This interview was done in 2002
The Restarts are a great punk band based in Hackney, London. Their music is very catchy punk, and great for drinking too.

Protest: What are the best things about living in London in relation to punk music?

Kieran: The best things about living in London is that you are basically spoilt for choice, there is such a wide spectrum of music going on that you could go out every night (if you could bloody afford to!). As far as true underground DIY punk gigs there is usually at least one every weekend.

What have been your favourite places to play?

Kieran: Our favourite places to play have been Across Europe, I would have to say the Zorro festival in Leipzig and gigs in Bremen and Berlin tend to be the highlites of each tour we've done in Germany. Generally most places we play are brilliant, but a good gig is comprised of alot of elements; day of the week, what else is going on the same night (deciding the turn out), PA etc etc.

Daragh your orginally from Dublin, do you think it has gotten better or worse for gigs, bands etc?

Darragh: -Dublin has got better in my opinion for places to play-scene wise id say it has got smaller like everywhere else, even still there always lots of new bands -check the intoxicated comp cds; never heard of half of them!

Do you reckon punk still has some influence today?

Kieran: Punk has evolved into something very different today, it has had 25 years to redefine itself into the mainstream. All this Nu Metal and hard hitting rap punk I attribute to the influence of punk, I think its great, but I still prefered it when it was 'us' and 'them'. You either WERE a punk or HATED it, gave everything a real edge, nowadays everybody is like" Oh ya I like Limp Biscuit and Linkin Park!" (like theyre punk bands??!!). Its quite funny now as punk once again, is having another revival, Radio one is now introducing a new punk show, and there is all this rekindled interest especially with the 50th Golden Jubilee going on this year. Terrorizer (metal mag) has released a "Punk" issue (Jan issue) which is quite good just seems Punk never seems to go away, its definitley standing the test of time!!

What are you up to at the moment?

Kieran: Over the Xmas we went into the studio and digitally remixed a recording we did ages ago, to be released as a full length CD. It contains some of the tracks from the Broken split (Your World) and the split with Left For Dead. In total its 16 tracks and its coming out on Active distribution , and once I get motivated and get the artwork done it should be out in early February (fingeres crossed). We then plan to write new material, and there is talk of going over to the West coast of America for a little tour and to play the BOB festival (Bremen Oakland Bath collective)...and hopefully to be gracing you shores at some point. Thanx for the interview Sean and good luck with the zine.