordan (''Ally McBeal'') will also join the faculty as a science teacher.
   For Ryan, landing a role on ''Boston Public'' is encouraging proof that
there is life after ''Trek.'' ''It's notorious for having actors get pigeonholed.  Some of them don't do a lot of work after 'Star Trek,''' notes the actress, adding that thanks to her new gig, ''I'm not worried about never working again.''
    Now the former alien hottie is looking forward to tackling a more earthbound drama. '''Voyager' was very much a cerebral exercise for an actor,'' she says. ''Seven didn't have emotions, she stifled them, but I don't think Ronnie is going to have such qualms.'' And while she admits to a fondness for the character -- ''It was like saying goodbye to an old friend'' -- she's certainly not going to miss Seven's formfitting space wear. After ''Voyager'' taped its final mission, says Ryan, ''I wanted a bonfire to burn the corset and the catsuit.''

August 26, 2001
Jeri Ryan Talks About Boston Public and Enterprise
Jeri Ryan talked to the Ventura County Star about her new role, and Star Trek related issues.
     PASADENA -- Jeri Ryan is looking forward to going to work without squeezing into her tight Seven of Nine costume and going through all that Borg makeup. She's excited, ecstatic really, about playing a normal human being -- Ronnie Cookie, a new teacher on "Boston Public."
     "There will be no rubber glued to my face," Ryan said, referring to Seven's Borg implants. "I have made sure. No, it's great. Hair and makeup and wardrobe like a normal human being."
     She laughed. "I'm very excited." She paused for effect. "I could do my interpretative dance to show what this means to me if you'd like," she said during a recent news conference at The Ritz-Huntington Hotel.
     She played the galaxy's most beautiful woman, Seven of Nine, on three seasons of "Star Trek: Voyager." The character was a former Borg trying to find her humanity, and the costumes were designed to emphasize the drop-dead gorgeous Ryan's curves. Ryan enjoyed playing an intelligent woman who also happens to be beautiful, but she's looking forward to her new character.
     Ryan was confident enough in Emmy winner David E. Kelley, the "Boston Public" creator and executive producer, to sign on for six seasons.
     "How do you turn down David Kelley?" Ryan said. "I mean, he's a brilliant writer. And I really came into this show sight unseen, as far as the character, because he hadn't written it. He wrote it for me, which is a huge, huge honor."
     Unlike Seven of Nine, Ryan's new character, Ronnie, will be comfortable expressing her emotions.
     "So it's going to be a lot of fun," Ryan said. "It's going to be much more free, as far as acting style."
     At some time or another, teachers find themselves in Harper's office. Ryan laughed and said it won't be long before she has to face him.
     Ronnie is different from the other teachers, Ryan said. "She's not a credentialed teacher, No. 1, which is going to get her into a little bit of hot water with the other teachers."
     Ryan realizes she won't lose her "Star Trek" fan base simply because she's on another show. She plans to continue to appear at "Star Trek" conventions, including one in early September in Las Vegas. 
     "Yes, they're very hands-on and very vocal if they don't like something," Ryan said. "But they are so loyal. And they are remarkably passionate and supportive fans. And that's great. You've got to embrace that. 
    "God bless them! I mean, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them," said Ryan, who first became famous for playing the Russian agent on the sci-fi series "Dark Skies."
     Ryan said she would be willing to appear as Seven of Nine's ancestor on the "Star Trek" prequel "Enterprise."
     "If my schedule allowed it and Brannon wrote it, I would consider it," she said. Brannon Braga, co-creator and an executive producer of "Enterprise," is Ryan's boyfriend; they live together with Ryan's 7-year-old son from her previous marriage to Chicago businessman Jack Ryan.
    Braga was one of the executive producers of "Voyager."
     Ryan said she liked how the series finale of "Star Trek: Voyager" began, but wasn't happy with how it ended. In the last scene, the ship returns to the Alpha Quadrant after beating the Borg, but nothing is said about what happens to the crew members after their return to Earth.
     "People wanted to see what happened to us when we got there," Ryan said. "They wanted to see it wrapped up."
    Braga co-wrote the two-hour finale with executive producers Rick Berman and Kenneth Biller. Biller and Robert Doherty wrote the teleplay.

July 19, 2001
Jeri Ryan Gets In Touch With Human Side
LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - When "Star Trek: Voyager's" Jeri Ryan found out that David E. Kelley wanted to write her into "Boston Public," she gave up any thoughts of taking a break after doing a series for four years.

"He wrote it for me, which is a huge honor," Ryan said Wednesday (July 18) at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, CA. "He told me nothing [about the character]. He said, 'Come on, I�m on hiatus. Give me a break.'" 

Now that the hiatus has ended (the show went back into production Wednesday; Ryan starts filming her scenes Thursday, July 19), Ryan knows a bit more.

Her character is a wealthy former corporate attorney who sees teaching as her true calling but doesn't always understand the workings of an inner city public school system. For example, she thinks that if there's a book her students should read, she should just go out and purchase copies for the entire class.

Ryan says that playing an emotive � not to mention fully human � character is a welcome change from Seven of Nine, though she is still attached to the popular "Voyager" character.

"'Star Trek' was very much a cerebral exercise," Ryan says. "This is going to be an emotional challenge." 

Another benefit?

"There will be no rubber glued to my face. I made sure of that." 

July 18, 2001
Jeri Ryan's Boston Public Character Described
From the Associated Press:  Jeri Ryan, best known as the half-robotic Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager," has agreed to join the ensemble cast of the quirky high-school drama, Fox officials said Tuesday. 

Ryan, 33, will play a disgruntled former corporate lawyer who leaves her practice to become a teacher at the troubled urban school, said Gail Berman, Fox entertainment president. 

"Her teacher will be wealthier than the other teachers, having made money in her corporate life," Berman added.

Ryan's character, Ronnie Cooke, will clash with the other teachers because she tries to bring her money into the classroom by purchasing supplies her colleagues can't afford, Berman said. 

"There is a tremendous amount of drama and friction she will add to the show," Berman said.

June, 2001
Jeri Ryan Comments on "Endgame"
Jeri Ryan appeared at the Slanted Fedora Convention in Chicago from June 16-17.  According to reports, of "Endgame", Ryan said that she liked the script in general and was glad that the crew got home but thought that the ending was too abrupt.

June, 2001
Jeri Ryan Wins Saturn Award
Jeri Ryan won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series.  She has been nominated three times before, but this was her first win.

Jeri Ryan at Saturn Awards with Brannon Braga

May, 2001
Jeri Ryan Joins the Cast of Boston Public
Jer Ryan to join the cast of "Boston Public".

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