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The Trinidad and Tobago Rare Bird Committe (TTRBC) was established as an independent organisation governed by a set of bye-laws in September 1995.  The primary functions of the TTRBC are to:

1. Maintain an official list of the bird species of Trinidad and Tobago.

2. Maintain a review list of bird species whose occurrence in Trinidad and Tobago requires further documentation.

3. Solicit details for all reports of species on its review list.

4. Evaluate the adequacy of documentation for all such reports.

5. Publish periodic reports of its findings.

 The TTRBC evaluates reports of birds with the aim of converting them into documented records that can be used reliably for scientific studies of bird distribution and patterns of avian vagrancy. The TTRBC currently comprises seven members including a Secretary responsible for assigning a number to and cataloging each report received, circulating the reports among TTRBC members, and compiling the decisions.

 Each TTRBC member evaluates whether the information provided in each report is sufficient to support the identification.  A record is accepted when a minimum of six members vote for it. For species whose origin is questionable (e.g., escaped cagebird), each member judges whether the bird more likely arrived under its own power or with the aid of humans; a minimum of six votes is required to accept the record as a natural occurrence.

 Participation by both resident and visiting birders is vital for the success of the TTRBA.  Please report appropriate sightings promptly to:

Martyn Kenefick, Secretary
36 Newalloville Ave
San Juan
Phone: 674-7609  

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