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Hey, You There With Lots of Time On Your Hands! Wanna See My ALBUM COLLECTION? (Last Updated, February 1, 2006)

(Warning: This is a half meg .xls file. It's big, but then so is my record collection)

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Records That Changed My Life


 Americana Surfin', Twistin', and Shaggin' our Way To A Free World

White Limeys In Suits Trying To Sound Black

50's Redneck Code for 'Not White People's Music'. We see who got the last laugh...

No, I DON'T want the fucking Tote Bag and commemorative mug and Peter Paul And Mary video!!!

Trying to Contemplate The Maharishi on 5 Tabs a Day

(Blues Rock, Country Rock, and Roots Rock) Mosey Right Into the 1950s!

6/13 Time ROCKS!! Mellotron ROCKS!! Drum Solos ROCK!!

Too Concerned With Penis To Be Heavy Metal

Because Someone HAD to be played on the radio in the 70's

Too Concerned With Evil to be Hard Rock

All Glossed Up and Nowhere to Go

electronic.jpg (3406 bytes) The sweet sublime sounds of sexy sexy silicon

Garble Garble Garble! Jank Jank Jank!

PUNK The lack of graphics fits in to the aesthetic, just don't it?

How 'chainsaw buzz' turns to 'adult contemporary'

Pure Pop  And you think bubblegum is bad for your TEETH?

Because I'm a Man Who Likes To Hear Stories About Getting Shot In The Ass With Small Calibre Arms

Alternative Rock, Britpop, Modern Rock, 90's Rock, Grunge, Indie, DIY, Sesame Street, Goat Calls

Artist Purgatory: Where Bands Wait Long Years For Me To Acquire Their Entire Catalogs

CapnMarvel's: Where Revolutions Are Born!



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