The photo above is Paranoid Visions in Dublin, can't remember what year it was. It was their frist gig since the singer Deco had gotten out of jail, the gig was just amazing.

Paranoid Visions infamous in Ireland, and were a great Dublin band. They also ran a great label 'F.O.A.D' for a long while in the eighties and early nineties. They have gotten back together a few times since they broke up for various gigs, and are still great to see live.
The interview was done by their guitarist P.A. in 1990

What are the best/worst things of being in a band?

The best things about the band are:
(1) Getting to meet loads of people
(2) Feeling as if you are doing something creative with your life, giving people some (albeit small) enterainment and pleasure through something you are connected with.
(3) Beer
(4) Making records to piss off all the people in crappy bands who think they are rock stars, but will never get any where.
The worst things are:
(1) Setting up equiment for gigs.
(2) Breaking strings and hurting my fingers
(3) Mounthy fuckers who backbite just because what you do doesn't subscribe to their narrow minded tunnel visioned view of what punk is all about.
(4) Being put on a pedestal so that anything you do or say etc is criticised by the people mentioned in number 2.

What do you think of the punk scene in Dublin, what do you think are teh best zines and bands there?

What scene? nearly all the bands have gone. I used to like N.O.W., 3 Ring Psychosis were quite good in their time as well. The Thermo Nuclears are quite good, as are the Blue Babies. Zines? Smegma and Gutteral Material are great. I don't read any other, but Niall(from N.O.W.) has just done one which I think will be great except I don't have it yet, other than that see question 1 part(b) number 3.

What do you think of the metal influence in punk/hardcore?

Well at least it means that people feel as if they need to learn how to play they're instruments a bit, so yes, I think that it is a good thing for both punk and metal scenes.

On your new tape ye've a cover version of the rock'n'roll swindle(the sex pistols tune). What do you think of '77 punk, do you think it had any real message or was it just a fashion?

I love '77 punk. Yes it did have a real message, the likes of Penetration, The Clash, X-Ray Spex and UK Subs etc all were very much concerned with a message lyrically. All of the others at the time had strong feelings that came out by the very fact that they existed. What these bands, Th eSex Pistols included, were all about challanging the whole rock 'n' Roll industry and sayying "fuck this, lets have a laugh and a few beers and burn our Pink Floyd albums! The whole punk attitude was about asserting your own identity and doing something yourself. Sadly it soon got bought up by big business and sold back to us.

What do you think of "violent Resistence" type punks and pacifist punks, would you take sides with either?

I don't take sides either of them. I believe in pacifism although I'd hit back(but because I'm 6ft 4" most people would hit me in the first place and I'm too nice). I believe in direct action when channelled in the right direction.

On the cover of ye're "Autonomy" ep, ye have a picture from a book "A Critique of State Socialism" Do you agree with socialism?

I don't subscribe ro any ism really although I tend to lean more to the left than the right in politics. I used the picture on the single because I thought it was very well done, witty and was appropiate to what the single was about. A critque of state socialism is actually a very good magazine.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Yeah, first thanks to you and all the other Cork people, Violent Phobia and Judgement, Emmet etc etc for the interest. "Tripping the live disaster" tape is available from F.O.A.D another cassette will be out soon of the album we never released and now sounds nothing like us. We're working on an album at the moment. Copies of Automony and FAOD to you fascist American Contra Scum" singles are available again. All the others are sold out.