34 Hearts

This pattern uses one shuttle and a ball. I call it 34 hearts because there are 33 small hearts making up one big one!

Clover 3-2 7d 7s 2-3 CL, 3+2 7d 7s 2-3 CL, 3+2 7d 7s 2-3 CL RW
Chain 3+4 RW (join to FIRST heart made)
First outer heart: 4-1 7d 7s 2-3 CL RW Ch 6 RW
[Basic heart RW, ch 5 RW] six times
[Basic heart RW, ch 6 RW] five times
Basic heart RW, ch 8 RW
Basic heart RW, ch 4-3 RW
Basic heart twice RW ch 3+4 RW
Basic heart RW, ch 8 RW
[Basic heart RW, ch 6 RW] five times
[Basic heart RW, ch 5 RW] six times
Basic heart RW ch 6 RW
Heart 3+2 7d 7s 1+4 RW (join to first outer heart)
Chain 4+3. (join to free picot on clover)
Cut and tie. Hide ends.

Basic heart: 3+2 7d 7s 2-3 CL.

Notes: d= first half of double stitch, s = second half of double stitch. After closing each heart-ring, poke the V of the heart with your fingernail to make the heart more shapely. The heart-ring in this pattern was inspired by the tiny heart pattern posted to the e-tatters list by Nicole Landau. Just leave the picots off for a really cute little heart, or make 3 or 4 joined together with picots in green for a lucky clover. The heart measures 3.25" across at 3" top to bottom worked in size 20 thread, half an inch bigger each way in size 10.

To make a simple edging, start with a heart of 3-2 7d 7s 2-3. Follow this with a chain 3-3. Continue alternating basic hearts and chains for the length desired. Adjust the number of ds in the chain to make a curved edging. Turn a corner with a pair or trio of basic hearts as at the point of the heart pattern above!

Designed and tatted by Emma Crew for the Valentine heart exchange, February 2001.
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