Updated 10.08.09Return of the Marat Sade Journals

Thanks once again to Carl Wyckaert, Barron Storey's Marat Sade Journals will be available after being out of print for more than a decade. Here you will find infomation about the 2009 edition. This edition looks to be even better than the original and from the quality of the Life After Black journal (see below) I can't wait to getting my hands on one. Carl says these should be available for next week's Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco.

In other news, Barron will be part of a group show curated by Kent Williams. The show is being held at the Merry Karonwsky Gallery in Los Angeles and opens October 17.

For a more constant stream of Barron's work and events check out his Journal Blog which is maintanied much more regularly than this site. (Sorry Barron!)

Life After Black

Life After Black is simply one of the most amazing books I have ever seen. Of course Barron's art work is beyond compare but I don't think I have ever seen another book of such high quality. When I first looked through the book I keep checking to see if pages had stuck together since the paper is so thick. Barron was eager to show me how close the reproduction was to his original journal. It is as close as you will come to owning the real thing.

The main reason this book is so extraordinary is due to the hard work of Carl Wyckaert. I had a chance to meet him last year and besides being a great guy he is a genuine admirer and supporter of Barron's work. He told me he would like to produce more of Barron's journals depending on the sucess of Life After Black. From what I understand Life After Black is almost sold out so I hope that means we will see more journals in the fututre. If you are a fan of Barron's work please support Carl's efforts.

You can view more images from Life After Black at Carl Wyckaert's online gallery. Also, the Graphic Novel Art Blog often has Barron related updates.

Homage to Barron Storey

Barron has undoubtedly had the most influential presence in my work. He was a great teacher and one of the most giving people I have ever been lucky enough to meet. This site will help you find work by Barron Storey, who although he is a genius is very humble and keeps a low profile. To start with Barron's website ( click the yellow finger nail ) has an archive section with small thumbs of his work.

This site is by no means a complete listing of Barron's work but a starting point for anyone interested in this important artist. Barron's works are countless and it would probably take quite a sizable chunk of my life to try to track them all down. Hopefully you will be awed by what you find and begin your own search. The Storey is out there! Good luck!!!

I have made some changes in the layout of the site since my last update, which should make it a little easier to navigate. Below you will find sections to browse.
Barron Storey • 2001