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The origin of the name Leimbach” to “Leinbach.

Johannes Leinbach Sr. is apparently the person who changed the spelling of the family name from “Leimbach” to “Leinbach,” and he may have done it deliberately. In a document in the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem PA, he acknowledges the spelling of his father’s name with an “m” while spelling his own name with an “n.” More research in Germany needs to be done, but DJL’s current “best guess” as to the name-change is as follows:

The family may have taken its name “Leimbach” from their lords, the “von Leimbach” family, who owned the region in the late Middle Ages, but there is no evidence to date we were descended from them. The von Leimbach family had died out in the 1500’s, and the Von Riedesel family owned the land on which Johann Heinrich Leimbach was born in 1649 -- one branch of which still maintains a castle called “Eisenbach” near Lauterbach. The Baron von Riedesel lives in the town of Lauterbach.

The word “Leim” in the late Middle Ages meant something like “clay” as well as “glue.” Currently the word “Lehm” is used for “clay,” and “Leim” means “glue,” the kind made from animal bones and horse hoofs. The word “Lein-” has to do with flax and linen. “Bach” means “brook.”

DJL speculates that Johannes Leinbach Sr., a school teacher and perhaps a bit pedantic, may have thought he was going back to the true origin of the name by changing it from “Leimbach” to “Leinbach.” He knew his father had been a linen-weaver in his youth in an area where flax was a major crop and therefore felt that “Lein” might have been part of his name. Johannes Sr. may also have thought that people had been making the “mistake” of pronouncing “Leinbach” as “Leimbach,” the way we tend to pronounce the m-b combination as “raimbow” instead of “rainbow” in normal conversation. Johannes may have also wanted to distance the name from the word “Leim,” which by this time was taking on the regular meaning of “glue” and losing its old meaning of “clay.” There may be better explanations of the name-change, but this one seems reasonable to DJL at present

I would like to thank Don Lineback for give me his records on the Leinbach family. He has had wonderful help collecting his records. As I go along with editing my web page on the Linebaugh family. I will be useing initial for persons who have help me and Don Lineback to make my web page more accurate. For the whos initial I use look for their name once in ().

LG: = Verlin “Lin” Garber (1-1-4 4-3-10 1-10-9) 11 Ballard Street Apt. 3, Boston MA 02130; 617-524-7847; He has used the Mormon church records from Germany and is doing primary research on our German roots.

LG Thinks that Johannes Heinrich Leinbach father could be Abraham.There was a head-of-household in Gerterode in 1656 named Abraham, the only Leimbach on a list of people in the town who swore fealty to the younger sons of the Landgraf ( = count/duke/prince) of Hesse.

LG finds in the records of Braach (just west of Rotenburg an der Fulda) dated 1663 the baptism of the son of Johann Daniel Leimbach. The son was named Johann Heinrich Leimbach, and the sponsor was unknown to the pastor. Given that the child was usually named for the sponsor, and that often sponsors were young persons who had just been confirmed around the age 13, the sponsor could well have been our Johann Heinrich Leimbach. There were at least 3 or 4 Leimbach families in the parish of Braach, and most of them seem to have lived in the village of Atzelrode, which is just over the mountain from Gerterode, and which was made a separate parish sometime after 1718.

LG finds no evidence that there was a church in Gerterode in 1649. This needs to be researched further, since villagers in Gerterode speak of the “old church” that the “new” one, built in the eighteenth century, replaced. DJL wonders whether Johann Heinrich was baptized in Gerterode, the village where he was born. If there was a chapel in Gerterode and it did have a visiting minister, the baptism could have take place there. But LG believes it more probable that it took place in Beenhausen, the mother church of Gerterode.

Johann Heinrich moved to Langenselbold (about 25 miles east of Frankfurt). In Langenselbold he met and married Barbara, whose parents lived there. After their marriage in 1672 Johann Heinrich and Anna Barbara settled in Langenselbold, and their first five children were born there. They moved from Langenselbold to Hochstadt between 1685, when Anna Margaretha was born, and 1689, when their last son Andreas was born (LG). LG also notes that the marriage record of Johann Heinrich’s son Johannes (Sr.) indicates that the Johann Heinrich and Anna Barbara lived in Altenhasslau at some time between 1689 and 1708.

*Johannes Heinrich Leinbach, b: 1649 may have been in Gerterode, Germany ; m abt 1673 in Langenselbold Germany to **Anna Barbara Lerch, b 1650/1673 in Oberdorfelden, Germany, d in Germany.*Johannes was a school master and linen weaver. **Anna parents were Johannes Lerch b 1620 d 17 Aug 1693 m Anna Eva b 1629 d 1710; both buried Langenselbold, Wetterau, Ger.; United Evangelical Congregational Church; groceryman

LG notes that Johann Heinrich was called a “Schuldiener” and “Schulmeister” after he and his family moved to Hochstadt in the late 1680’s, which position he held at the time of his son Johannes (Sr.)’s marriage. LG’s source of information (Frau Marjorie Heppe, Gesellschaft für Familienkunde in Kurhessen und Waldeck e.V., Postfach 101346, 34013 Kassel, Germany) notes that “Schuldiener” and “Schulmeister” were interchangeable, meaning approximately “schoolmaster


55. Leinbach. Johannes prelist 1723

European Records:

Langenselbold Reformed KB:

Married 6 dec 1672 at Selbold, Henrich Leinbach born in Gerthenroth[?Gerterode] aus dem Ried_Eselischen, linenweaver and Barbara, daughter of Johannes Lehrch[Lerch],shopkeeper and Gemiensmann here. They had Children:

1. Johannes bp 15 Mar. 1674 sp; Johannes Lerch, the maternal grandfather.

2. Anna Margreth bp 26 Dec 1677

3. son bp 29 Feb 1680

4. Ann Elisabeth bp 25 Dec 1681 Sp,: Johan Christoffel, son of Bast Leis

5. Eva bp 2 May 1684. Sp The child's grandmother on the mother side.

6. Anna Margertha, with of Hans Schad

7. Andreas b 20 Feb 1689, bp 24 Feb 1689 at Hochstadt Reformed KB; the father's occupation is given as Schoolteacher or school-sexton

Oberdorfelden Kreis Hanau, KB: Buried 5 Apr 1716: the schoolmaster Mr. Leinbach, age 67 years

Hochstadt[Hessen} Reformed KB:

Johannes Leinbach and wife Elizaberth had:

1. Johann Frederick bp 22 Aug 1703. Sp Johannes Schwartz, blacksmith and Church elder.

2. Johann Heinrich bp 29 Nov 1705.Sp Henrich Leinbach, school sexton in Dorfelden[Oberdorfelden]

3. Johanna Elisabeth bp 18 Oct 1708, d 28 Nov 1712

4. a son[Johannes] bp 18 Feb 1712

5. a daughter b 10 Dec 1714 d 3 Aug 1716

6. Johanna Maria bp 13 Feb 1718

7. Maria Barbara bp 11 Sept 1722.

Anna Barbara Lerch was the daughter of Johannes and Anna Eva Lerch (or Lehr). For the first 15 years or so they lived in Langenselbold and then in Oberdorfelden (LG). The family name given as "Lehr" in records taken from Langenselbold marriage book; her father was a merchant and a "Gemeinsmann" (This may mean a leader of the community, or simply an official member of the community; DJL is uncertain). Johannes Lerch was born in 1620, and he died in 1693 in Langenselbold; buried at the Lutheran church in Langenselbold. Anna Eva Lerch was born in 1629 and died in 1710 and was buried at the Lutheran church in Langenselbold (EB). Information that Barbara Lerch Leimbach was buried in Oberdorfelden comes from Laurel Miller.

EB:Genealogy compiled by Ellie Burch. Her work is entitled, The Descendants of John Linebaugh: Westward Movement.

DJL:Donald J. Lineback (1-1-4 11-1-5 5-2-8 2)

Children of Johannes Leinbach and Anna Lerch are:

1 ***Johnannes Leinbach. b 09 Mar 1673/74 in Langenselbold,Gemany; d 02 Feb 1747 in Berks,Pa at the age of 73 years, 7 months and 11 days.; m on 2 Oct 1700, Elizabeth (Anna) Kliess, b 02 Feb 1679/80 in Altenhasslau Near Hochstadt, Ger.; d 1765.( some say Elizabeth at Eidengesasz, Wetterau,Ger; d 25 Ap 1765 in Nazareth, Pa or Wachovia(Bethania),NC. and she could have went ot NC to live with Johannes or John Jr) Elizabeth's parents were Adam Kleiss(s/o Hans bernhardt Kleiss and Anna May) and Elizabeth Schilling(dau/o Heinrich Schilling). ***Johannes was school sexton; came on ship"BROTHERS" from Rotterdam to America 1723,last stop Cowles. Moravian. Settled in Oley Valley, then Phiuladelphia county,Pa. Farmed outside Reading, Pa. Joined church 1742.

American Records


JOHANNES LEINBACH SENIOR, b 9 Mar 1674 was born in Langenselbold, in the Wetterau region near Hanau (east of Frankfurt), Germany. He was baptized on Apr 15, 1674; godfather was Johannes Lerch (RS). at Langenselbold on March 9, 1674, and was baptized there immediately after his birth by the pastor of that place in the Reformed religion, in which he was raised by his parents, Henrich LEINBACH, and Barbara nee LERCH. In Germany he was an organist. He married Anna Elisabeth KLIESS on October 2, 1700. Johannes Sr. and Elizabeth were married at the Reformed Church in Altenhasslau, across the river Kinzig from Gelnhausen, about four kilometers from Eidengesäss. By 1703 for the birth of their first child, they were living in Hochstadt; all their children were born there (LG). They had both grown up in the Reformed Church. He emigrated with his wife and family September 11, 1723. In 1742 he was received into the congregation. He died November 20, 1747, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 11 days.

RS: Ream-Stuckey Genealogy, Elmer Leonidas Denniston, 1939

There was a “near-miss” in Europe between the Leinbach family and the Unitas Fratrum. For more this go to bottom of this page.

ANNA ELISABETH LEINBACH, nee KLIESS, was born in Langenselbold, Germany at Eidengesess in the Wetterau on February 2, 1680, and baptized there right after her birth by the pastor of that place in the Lutheran religion, in which she was raised by her parents, Adam KLIESS, and Elisabeth nee SCHILLINGER. d 25 Apr 1765, She had five children: 1) Freidrich; 2) Johann Henrich; 3) Johannes; 4) Johanna Maria; 5) Maria Barbara

Adam and Anna Elisabetha Schilling (Schillinger) Kleiss (Gleiss/Kleis), who had been married in Eidengesäss, where she was born. Adam Kleiss's parents were Anna Mey (born in Eidengesäss) and Hans Bernhardt Kleiss (EB). Anna Elisabetha's father was Heinrich Schilling (EB).

2 Johannes Christopher(Christoffel) Leinbach, born Bet.1680 in Langenselbold, Germany ; died 29 Feb 1679/80. Baptized Feb 29, 1680, godfather was Johann Christoffel Rast, Langenselbold (RS). Remained in Germany (LDL).

3 Anna Elizabeth Leinbach, born Bet. 1681 in Langenselbold; died 25 Oct 1681. She married Michael Linebaugh/Leimbach b 1 Mar 1707/08. She was baptized on Dec 25, 1681 in Langenselbold. Married in Oberdorfelden. Remained in Germany (LDL).

4. Eva Leinbach, born 2 May 1684 in Langenselbold, Germany.Baptized May 2, 1684, godmother was maternal grandmother, Langenselbold (RS). Remained in Germany (LDL).

5 Anna Margreth Leinbach, born 30 Jun 1685 in Langenselbold, Germany.m'd Johann Adam Hedderich.Baptized Jun 30, 1685, godmother was Margaretha, wife of Hans Schad, Langenselbold (RS). Remained in Germany (LDL). This was widower Johann Adam Hedderich’s second marriage; his former wife had been Anna Catharina Ernold, daughter of Ernst Ernold; she died in childbirth Apr 20, 1727. Hedderich was the son of Michael Hedderich (there are many variants of this family name). Marriage information from Burget, Annette Kunselman, Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America (Myerstown PA, AKB Publications, 1997).

6 Andreas Leinbach, born 20 Feb 1688/89 in Hochstadt,Germany called "Herr" Lembach is called a SCHULDIENER. Baptized Feb 24, 1689 in Hochstadt, godfather was Andreas Mehrbott, Langenselbold (RS). Remained in Germany (LDL).

LDL:Genealogy compiled by Lynn David Lineback (1-1-4 5-7-5 1-7-2 1) 310 King George Loop, Cary NC 27511. Especially valuable for historical background; follows mostly male lineage in North Carolina.

The following sketch of Johann Heinrich Leimbach’s itinerary was gathered by LG:

1700 in Altenhasslau,Germany was Called Schulmeister in records of son Johannes (Sr.)’s marriage.; 1703 in Hochstadt, Germany was Called Schuldiener on occasion of birth of Johann Friedrich. ; 1705 in Oberdorfelden, Germany was Called Schuldiener (but LG is uncertain this is our JHL.); 1708 in Oberdorfelden, Germany was Called Schulmeister in records of daughter Anna Elisabeth’s marriage.; 1716 in Oberdorfelden, Germany was Called Herr Schulmeister at his death; buried in Oberdorfelden.

The Johannes Leinbach Sr. family settled in PA on a 250-acre farm (which grew to 400+ acres) about 2 miles south of the settlement of Oley, also known as Friedensburg, for which land Johannes Sr. paid quitrent (= a small payment toward purchase of land) before 1734 (IWV). The property, with a log farmhouse, was bought from the Stovers/Staubers. They were a Swiss couple who, historian Phillip Pendleton believes, may have built the house around 1713. Mrs. Stover was the aunt of Daniel Boone, who was born in 1734 a few miles away. (See Philip E. Pendleton’s Oley Valley Heritage, The Colonial Years: 1700-1775, which is a highly informative book on the Oley Valley houses and history.) The log house, on a stone foundation, survived into the 20th century, but has now been lost. There is a photo of the house on page 114 of Pendleton’s Oley Valley Heritage -- The Colonial Years: 1700-1775 (Kutztown, PA, 1994

The stone house built about 1735 (according to Pendleton) on the Leinbach (now called the Leinbach-Knabb) farmstead, owned in the 1990s by Don Aloan. The stone house stands behind a newer house (dated 1841 on a marker in the front wall, but it was possibly an expansion or renovation of an earlier-built house, according to Pendleton) on Wiest School Road just off Moravian School Road. The original section (the kitchen and central section) was likely built by Johannes Jr., who sold the house to the Knabb family and moved with his wife and 7 children to North Carolina. As of June 1988 the house is still standing.

Johannes Sr. and Elizabeth arrived in America with family on Sept 11, 1723; son Friedrich was 20 years old, Heinrich 17, Johannes Jr. 11, Johanna Maria 8, and Maria Barbara 1.

I found this on

the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s

Name: Johannes Leinbach Year: 1723 Place: America

Family Members: Wife Anna Elizabeth Kleiss; Son Johannes; Child Maria Barbara; Child Johanna Maria; Child Johann Frederick; Child Johann Heinrich

Source Publication Code: 1031.9.50

Primary Immigrant: Leinbach, Johannes

Annotation: Date and port of arrival. Name of ship, place of origin, and citation to original record may also be provided. Spouse and children, mentioned prior to emigration, were assumed by indexers to have accompanied emigrant. Extensive genealogical and historical information is also provided.

Source Bibliography: BURGERT, ANNETTE K. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America. Myerstown, PA: AKB Publications, 1997. 192p. Page: 93

Name: Anna Elizabeth Kleiss Leinbach Year: 1723 Place: America

Family Members: Wife Anna Elizabeth Kleiss; Son Johannes; Child Maria Barbara; Child Johanna Maria; Child Johann Frederick; Child Johann Heinrich Source Publication Code: 1031.9.50

Primary Immigrant: Leinbach, Johannes

Annotation: Date and port of arrival. Name of ship, place of origin, and citation to original record may also be provided. Spouse and children, mentioned prior to emigration, were assumed by indexers to have accompanied emigrant. Extensive genealogical and historical information is also provided.

Source Bibliography: BURGERT, ANNETTE K. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America. Myerstown, PA: AKB Publications, 1997. 192p. Page: 93

Name: Johann Frederick Leinbach Year: 1723 Place: America

Source Publication Code: 1031.9.50

Primary Immigrant: Leinbach, Johann Frederick

Annotation: Date and port of arrival. Name of ship, place of origin, and citation to original record may also be provided. Spouse and children, mentioned prior to emigration, were assumed by indexers to have accompanied emigrant. Extensive genealogical and historical information is also provided.

Source Bibliography: BURGERT, ANNETTE K. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America. Myerstown, PA: AKB Publications, 1997. 192p. Page: 93

In 1742 Count Zinzendorf visited in the home of Johannes Sr. (BA), as did Moravian Bishop David Nitschmann, who married their daughter Maria Barbara. Count Zinzendorf inducted Johannes Leinbach Sr. as "Vorsteher" (deacon) of the Moravian congregation in Oley on Apr 9, 1742, when Leinbach was 68. Elizabeth was received into the Moravian Church on Dec 11, 1742 along with several children. He was called "Father Leinbach" in Bethlehem; she, "Mother Leinbach." This association with the Moravians led son Friedrich to move to the English-speaking Moravian settlement of Graceham MD, son Johannes Jr. to purchase and move to Moravian land near the church settlement of Bethania NC, and daughter Maria Barbara to become a missionary

I have meet the Ancestor of Count Zinzendorf and he sent me the following on Count Zinzendorf

History of Nikolaus' family:

The Zinzendorf family is a ancient Austrian aristocratic family from Lower Austria to be precise. Their estates were all near St. Poelten which is roughly between Vienna and Salzburg. They were very rich and influencial. The direct (paternal) line of Nikolaus can be traced back without a gap until c. 1150 AD. Among the various maternal lines we have ancestors from the Royal houses of Poland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Germany which can be traced back a further few hundred years and most present monarchs these days are descendants of the Zinzendorfs to some point, yes a lot of them married rather well.

During the reformation, a lot of the Zinzendorfs became Lutherans and because of their religious belief they were forced to leave Austria .... thats how they ended up in Saxony, Germany. Nevertheless they made sure that at least one member stayed catholic - to look after their vast estates back in Austria. Eventually the family died out in 1813 and the last Count von Zinzendorf u. Pottendorf adopted his great nephew, grandson of his sister who was married to a Count von Baudissin, an ancient saxon family from Bautzen near Dresden. With Royal approval, this branch of the Baudissins have now the trible-barreled name of Baudissin-Zinzendorf und Pottendorf.

Count Nikolaus-Ludwig von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf is the only child of Count Georg Ludwig v.Z.u.P. (1662-1700) and his 2nd wife Baroness Charlotte Justine von GERSDORFF (1675-1763) >< 19 Jul 1699 in Dresden, Saxony. Nikolaus was born in Dresden, Saxony 26 May 1700 and died in Herrnhut, in the Oberlausitz, Saxony 09 May 1760 and buried there 16 May 1760. He has had 9 older half brothers and sisters from his father's 1st marriage to Baroness Maria Elisabeth TEUFEL zu GUNTERSDORF (1661-1698)

His father died shortly after his birth and while the mother re-married and moved to Berlin, young Nikolaus grew up with his grandmother (mother's mother) Mrs Henrietta Katharina von GERSDORFF, nee Baroness von FRIESEN on the estate of Gross-Hennersdorf, in the Oberlausitz, Saxony. She was a highly intelligent lady and made sure Nikolaus got a good education. As a young man he served the Polish King who also was the Elector of Saxony as a Privy Court & Legal Councillor. In 1721 he bought the estate of Berthelsdorf, in the Oberlausitz, Saxony from the inheritance his father left him and he immediately provided refuge to the Moravian emigrants from Bohemia and Czecheslovacia. He very quickly realized that their believes and traditions were great and he quit his profession and became a priest, setting up the Moravian Church (Herrnhuter Bruedergemeinde) on his estate. He had many followers, even from his own ranks and background which caused him huge trouble with his King & Elector. In 1722 he married 1st Countess Erdmuth Dorothea REUSS zu EBERSDORF (1700-1756) with whom he had 12 children. Most of these children died young and only 4 left descendants, some are still around, living mainly in Germany or the USA. After the death of his wife, he married a 2nd time in 1757 a member of his church, Anna Caritas NITSCHMANN (1716-1760), daughter of a senior clergy man of the Moravians. She was a very close friend of his 1st wife and a very good friend of the family. They had no children and she died only a few days after him and they were buried together.

Count Nikolaus worked tiredless for his church and spent huge amounts of his private money to build it up and expanding it in Germany as well as abroad. He travelled a lot, visited most countries in Europe and lived in England for a few years. He also travelled to the USA and other places overseas. He sent out his missionaries to odd places to introduce the locals to the bible and christianity. His mission is still carried out today around the Globe by the Moravian Church - its quite amazing. After his death, he did not leave much wealth to his children, his entire estate with all the land and all the houses and castles was passed into the hands of his beloved church.

DJL took Johannes Sr.'s death-date from photocopy of the Oley Churchbook (BA); other sources give date as Feb 10, 1747 and Oct 2, 1747. His estate was settled in 1752 (IWV). His name was spelled Leinbach in the Oley Churchbook. After his death (in Nazareth?) and burial at Oley, his widow Elisabeth moved to Bethlehem, then to Nazareth. Her memoir is preserved in BA (MEM, Box 2, MS; it was transcribed by LAM, translated by Paul Sukop von Marko, and published in the Leinbach Family Researcher. The following is excerpted from the translation of her memoir:

"In the year 1700, 2nd December, she entered into marriage with John Leinbach, with whom the following year she moved to Hochstadt, where for 23 years he served in the school and as organist, and where they were often inspired and visited by other pious people. In the year 1723 they moved with their 9 [this is incorrect; there were actually 5 living children at the time] Pennsylvania and settled down in Oley. The first brother who came to visit their house in Oley was Brother Spangenberg... In the year 1747 she became a widow and stayed with her children in Oley until 1755. Then she visited Bethlehem, where, upon her pleading, she was granted permission to stay, whereafter she moved to the widows’ home in Nazareth and until her ripe old age faithfully and ambitiously served His house. There she was, for her age, amazingly happy, joyful, and lively. When on occasions, especially in her latter years, she became dizzy and fainted, she always stood up quickly and went again about her work. In the previous winter [before her death] she was forced again to stay in bed. However, she was able to participate in the last Chorfest [choir-festival] and could enjoy the festival with her sisters. She was the Hannah of her choir and she was often given the honor of being called an apostle. During all this agony she asked her Creator, at the same time as the Chorfeste, that she wished to be released and to be ever with the Lord. The last day before her homegoing she was granted a sweet fellowship with her Friend, and begged Him with tears to come soon and give her the last kiss of His blessed lips. He granted her these pleas and took her on the 25th of April, early, at 5:30 a.m., under His blessed care and in the community of her choir took her home in the 87th year of her age."

BA: Bethlehem (PA) Archives of the Moravian Church and IWV:Isabel Wenhold Veazie (1-1-4 5-1-1 6-1-1), who lived in Summit NJ.

* Children of Johannes Leinbach and Elizabeth Kleiss are

1 Johan Heinrich Leinbach, born 25 Nov 1704 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Ger.; died in Pa.. He married Joanna Salome Herman5 2 Nov 1738 (JOHAN HENRICH LEINBACH was born at Hochstadt, in Germany, November 26, 1705, and baptized there right after his birth by Pastor Bender of that place, in the Reformed religion. His parents were Johannes LEINBACH and Elisabeth nee KLIESS, with whom he emigrated with in 1723, becoming a farmer and remaining with them until November 2, 1739, when he married Salome, later renamed Johanna, nee HERRMANN. In 1748 he was received into the congregation.)(JOHANNA LEINBACH, nee HERRMANN, was born in Conestoga, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, March 16, 1718. She was of the Reformed religion, but remained unbaptized until May 6, 1742, when she was baptized by Brother Ludwig with the name of Johanna and lost her original name of Salome. Her parents were Daniel HERRMANN, and Maria Catharine Elisabeth nee OBERMULLER. She was received into the congregation in 1743. Children were: (A) Anna, born in Bethlehem September 25, 1740, baptized in Bethlehem at the Synod in 1748 by Johannes; moved to Bethlehem in 1752)

JOHAN HENRICH LEINBACH and JOHANNA LEINBACH, nee HERRMANN Children below at the bottom of this page

2 ****Frederick Linebaugh, b 15 July 1703 in Hochstadt,Wetterau, Germany;baptized Aug 22, 1703 in Reformed Church, Hochstadt by Pastor Bender ; came to America with his parents at age 20 in 1723, settling in Oley PA. He was a tailor (BA). Joined Moravian Congregation in Oley Dec 11, 1742 (IWV). [See Historical Review of Berks County PA, Vol. III, #3, April 1938, pp. 87-90 for an article on his family. BA 974.816, pamp.] d 06 July 1784 in Graceham, Frederick; m *****Elizabeth Amelia Frey 19 Nov 1737 in Berks, Pa. Elizabeth's parents were Heinrich Frey, b 17 June 1663 in Ahtheim, Alsace; d 1734 in Germantown, Philadelphia. m Anna Catherine Levering, b March 1675/76 in Mulheim-on-Ruhr. d 1754 on their farm in Towamencin Township, Philadelphia County(now Montgomery County).It is near Skippack which is in Skippack Township.**** Frederick a tailor and farmer. Came on the ship"BROTHER" 1723.*****Amelia Eliz. Frey baptizrd in Zinzendorf Moravian Church in Bethlehem., Pa. joined 1742. (Amelia could have been born 1 Jul 1719 or 2 Jun 1717. Skippack,Montgomery Co. Pa. and d 5 Jun 1783 or 6 Jun 1784, Graceham, Frederick.MD. In April 1767 the family moved from Oley PA a little more than 100 miles southwest to Graceham MD. Friedrich and Elizabeth joined Graceham Moravian Church. After celebrating her 66th birthday she complained of chest pains and died suddenly.

ELISABETH LEINBACH, nee FREY, was born in Skippack July 1, 1719. She was left unbaptized in her youth and was baptized by Brother Ludwig May 6, 1742. Her parents were Henrich FREY, a turner, and Maria Catharine nee LEVERING. She was received by the Moravians with her husband


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3 Henry Leinbach, born 26 Nov 1705 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany m'd on Nov 2, 1738 Joanna Salome Hermann b Mar 16, 1718 d 1777.

Heinrich/Henry was born in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany; baptized Nov 26, 1705 [or 1715 or 1717?] (DWG); grandfather Johann Heinrich Leimbach was his godfather. He came to America with his parents in 1723 at age 18; settled in Oley PA. Was a farmer. In August 1742 Heinrich accompanied Zinzendorf to the Wyoming Valley on the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg PA. He joined the Moravian Congregation in 1753. He is the patriarch of the “Pennsylvania Branch” of the family. Salome was born in Conestoga [Lancaster or Berks County?] PA; parents were Daniel and Maria Catharina Elisabeth Obermueller Hermann (DWG); she was baptized by Count Zinzendorf May 6, 1742 and joined congregation at Oley; she took the name "Johanna" in place of her name Salome. (Salome's maiden name is given as "Hermann" in the Oley Churchbook 1758 (BA), as "Hamann" by LM.) Zinzendorf was a frequent visitor in their home. At his death he owned 218 acres of land. [DWG gives alternate death year of 1772; marriage year as 1739.] His and his children's names are confirmed in Deed Book 3, p. 84, May 8, 1777 in Reading PA (IWV). Salome seems to have married a second time, in 1782, to a Catholic named George Lechler (IWV).

4 Johanna Elizabeth Leinbach, born 18 Oct 1708 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany; died 28 Nov 1712 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany. Born in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany. Baptized Oct 18, 1708 (DWG).

5 Johannes Leinbach, born 13 Feb 1711/12 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Ger.; died 14 Mar 1766 in Bethania, Forsyth Co., N. C..

JOHANNES LEINBACH, born in Hochstadt in the Wetterau in Germany February 18, 1712, d Mar 14, 1766 and at once baptized in the Reformed religion in which he was also raised by his parents.near Frankfurt; was baptized in the Reformed (Lutheran) religion. Arrived in America at age 11 with parents Sept 11, 1723; settled in Oley PA. Was a farmer. His father was Johannes Leinbach, organist, his mother was Elisabeth nee KLEISS. He emigrated with them in 1723. Here he devoted himself to the soil as a farmer. On August 12, 1735, he married Catharina nee RIEM b Feb 15, 1716 in Leimen, near Heidelberg, in the Upper Palatinate, Germany, the daughter of Johann Eberhard Riehm and Elizabeth Schwab Riehm (RS) (RWG)was baptized in the Reformed religion eight days after her birth;d Nov 5, 1803 br Wolff Cemetery near Bethania NC. Her family left Germany in 1717, were in Philadelphia PA 2 years, then moved to Conestoga PA in 1720, according to her memoir (See Appendix, Footnote 6); Riemstown PA is named for her father (IWV). According to CL, they were married while her family lived at Muddy Creek, Lancaster PA.

6 Dau. Leinbach, born 10 Dec 1714 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Ger.; died 3 Aug 1716 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Germany.

7 John Leinbach, born 16 Jan 1713/14 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa..

8 Johanna Maria Leinbach, born 13 Feb 1717/18 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Ger.. m Dec 25, 1735 to Abraham Riehm b Aug 1718.

9 Maria Barbara Leinbach, born 11 Sep 1722 in Hochstadt, Wetterau, Ger.; died 22 Jan 1810 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pa..1m Dec 13, 1742 to Friedrich Martin b? d Feb 1, 1750 br St. Croix, Virgin Islands, 2m Sep 7, 1754 to David Nitschmann b 1695 d Oct 8, 1772 br Bethlehem PA

Friedrich Leinbach signed his will, written Jun 10, 1783, probated Jul 24, 1784 (GOL), as "Froinherif Lienbouf," but his name and his children's names are spelled "Linebough" in the text of the transcription of the will, probably written by a clerk. This may indicate a trend toward the English language and spelling of names in the 1780s in Graceham. His male descendants generally spelled their name “Linebaugh”.

Here is Frederick Last Will and Testament.

Frederick Leinbach/Linebaugh Last Will and Testament

In the Name of God Amen the Tenth day of June in the year our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty three. I Frederick Linebough of Frederick County and State of Maryland. Yeomen being in good health of Body and of perfect mind and memary thanks be given into God. Therefore calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is apponted for all men onece to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for any body. I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decents manner at the discretion of my executors. Nothing doubting but at general resurrection I shall receive the same by the Mighty powerof God and as touching such worldly estate.Wherewith it hath Please God to blefs(belief) me in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form ---- Imprimis it is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Linebough the plantation whereas I now live together with. All buildings and improvements to him and his heirs and ( alsigns or alpsigns or afsigns) forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Christian Linebough the sum of five pounds (blank not legible) gold or silver money to be paid twelve months after my decease. Item my will eind desire is that the remainder of my Estate both real and personal shall be sold and the money ariving there from after paying debts and Legacies. Shall be equally divided between all my children namely Christian, Jacob, Benjamin, John, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Elizabeth Linebough, Hana Proatzman, Ann Fry, Mary Mover, Magdalena Willer, Rosanna Weller, Cathaine Linebough.

Item I conistatute and appont my son Jacob Linebough my wholde and sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and so hereby utility disallow revoke and disannul all and every other former of Testaments, wills, Segacies and excecutors by me in any ways before this time named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament

Where of I have here unto set my hand and seal the say and year first with in written.

Signed Sealed Published and Declared

by the said Frederick Linebough.

in the last will and testament

in the presence of us the subscribes

Benjamin Ogle

George Devilbifs

David Prostzman

AT the foot of the aforegoing will was thus written. Viz ?

Fredwick County July 24th 1704 There came Benjamin Ogle and David Protzman two of the subscribing witnefses to the foregoing Last will and testament of Frederick Linebaugh late of Frederick county Deceased and made oath on the holy Evangalists of Almightly God that they did see the testator therein named sign and seal this will and that they heard him publish pronoune and declare the same to be his last will and testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their approhendions of sound and desposing lubseriberd their names as witnesfsis to this will in the presence and at the request of the testator and that they sid?. Also see George Devilbifs the other subscribing witnefs subscribe his name as an witnefs thereto in the presence and at the request of the testator and in the presence of each other

Geo Murdock Reg.

Frederick County July 24 1704

Then came Jacob Linebough and made oath that the aforegoing instrument of writing is the true and whole will and testament of Frederick Linebaugh late of Frederick County deceased that hath come to his hands and pofsofision and that he doth not know of any other

Geo Murdock Reg.

The final settlement date was March 31,1791

Notice the way Linebaugh was spelled and look at the person who sign the documents for for the court. Wasn't there a Murdock that married a Susan Linebaugh some where????

Frederick and Elizabeth Frey Linebaugh children


1 Johannes "John"4 Linebaugh, born Bet. 1737 - 1738 in Shippock, Berks Co., Pa.; died 10 Jan 1745/46 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa.. He married Anna Rosina Paus10 30 Apr 1782 (Johannes, born 1738 in Skippack, unbaptized, died January 10, 1746 in Oley)

2 Henry Christian b 2 or 13 Feb 1739; m Anna Rosina Paus 30 Apr 1782 Gracham, Md d 13 Jul 1792 Graceham. MD. Anna was the daughter of his mother's niece, Magdalena m'd Johannes Weller.(Henrich, born in Skippack, Worcester Township, February 2, 1739, unbaptized; moved to Bethlehem March 21, 1758)

3 Christian Linebaugh, born 3 Feb 1738/39 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died 13 Jul 1792.

4 *Jacob(Frederick) Linebaugh, b 02 Apr 1740 in Skippack Township,Berks County, Pa., on farm near the down of Oley. ; d 1816( before 25 Jul 1826) Greene County, Tn. move to Green Co.Tn in 1791; m Susanna Margaretha Neun/Nein; b 1745(ca 1766 or 1765) < Oley Twp, Berks, Pa.d before 1826 in Green Co. Tn. married 1765 in Berks, Pa. Susanna Neun parents were Johann Casper NEUN Born: ABT. 1709 at: Schonsee, Germany; Died: 1788 at: Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania Married: ABT. 1741 at: Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Barbara NEUN Born: ABT. 1710 at: Schonsee, Germany;Died: 19 NOV 1800 at: Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Jacob, born in Skippack April 2, 1740, unbaptized)

"GREENE COUNTY TENNESSEE WILLS 1783-1790" by Goldene Fillers Burgner

Jacob Linebaugh----- 25 July 1826----$5,000

To son, Danial, all loose property at my death, children John, Jacob,Catharine Coffman, Elizabeth (Healfly?), Mary Keller, Rosana Keller. I have given them all I inted to give them. To grandson, Jacob KEller, son of my daughter Mary Keller, I give an allowance for his own use. Executors: Son, Jacob Linebaugh, grandson, Jacob Linebaugh, son of Jacob. Written: 15 April 1826. Witnessess; Daniel Olinger Barbara Linebaugh. sign Jacob Linebaugh. This will was contested by Ben Keller and wife, David Keller and Issue, Suit was made up(compromised)

As for the real will. I have copy of orginal will.

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5 Benjamin b 20 Sep 1741 Worcester T., Berks, Pa. m Anna Margaretha Nuss 312 Mar 1766, Berks Co. Pa. d 21 Jan 1823.(Benjamin, born in Worcester Township September 20, 1741, unbaptized)

6 Elizabeth b 7 Ap 1743 or 2 Exeter, Berks,Pa;m Jeremiah Dencke 23 may 1790 Nazareth, Pa. d 1820. (Elisabeth, born in Exeter April 7, 1743, baptized at ten days by Eschenbach. Sponsors, the parents. Moved to Bethlehem September 5, 1760)

7 Anna b 11 Jan 1745, Exeter,Pa.m Enoch Try;d ca 1792.m'd Enoch Fry, not Try, a son of her mother's brother, John.(Anna, born in Exeter Township January 11, 1745, baptized at eight days by Brother Peter Bohler)

8 Johanna b 9 Feb 1746, Exeter,Pa. m Jacob Protzman 10 May 1768 Frederick Co.Md; Buried Graceham,MD (Johanna, born in Exeter February 9, 1746, baptized soon thereafter by Brother Christian Rauch. Sponsors, the parents)

9 Son Linebaugh, born 7 Jun 1747 in Berks Co., Pa.; died 7 Jun 1747 in Berks Co., Pa.. (Son, born dead and buried June 17, 1747)

10 Joseph b 25 Aur 1748 Olep T.,Pa; m Magdalen;dc1819(Joseph, born in Oley August 25, 1748, baptized December 20 by Brother Uthley. Sponsors, the parents.)

11 Maria b 3 Mar 1750 Oley t.,Pa m Stover (Maria, born in Oley March 3, 1750, baptized December 20 by Brother Uthley)

12 Magdalena b 11 Aug 1751, Oley,Pa. m Johannes Weller (Magdalena, born in Oley August 11, 1751, baptized August 18 by Brother Christoph Francke)

13 Johannes "John" Linebaugh, born 21 Jun 1753 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died 19 Aug 1818. ( Johannes, born in Oley June 21, 1753, baptized July 8 by Brother Brandmuller)

14 Rosina b 8 Mar 1755 Oley,Pa. m Philp Weller (Rosina, born in Oley March 9, 1755, baptized March 11 by Brother Soelle. Sponsors, Catharina and Johanna Leinbach, Gertraud Neukirch, and Rosina Muller.)

15 Catharina b 8 Jan 1757 Oley,Pa; m Peter Kreiter 17 Oct 1788 nazareth,Pa (Catharina, born in Oley January 8, 1757, baptized January 16 by Brother Brandmuller)

16 Daniel b 23 Mar 1760 Oley,Pa; m Margaretha Weller d Sep 1826

Twin (Friedrich and Daniel, both born in Oley at 10am March 23, 1760, baptized on the same day by Brother G. Neisser. Sponsors, Heinrich and Johanna Leinbach and Johannes and Catharina Leinbach)

17 Frederick 23 Mar 1760 Oley,Pa; m 22 May 1810 Greene Co., Tn to Jenny Templeton

18 Samuel b 25 Jul 1762 Oley,Pa; m Nancy McCollum in 5 Dec 1819( Samuel, born in Oley at 10am July 25, 1762, baptized August 8 by Brother C. Gottfried Rundt. Sponsors, Johan Wolfgang and Maria Barbara Michler and Johannes and Catharina Leinbach)

Other children died young; Friedrich son b 1747; Johannesb 1738 Oley,Pa. adn 10 Jan 1746 and buried Oley t. Pa.

Jacob Linebaugh was a member of the Moravian Church in Graceham, Frederick Co., Md. where he evidently moved with his father in 1767. He was one of the original settlers in Greene Co., Tenn. His will was probated in 1826. It was written 15 Apr. 1826 and proven in July 1826.

Children of Jacob Linebaugh and Susanna Nein are:

1 Elizabeth Linebaugh, born 18 Dec 1771 in Frederick Co., Md.. She married Mr. Hoosley or Mr Healfy.

2 Jacob Linebaugh, born ca. 20 Apr 1774 in Frederick Co., Md.; died 1851 in Greene Co., Tenn.. m'd on 17 Nov 1798 Barbara Crook b before 1819; Christina Crook 22 Dec 1819. Jacob and his family moved to Blount Co., TN

1 Samuel b abt 1800 in Green Co,TN m'd a Nancy. ( there is unknown daughter for them)1A: Joshua; 2 Jacob 1841 before 1841 wife unknown 2nd Nancy Manony; 4 Samuel Patton b 1844 in TN m'd Eliza Jeffers, Sarah j Hogan and 5 Charles b 182 m'd Sarah. 2 Daniel; 3 Jacob; 4 Chatherine b 1848 m'd Samuel S Hawkins 27 Jan 1827; 5 Elizabeth m'd Humphry 5 march 1829; 6 Susana m'd Enoch Morlack 17 Feb 1829; 7 Sally m'd David Morlack(Morlock) 23 Nov 1833; 8 Barbara m'd Stephen Rhea; Malinda m'd Samuel McNeese and David Everhart; 2nd marriage 1 Henry b 1 July 1817 or 13 Sept 1887 in Greene Co m'd Nancy Carter 29 Nov 1835; 2 Polly before 1848 m'd Samuel Mc Neese; 3 Rachel m'd Ladon Holden ; 4 Christiana 1824 m'd after 1850 and Elihew.

3 John Linebaugh, born 1774 in Frederick Co., Md.; died Bef. 14 Nov 1834 in Fountain Co., Ind.. m'd Elizabeth Reson in 1800. Johannes and his family moved from Frederick Co, MD in 1795. John was living in Hawkins co. TN In 1831 he moved to Fountain co. In. A land grant was recorded April 18,1834. John died Nov 14, 1834 in Fountain Co. In. Children: John Jr; Magdalene; Jacob; Elizabeth; Mary; Christley; Robert and Katharine

4 Daniel Linebaugh; b 13 Feb 1767 in Oley Twp., Berks, Pa. d spring of 1842 in Platte County, Mo. m Rebecca Bowman; b 1770 in Va. d Oct 1842 in Platte Co.MO. married on 24 Nov 1790 in Shannadoah, Va. Rebecca Bowman father was Jacob Bowman, b 1740 or 1750 in Pa; d 1831 in Greene County, Tn; m on 25 Nov 1767 in Shannadoah, Va to Elizabeth Keller, b 1748 in Pa; d aft 1797 in Greene County, Tn. I have the 15 page will of Daniel Linebaugh written in 29 June 1841 and a copy of receipt for Rebecca Bowman Linebaugh coffin.

5 Christian Leinbach, born 1778 in Frederick Co., Md..Christened Frederick co. MD May 21, 1778

6 Catherine Linebaugh, born 1780 in Graceham, Frederick Co., Md.. She married Mr. Coffman (Kaufman)

7 Mary Linebaugh, born ca. 1785 in Graceham, MD married David Keller 17 Oct 1804 in Greene Co. Tn. a son Jacob Keller.

8 Rosanna/h Linebaugh, born ca. 1785; died 8 May 1842. She married Benjamin Keller 17 Jun 1805 in Greene Co., Tenn. born ca. 1764.

9 Frederick Linebaugh m'd Jenny Templeton

10 Jane Linebaugh m'd Isaac McAmis


In the name of God Amen. I, Daniel Linebaugh, of the county of Platte and state of Missouri, being of infim health, and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, but being sound of mind and menory do make this my last will and testament towit.

First I will and bequeath unto my much beloved wife, Rebecca, for and during her lifetime, my entire estate consisting of one negro man named Alex and one negro girl named Lucy and one negro girl named Rady and all my horses, all my hogs, all my cattle, my wagon, all my farming utensials, and house hold and kitchen furniture, and all money on hand.

Second, it is my will and wish that, at or immediately after the death of my beloved wife Rebecca, (when ever that event takes place) all my estate above mentioned, to wit, my negroes, horses, cattle, hogs, wagon, farming utensials, household and kitchen furniture, etc shall be equally divided amongst my children towit: Polley Linebaugh, Elizabeth Bowman, Rebecca Linebaugh Jr., Susannah Green, Katharine Shanks, Bassha Carter, Rachel Linebaugh, Lydia Linebaugh, that if the division cannot be made otherwise that the said estate shall be sold and its value or amount of such sale equally divided as aforesaid amongst my heirs above mentioned.

Third it is my will and wish that at such time as the lands of this country shall become subject to sale that so much of my estate above mentioned, as is necessary (and such as can be best spared by my wife Rebecca) shall be sold for the purpose of purchasing the Southeast fractional quarter of Section thirty three township fifty two range thirty five, provided the same can be purchased at such price as my executor may think reasonable and advantageous to my children aforesaid, which tract of land at or after the death of my wife Rebecca aforesaid I desire shall also be equally divided amongst my children above mentioned.

Third (sic) it is my will and wish that during the life time of my wife Rebecca that she shall have the unlimited control of my estate above mentioned.

fourth it is my will and wish that after her death, Abraham Zabriskey shall act as my executor in carrying into effect the foregoing provisions of this my last will and testament.

fifth, it is my will and wish that the said Abraham Zabriskey shall after my death and previous to the death of my wife Rebecca aid my said wife Rebecca in carrying into effect the provisions of this my last will and testament as joint executor with her.

Given under my hand and seal on this 29th day of June AD 1841


Daniel x Linebaugh


In one the documents of Daniel's will there is a list of the children of Daniels' and Rebecca with spouse. AS FOLLOWS:

I, Thomas Bowman for myself, for John Green and Anna his wife, for Joseph Bowman and Lydia his wife and for Caswell Carter and Basha his wife and for John Shank and Katharine his wife, all legatees to the estate of Daniel Linebaugh, Dec’d and whose legacies by purchase is now due and coming to me. And I, Mary Linebaugh, for myself and on account of my legacy to said estate. And I, Rebecca Linebaugh for myself and on account of my legacy to said estate. And I, Rachel Linebaugh for myself and on account of my legacy to said estate, do agree as follows towit:

We each mutually, severally and firmly agree to accept the following division of the slaves belonging to said estate. I, Thomas Bowman on account of my own and the above named legacies owned by me do agree to receive as my said full share of said slaves, the black boy called Alexander. I, Mary Linebaugh agree to receive in discharge of my said legacy and a debt of one hundred Dollars due me from said estate, the black girl called Riddy. And I, Rebecca Linebaugh and Rachel Linebaugh, both agree to receive as our joint share of the slaves of said estate on account of our several and respective legacies, the black girl Lucy. We further agree each mutually, that the black boy Jack shall belong jointly to Thomas Bowman, Rebecca Linebaugh and Rachel Linebaugh to be owned by them mutually until they by their own act, dispose of him.

We, each and every one of us, further agree that we will pay one to the other such sum or sums of mony as shall seem to be justly due from one to the other upon the basis that the several slaves are taken at their respective valuations as heretofore made according to law and under the direction of Abraham Zebriskey Executor of said Estate. Then having due regard to the amount due on each of the above named legacies after deducting from each the indebtednes of the persons to whom, they are coming to the estate.

In Testimny Whereof we have hereunto set out hands and seals on this 4th day of December AD 1844

Thomas Bowman (Seal) for myself and for

John Green and Anna his wife

Joseph Bowman & Lydia his wife

Caswell Carter & Basha his wife

And for John Shanks & Katherine his wife

Mary (her x mark) Linebaugh (Seal)

Rebecca (her x mark) Linebaugh (Seal)

Rachel (her x mark) Linebaugh (Seal

Signed and Sealed in the presence of

Lewis Burnes

L.P. Stiles


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The book called "VIRGINIA MARRIAGES early to 1800 by Jordon Dodd

Bowman,Rebecca m'd Loimbough,Daniel on 7 Nov 1790 in Shenandoah Co., Va.

My lineage line is Daniel Linebaugh and Rebecca Bowman's daughter Barsheba and her husband Caswell Carter. For more on them read on.

Daniel and Rebecca Bowman Linebaugh children were;

1 son Linebaugh b 1791/1797 in Greene Co.,Tn

2 Elizabeth b 1798/1799 in Greene Co, Tn; m 9 Mar 1820 to Thomas Bowman in Green Co., Tn

* 3 Susanna b abt 1810/14 in Green Co., Tn d unknown in Kansas with 2nd husband Isaac Pearson. Look under Green page for more information

Susanna married John Green in Greene Co, Tn in 1822, Susanna DID NOT MARRY JOHN GREEN IN GREEN CO. TN BUT DID MARRY HIM IN PLATTE CO, MO in 1841. I think John Green a lady with the maiden Tipton, she could have had the first name Susanna. John Green and Susanna were married but in Platte Co., Mo in 1841. That I know for sure. I now have their marriage record

*Suanna was my step-gggreatgrandmother

The Susanna Linebaugh Green will states that the children of Barsheba Linebaugh can live here as long as they want too and Barsheba may live here as long as she never marrys again. The land that Susanna give them was the land she got from Daniel Linebaugh, her father. Barseheba Carter was living on this land with her daughter Mahalah "Hily" Carter Green Stokes in the 1880 Census as will as the 1850,1860.

After the 1860 Census I can not find Daniel or Martin Carter in Platte Co., Mo. I wonder what happen to them. I have know idea what happen to Rebecca, Barsheba Linebaugh Carter daughter too.

The Census of 1850;1860;1870;1880 had Mahalah "Hily" living on this land. The only reason that I can find is Daniel land was both Barsheba and Susanna.

4 Catherine b 1802 in Greene Co. Tn., d ? Greene Co., Tn m on 18 Jul 1822 to John Shanks b 1801 in Tn., d ? Parke, In.

5 Rebecca Jane b 1805 in Green Co. Tn

** 6 Barsheba b abt 1808 in Greene Co., Tn d aft 1880. m'd 1st Caswell Carter b abt 1804 in Greene Co., Tn. They were married in Green Co., TN on 4 Feb 1838. and (2nd William Sparks m 28 Feb 1851 b ? d? married in Platte Co., Tn aft. 1850 and before 1853.)(I am not sure about this marriage.) I have the marriage records for Caswell Carter and Barsheba Linebaugh on 4 Feb 1838 in Greene Co. TN. The 1840 Census had their oldest child a boy this is wrong because it was girl.

** Barsheba and Caswell Carter were my gggreatgrandparents.

(If Barsheba married William Sparks why in the 1880 Census has her last name still CARTER.I don't think she ever remarried.) The 1880 Census of Platte Co. Mo has Barsheba Carter living with her daugther "Hily" Stokes. "Hily" Stokes name was Mahalah Carter who married Isaac Green in 1850. After Isaac was killed in 1863 she remarried Collins Stokes in 1865. I know have Hily Green marriage record to Collin Stokes.

For information the Green family go Click here

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Carter family page

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7 Jacob b 1800/1810 in Greene Co., Tn. d 1839 in Greene Co., Tn; m Lucinda Maglimmery b 1810/1820 in Green co., Tn.

8 Rachel b 1814 in Greene co., Tn d ? Where?; m on 18 Dec 1845 in Platte Co., Mo to George W Staggs b abt 1821/1822 in Greene Co., TN; d ?

9 Lydia b 1816 Greene Co., Tn; d?; m 30 Sep 1841 to Joseph Bowman b 5 Mar 1812 in Greene Co., Tn. d 1860 in MO.

10 Mary "Polly" b abt 1818 in Greene Co., Tn d in MO. never married.

Elizabeth Linebaugh (Daniel Linebaugh's daughter) was born 1798 in Greene Co., Tenn.. She married Thomas Bowman,189 9 Mar 1820 in Greene Co., Tenn., son of Jacob Bowman and Catherine Starnes. He was born ca. 1806 in Greene Co., Tenn., and died 13 Jan 1863 in Fountain Co., Ind.189.

Children of Elizabeth Linebaugh and Thomas Bowman are:

1 Jacob "Jakey" Bowman, born 1823 in Tenn..

2 Child Bowman.

3 Daniel Bowman, born ca. 1826 in Ind..

4 Richard Bowman, born 5 Nov 1827 in Jacksonville, Fountain Co., Ind.; died 13 Jan 1900 in Quitman, Nodaway Co., Mo..

5 Joseph Bowman, born ca. 1832 in Ind.. He married Elizabeth ?191

Catherine Linebaugh (Daniel Linebaugh's daughter) was born 1802 in Greene Co., Tenn.. She married John Shanks 18 Jul 1822 in Greene Co., Tenn.. He was born ca. 1801 in Tenn..

Children of Catherine Linebaugh and John Shanks are:

1 Frederick Shanks, born ca. 1828 in Tenn..

2 Andrew Shanks, born ca. 1830 in Ind..

3 Lydia Shanks, born ca. 1832.

4 Polly Shanks, born ca. 1834.

5 Elisha Shanks, born ca. 1836.

6 William Shanks, born ca. 1840.

7 Moses Shanks, born ca. 1842 in Parke Co., Ind.; died 24 Nov 1913 in Fountain Co., Ind..

8 Elizabeth Shanks, born ca. 1845.

9 John Shanks, born ca. 1846

Barsheba Linebaugh (Daniel Linebaugh's daughter) was born abt 1808 in Greene Co., Tenn.. She married (1) Caswell Carter1 on 5 Feb 1838 in Green Co. TN.. She married (2) William Sparks 28 Feb 1851 in Platte Co., Mo..

Children of Barsheba Linebaugh and Caswell Carter are:

1 Martin Carter, born ca. 1836 in Mo.TN. This child could not have been born in 1836 because his parents did marry until 1838.

2 Daniel Carter, born ca. 1838 in Mo or TN

3 Rebecca Carter, born ca. 1848 in Mo..

4 Mahalah Carter b ca 1838 in TN.

Casell Carter and Barsheba were in Green Co. TN in 1840. At this time they had a son, under 5. By 1848, Barsheba and Caswell had four children and then last one born 1848. For Caswell Carter was no mention in the 1850 Census of Platte Co. he must have died after the last child was born in 1848.

My question is Was the child in the 1840 male or female. Could someone else give the Census and the person but child as male and should have been Female. The age for Mahalah to marry would be right. Because I don't think she was 10 years old and married.

Caswell and his family move to Platte Co, Mo by 1842.

1. They could have had three children in TN. Mahalah was married in 1850. Then 1850 Census has her age 22, the 1860 Census has her age 25, the 1870 Census has her age 30. There is no tell how old she is.

Their son John told his granddaugther the about his family " My mother Hilie was a Carter and her mother was Linebaugh and her mother sister was Bowman." Hilie was nickname for Mahalah. The 1860 and 1870 call her Hili and Isaac's will state Hili was his wife. After Isaac was killed she remarried Collin Stokes.

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Rachel Linebaugh (Daniel Linbaugh's daughter) was born ca. 1814 in Greene Co., Tenn., and died in Platte Co., Mo.. She married George W. Staggs 18 Dec 1845 in Platte Co., Mo..

Child of Rachel Linebaugh and George Staggs is:

1 Darcus [Dorcas] Staggs, born Bet. 1848 - 1850.

Lydia Linebaugh (Daniel Linebaugh's daughter) was born ca. 1816 in Greene Co., Tenn.. She married Joseph Bowman 30 Sep 1841 in Platte Co., Mo., son of Jacob Bowman and Catherine Starnes. He was born ca. 1812 in Greene Co., Tenn..

Children of Lydia Linebaugh and Joseph Bowman are:

1 Jonathan Jackson Bowman, born ca. 1848; died 1931.

2 Elizabeth J. Bowman, born 11 Feb 1849 in Mo.; died 25 Jul 1880 in Nodaway Co., Mo..

3 Abraham Bowman, born 7 Oct 1852 in Nodaway Co., Mo.; died 27 Jul 1942 in Neb..

The 1840 Census for Green Co., TN. has the following Linebaugh there.

Samuel age 40-50; Jac age 60-70; Henry age 20-30; Daniel age 70-80 just above him is Caswell Carter age 20-30 wife 20-30; 1 male child under 5; Lucinda age 1 m 5-10; 1 m10-15 1 f under 5 1 f 20-30

Mary Linebaugh,(Jacob and Susan Neun Linebaugh's daughter) born ca. 1785 in Graceham, MD married David Keller 17 Oct 1804 in Greene Co. Tn. a son Jacob Keller. Children:

1. Joseph Keller, born 1801 in Greene Co., TN; died November 20, 1836.

2. Mary Keller, born 1805 in Greene Co., TN; died 1835.

3. Mary Jane Keller, born December 16, 1808 in Greene Co., TN; died August 08, 1869 in Shelby Co., IL Spain Cemetary; married Isiah McNeese March 13, 1826.

4. Susanna Keller, born August 31, 1798 in Greene Co., TN; died September 10, 1872; age 74; married Levi Bales February 22, 1827. Levi Bales 1810-1866

5. Roda Keller, born 1814 in TN or KY; died 1860 (46Y) in IL; married John Bales January 07, 1836 in Montgomery Co., IN. More About Roda Keller: Fact 1: 1836, David Keller wrote a consent so that Rhoda could marry John Bayles

6. David Keller, Jr., born 1815; died 1870.

7. Jacob Keller, born March 10, 1819 in Greene Co., TN; died June 19, 1871 in Shelby Co., IL Spain Cemetary; married Hannah Bales.

8. Barbara Keller, born 1820; died 1880; married Lee H. Carter September 26, 1844.

9. Lucinda Keller, born February 06, 1824 in Greene Co., TN; married Charles Davis September 11, 1853.

10. George Keller, born 1825; died 1878, 53y. Source: Heidi Goodsite


(A) Elisabeth, born in Oley June 7, 1736, baptized November 19, 1737 by Pastor Goetschy; moved to Bethlehem in 1755.

(B) Friedrich, born in Oley in 1737, baptized November 19 by Pastor Goetschy; moved away in 1749

(C) Maria Barbara, born in Oley June 14, 1739, baptized July 15, 1739 by Pastor Goetschy. Sponsors, Stephen Schlaunecker, Maria Martin. Moved to Bethlehem April 30, 1759

(D) Johannes, born in Oley December 5, 1740, unbaptized

(E) Ludwig, born in Oley January 2, 1743, baptized January 10 by Brother Pyrlaeus. Sponsors, the parents

(F) Abraham, born in Oley October 26, 1744, baptized by Brother Kohn, November 4 in the church, Sponsor, the father

(G) Joseph, born September 12, 1746, died at once

(H) Benjamin, born September 12, 1746, baptized in the middle of September by Brother Christian Rauch. Sponsors, Michler, Johannes Leinbach Sr.

(I) Johanna, born in Gnadenthal June 9, 1748, baptized June 11 by Leonhard Schnell, died in Germantown April 27, 1749

(J) Johanna, born in Bethlehem April 7, 1750, baptized April 7 by Johann Nitschmann

(K) Joseph, born in Oley April 3, 1752, baptized April 4 by Brother Uthley. Sponsor, the father

(L) Catharina, born in Oley November 27, 1755, baptized December 5 by Brother Krogstrup. Sponsors, Rosina Muller, Johanna Leinbach, Gertraud Neukirch, Catharina Borstler


(A) Anna, born in Bethlehem September 25, 1740, baptized in Bethlehem at the Synod in 1748 by Johannes; moved to Bethlehem in 1752

(B) Elisabeth, born in Oley February 17, 1742, baptized in Bethlehem in 1748 by Brother Cammerhoff. Sponsor, Mrs. Cammerhoff. Moved to Bethlehem in 1752

(C) Anna Catharine, born in Oley February 8, 1744 and baptized right away by Brother Kohn. Died January 1748 in the institute in Oley, buried by Michler

(D) Daniel, born in Oley January 8, 1746, baptized not long thereafter by Leonhard Schnell. Sponsors, Johannes Leinbach Sr., Daniel Herrmann

(E) Maria, born in Oley January 14, 1748, baptized not long thereafter by Philipp Meurer

(F) Christina, born in Oley February 13, 1750, baptized not long thereafter by Brother Cammerhoff

(G) Henrich, born in Oley March 11, 1752, baptized right thereafter by Brother Uthley, Sponsor, the father

(H) Salome, born in Oley February 10, 1755, baptized February 16 in the Gemeinhaus by Brother Soelle. Sponsors, Mrs. Johannes Leinbach, Catharina Borstler, Mrs. Neukirch, Rosina Muller. Salome Died......18, 1757, buried by Johannes Muller

(I) Christian, born in Oley March 16, 1757, baptized the 23rd by Brother Soelle in the Gemeinhaus. Sponsors, Johannes and Freiderich Leinbach, Henrich Neikirch, Johannes Muller

(J) Johannes, born in Oley May 25, 1759, baptized May 27 by Johan Heinrich Moeller. Sponsors, the father, Johann Leinbach, Freidrich Leinbach, and Heinrich Neukirch

Look at this web site: "HARRY ALONZO LONGABAUGH, a.k.a. the Sundance Kid" and also descended of The first of the name in America was Johannes Leinbach, son of Johannes and Anna Elizabeth (Pleiss or Place) Leinbach, born 13 February 1712 in Hochstadt, Germany. Johannes married, on 12 August 1735, at Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Catherine Riehm (Ream).16 She was born February 1714 at Lame, Alsace, daughter of Johann Eberhard Riehm and Elizabeth Schwab, the founders of Reamstown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.17 The wife of Thomas Alva Edison, famous inventor, was a member of this family.

The Family Origins of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and Etta Place

"PENNSYLVANIA BIRTHS, BERKS COUNTY 1710-1780" by John T Humphrey

Page 209


Abraham b 26 Oct 1744 to Johannes and Catharina(Rheim)

Anna b 25 Sep 1740 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Anna b 11 Jan 1745 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Anna Catharina b 8 Feb 1744 to Johan Henrich and Johanna Herrmann

Benjamin b 20 Sep 1741 to Fredrich and Elizabeth Frey

Benjamin b 12 Sep 1746 to Johannes and Catharina(Rheim)

Catharina b 27 Nov 1755 to Johannes and Catharina(Rheim)

Catharina b 8 Jan 1757 to Fredrich and Elizabeth( Frey)

Catharina Margaretha b 11 Jan 1779 to Heinrich and ?

Christain b 11 Jan 1779 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Christina b 13 Feb 1750 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Daniel b 8 Jan 1746 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Daniel b 23 Mar 1760 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Daniel b 13 Feb 1767 to Jacob and Susanna

Elizabeth b 7 Jul 1736 to Johannes and Catherina( Rheim)

Elizabeth b 7 Feb 1742 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Elizabeth b 7 Apr 1743 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Fredrich b 15 Jul 1703 to Johannes and Elizabeth(Kliess)

Fredrich b 1737 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Fredrich b 23 Mar 1760 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Henrich b 2 Feb 1739 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Henrich b 11 Mar 1752 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Jacob b 2 Apr 1740 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(frey)

Johan Henrich b 26 Nov 1705 Johannes and Elizabeth(Kleiss)

Johanna b 9 Feb 1746 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Johanna b 9 Jun 1748 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Johanna b 7 Apr 1750 to Johannes and Catherina( Rheim)

Johannes b 9 Mar 1674 Henrich and Barbara (Lerch)

Johannes b 18 Feb 1712 to Johannes and Elizabeth(Kleiss)

Johannes b 1738 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Johannes 5 Dec 1740 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Johannes b 21 Jun 1753 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Johannes b 25 may 1759 to Johann Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Joseph b 12 sep 1746 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Joseph b 25 Aug 1748 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Joseph b 3 apr 1752 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Ludwig b 2 jan 1743 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Magdalena b 11 Aug 1751 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Maria b 14 Jan 1748 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrmann)

Maria b 3 Mar 1750 to Fredrich and Eliizabeth(Frey)

Maria Barbara b 14 Jun 1739 to Johannes and Catherina(Rheim)

Maria Catharine b 16 Jul 1779 to Heinrich and ?

Rosina b 9 Mar 1755 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

Salome b 10 Feb 1755 to Johan Henrich and Johanna(Herrman)

Samuel b 25 Jul 1762 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

a son b 6 May 1776 to Henry and ?

child b Sep 1769 to Daniel and ?

child b 9 Febn 1700 to Daniel and ?

stillborn son 17 Jun 1747 to Fredrich and Elizabeth(Frey)

There was a “near-miss” in Europe between the Leinbach family and the Unitas Fratrum. Also known as the Moravian Church, this was a Protestant group that pre-dated Luther and after 1722 lived in structured communal societies organized around the church. Johannes Sr. and his family had left Germany in 1723, before the Moravians came to the Langenselbold/Hochstadt area in the 1730’s. One wonders whether Count Zinzendorf, patron of the Moravian Church, knew Leinbach had come from this area before he visited Leinbach’s home in America in 1741. Langenselbold is about 15 miles east of Frankfurt am Main, and Herrnhaag, a Moravian settlement, is about 8 miles north of Langenselbold. LM states:

"The Marienborn and Ronneburg castles, to which Zinzendorf fled in 1736 when he was exiled from Saxony, are near Langenselbold. [Because Zinzendorf had worked actively in the church -- something unseemly for a nobleman to do -- and since the vassals of other noblemen had been leaving their estates to join the Moravians on Zinzendorf's estate, the count was considered an outcast by his peers.] He leased them from Count Ysenburg. This little town [Langenselbold?] is beautiful and has the half-timbered houses like the four on South Main Street, Salem, NC. Hamilton, History of the Moravian Church, p. 64, says the Ronneburg was 'a half ruined castle dating back to the Middle Ages. It was a wild and forbidding place. Fifty-six families of Jews and gypsies camped around it or in its outbuildings. Even Christian David [A leader of the renewed Unitas Fratrum, or Moravian Church] said it was unfit to live in. Yet Zinzendorf accepted the offer (Ysenburg was deeply in debt and welcomed all manner of tenants with all manner of religious views) because of the opportunities for Christian work.' Herrnhaag, in ruins today, looks as if Salem square was patterned after it. There were 17 large buildings. This land was purchased from Count Buedingen, 2 hours' walk from Marienborn Castle where Zinzendorf lived. When Count Casimir of Buedingen died, his son told the Moravians they had to become members of the state church to renew their lease. Spangenberg said 'no' and they began closing out Herrnhaag in 1750. The majority of people that came to Wachovia (NC) had at one time lived in Herrnhaag or one of the two castles, Marienborn and Ronneburg."





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