Ant-mimic Jumping Spiders - Myrmarachne sp.

This page contains pictures and information about Ant-mimic Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 8mm, mimics the black ant.

Jumping Spider is a very large family contains the most colourful species of spiders. The Myrmarachne genus mimic ants. They mimic in body shape, colour patterns, and behaviors as well. 

Ant-mimic Spiders I
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Myrmarachne sp., body length 8mm
Some Jumping Spiders mimic ants. They mimic in body shape and colour patterns. This Ant-mimic Spiders walk like an ant too. The spiders hide among ants without being detected. They wave their front legs just like the ant's antenna. This spider is found in a line of ants on a gum tree trunk. 
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However, when disturbed, this spider run very fast and jump as a typical Jumping Spider. 
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This Jumping Spider can be found on gum tree trunk, when many ants was walking up and down.
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This spider is common in Brisbane eucalypt forests. 
Ant-mimic Spiders II
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Myrmarachne sp., body length 5mm
This Jumping Spider just looks like an small black ant. The first picture shows its retreat. This small jumping spider has relatively strong front arms. In this small size, if its front pair of legs mimic ant's antenna, they could be too weak to attack. Instead of mimicking the ant's antenna, the spider have its second pair of legs reduced in size and pale colour, to hide its spider identity.


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Last updated: March 06, 2005.