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(SCN notes that although this compilation is quite valuable, however the list below remains incomplete.
We shall endeavour to add more historical sites and monuments to the list.
We ask our members and supporters to point out any sites in their knowledge that we might have overlooked.
You are requested to send an
e-mail to SCN with the name, location and a brief description of the site being recommended by you.
We believe, together, our efforts would one day bear the desired fruits. SCN would like to thank you very much for your contribution and continued support) ~ AJ
List of some Historical Monuments of Peshawar

By Prof Mohd Said
Following is a list of some monuments that also need   
protection and conservation:

1. Edward's School Peshawar City- The   
residence of Yar Mohammad Khan, the last  Durrani Governor of Peshawar.
2. Aviator's Station- The site where freedom fighters of 1857 independence movement were blown from guns.
3. Gor Khuttree- Headquarter of Syed Ahmad Shaheed during his rule of Peshawar.
4. Mohabat Khan Mosque.
5. Mausoleum of Nawab Syed Khan, inside Afghan Mission Hospital.
6. Pushtu  Academy- the site of an ancient Buddhist University
7. Sheikh Imamuddin tomb (d.1650) at Palosi Piran.
8. Tomb of Rahman Baba (d.1706).
9. Panch Tirath.
10. Tomb of Akhund Darweza (d.1638).
11. Kotla Mohsin Khan, residence of Mazullah Khan, Seventeenth century Pashtu poet.
12. Shah JI KI Dheri- the site of Kanishka's famous Buddhist monastery.
13. Durrani Graveyard, near Wazir Bagh.
14. Wazir Bagh, laid in 1802, by Fatteh Khan, Prime Minister of Shah Mahmud  Khan.
15. Burj Hari Singh- Sikh fort founded by Sikh General Sardar Hari Singh
16. Tomb of Shaikh Sultan Baba-
17. Ziarat of Ashab Baba.
18. Ali Mardan Khan Gardens- now Khalid bin Waleed Park.
19. Bala Hisar Fort.
20. Old Gates in the city wall.
21. Bara bridge built by Mughal rulers in 1629.
22. Avitabile's Pavillion
23. Ganj Ali Khan Mosque
24. Qasim Ali Khan Mosque.
25. Palatial residences of Sethis
26. Peshawar Pottery
27. Cunningham Clock-tower built in 1900.
28. Continued....

Compiled by
Prof (Dr) Mohammad Said
Former Chairperson of Geology Department. University of Peshawar, PAKISTAN
Just Added!
Shahi Bagh Mughal Gardens - Wazir Bagh - Dilazak Tomb -
Masjid Mahabat Khan -  Gor Khatri -
Gornknath Temple - Shah Jee Ki Dheri (site of Kanishka's
Stupa) - Serai Jehan Ara Begum - Punj Tirath - Masjid Qasim
Ali Khan - Sethi House - Gurdwara Bhai Jagan (Jogan) Shah -
Mission Hospital and Tomb of Nawab Said Khan - Mackeson
garden Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid (R.A) Park) - Grave of Pari
Chera , The beloved wife of Nadir Shah Afshar - Peepal Mandi
(Babur Fame) - Pukhtoon Kot (Afghan Consulate Building in
Qissa Khwani) - Gorakh Springs - Kotla Mohsin Khan - Hazar
Khani Graveyard, with graves of Hazrat Abdur Rehman Baba
(R.A) and Hazrat Akhund Darweza Baba (R.A) - Chowk
Yadgar (Hasting, Memorial) - Clock Tower - Victoria Hall or Peshawar Museum
- Shahi Mehman Khana - Archives - Edwardes College - Islamia
College - Khyber House - Governor House - Sir Sahibzada
Abdul Qayyum Museum - Martyrs Memorials in Qissa Khwani
and Bazar-e-Kalan - Bahadur Kali of Hazrat Abdur Rehman
Baba (R.A) - - Masjid Turaqul-Be
- Houses of Dilip Kumar (Yousaf Khan) and Raj Kapoor -
House of General Zia-ul-Haq - House of General Agha
Muhammad Yahya Khan - Houses of Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
Family - The house where Quaid-e-Azam stayed in Nishterabad and islamic
College students acted as guards - Parsi Graveyard - The Hotel
where Nita Ji Subhash Chandar Bos stayed, now converted into
a plaza - Bacha Khan Markaz - The Hakeem's Matab in Dhaki
Naalbandi - The graves of Jalat Khan and
Mahbooba - Burj Hari Singh - The unique air strip through
which the Khyber Railway passes - St John's Church - Mazar
Hazrat Ashab Baba (R.A) at Chaghar Mati - Mazar of Hazrat
Syed Abdul Wahab Akhund Panju (R.A) at Akbar Pura - Mazar
of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani (R.A) - Mazar of
Hazrat Shah Qabool Aulia (R.A) - Mazar and Mughal
Monuments at Palosai near the University of Agriculture -
Mazars of many saints all over the city and cantonment - The
Palace of Ali Mardan Khan (old Residency) and of course, the
Historic Bala Hisar Fort. ~ M Nawaz Khan

Christian cemetery Wazir bagh, Christian cemetery Tehkal on Jamrud road, Christian cemetery in the aerodrome. 7th day advetist and other churches. colonial residences in cantonment (several) & famous mansions of hindu/ sikhs before partition. Sikh Gurdawars Peshawar in cantonment. ~ AJ
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