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General Jozef Haller
and the Blue Army
   The story of General Jozef Haller and the Polish Army in France has long gone untold. The Army, also known as Haller's Army and the Blue Army, fought under French Command in World War I, as well as in the Polish-Soviet War of 1918 -1921. Many of the members of Haller's Army were Polish Americans who answered the call of prestigious recruiters, such as Igancy Paderewski, Polish Statesman and renowned musician.
    The heroic exploits of General Haller and his army were repressed by the Soviets and much of the written history of the Blue Army is all but gone. These pages are an attempt to memorialize the deeds of these patriots and provide a source of reference for those who wish to know more about their Polish roots, or are students of military history.

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