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The Young All-Stars

Team Roster: Sandy, Dyna-Mite, Arn "Iron" Munro, Flying Fox, Fury, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Tigress (associate member)
Base of Operations: The Perisphere, New York, NY
Current Status: asorbed into the All-Star Squadron
First Appearance: Young All-Stars# 1, 1987.


On a mission for the All-Star Squadron in late April, 1942. The duo known as TNT and Dyna-Mite encounter Axis America, a group of Axis metahuman agents sent to America to destroy the US infrastructre and cause damage and confusion to the Allies. During the course of this battle, TNT was killed. Dyna-Mite was saved and aided by a local, Arn "Iron" Munro, who possesed superhuman abilities. Returning with Dyna-Mite to the Squadron's Headquarters, as the team was also being attacked by Axis America, Iron Munro aided the heroes, along with Helena Kosamtos, a ward of Johnny Quick, who became the magically enhansed heroine known as Fury. Saving the day was another youthful hero arriving from Canada, Flying Fox. The four young heroes headed out to the West Coast to track down Axis America, only to meet up with two more young heroes, Neptune Perkins and Tsunami, a young nissei who had just recently left the Japanese Navy, hoping to aid her American friends.

After routing the forces of Axis America, the five young heroes were invited to join the All-Star Squadron on a probationary basis, as a sort of Public Relations arm to the group, appeariing at bond rallys and such. They took the name of The Young All-Stars.

For several months, the group had several adventures, such as stopping the Nazi group called The Black Circle in gaining control of alien technology of Neptune Perkins' grandfather. They also aided another group of young metahumans collected by the Allied countries, known as The Young Allies, in keeping safe America's Atomic Weapons program.

After putting a stop to the overthrow of Rioguay by Arn's biological father and his army, the group was asorbed into the All-Star Squadron and disbanded.

Listing of Comic Book Appearances

Young All-Stars# 1-15 late April thru May '42
Young All-Stars Annual #1May 25, 1942
Young All-Stars #16-31 late May thru mid-June, 1942.

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