WOLF ZYLBERSZTAJN (Zylberstein / Silberstein)
Jewish Shoa Survivor born in Sczekociny
Jewish Forced Slave Worker in: Floessberg, Buchenwald, and Skarsko Kammiena. Survived by escaping transport to Mauthausen.  Hidden by a Chech farmer he returned first to Poland and then escaped into the American  Zone.  He spent his remaining life until this day in the Jewish Community in Munich, Germany.  He also spent much time in in Dalfsen (Holland) and Tel Aviv.   Of his family a total of three people survived (including him), two of whom including Wolf are still alive.  The other survirvors are Moshe Zylbersztain (d.), and Abraham Zylberztajn of Tel Aviv (sadly abraham Z. is now suffering from advanced Alzheimers) .
Wolf Zylbersztajn is the only or one of very few survivors of Szczekociny still alive in Europe. For general information about survivors from Szczekociny
contact Yossi Bornstein.

For contact questions specifically directed to Wolf Zylbersztajn  please send an email to his son Daniel  Zylbersztajn
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