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  1. matthew says:

    I would have thought survivor would have gotten more then 85,000

    fantastic show last night


  2. Craig says:

    I’m so happy CYE tanked given the reports here about how Nine butchered it, (I didn’t watch it) hopefully when they can a run on GO! it will be better.

    Maybe with a big win last night Seven can win the week?

    Good on NCIS still holding it’s own against the Rafters and LTM not doing too bad either.

  3. pi**ed off says:

    that curb episode last night was absolutely cut to bits. they removed some of the improtant and funny scenes and the result was an episode that didn’t hav the same impact. It should show on the ABC to get the full half hour in

  4. frankie lupo says:

    yes the seinfeld reunion seems to be just alot of hot air, having watched last nites show no george, no kramer and elaine just briefly, i just dont get it. it should be called the larry david show, why bulls**t us into believing it was the seinfeld reunion

  5. Marco says:

    CrAig, you say potato, I say potatoe. Some want their quick fix, over in 2 hours storyline, others want a layered one that they’re patiently happy to see evolve and conclude. I’ll go away now and play with my rocket!

  6. mak says:

    Richo TB “I’m studying Journalism at one of Australia’s top universities”. Maybe there is a link between what you are studying and intellect but I can’t think of one.
    Just because Flash Forward has lost 600K doesn’t make it a bad series. It just means that those people just don’t get it (intelect??, maybe).

    Marco, totally agree. People seem to loose interest if the storyline is “confusing/weird/doesn’t make sense” but thats not the shows fault. Each to their own.

  7. David Knox says:

    Survivor was out of the Top 100 but I believe 85,000.

  8. Jerome says:

    well done all saints.

    i hope PTTR can crack 2mil next week with it being on cup day, having a big wedding, and combining with reaper. i will be disapointed if it doesn’t.

    9 had a shocker not breaking 600k after 9:00. and moonlight 282k! i’d expect another tuesday renovation before next week. that episode of curb was quite funny though, not much of a seinfeld reunion, but a good 30mins nonetheless.

  9. CrAig says:

    @ Marco… No one is complaining that FF is ‘confusing/weird/doesn’t make sense’… they are complaining that it’s cliche/boring/poorly executed

    I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist such as yourself to sit through an hour of the show and comprehened the ‘convoluted storylines’ bahaha.
    It may be entertaining to some which is fine, but it is far from intelligent television. Sorry :(

  10. matthew says:

    Survivor finale numbers?


  11. Marco says:

    Why are people bagging FlashForward’s performance? It’s still winning its timeslot (albeit, just), isn’t it? It’s no Lost and never has been, so still can’t figure why the comparison – just because it has 2 of the actors? It’s entertaining enough TV and probably like Lost will pay off for the dedicated viewer – I’m sticking with it. If anything, the similarity with Lost is that those who do not watch every episode and/or gave up are the first to bag the show and complain that the show is confusing/weird/doesn’t make sense. Maybe these shows are for those who can hold their attention for an hour, and who are smart enough to comprehend convoluted storylines? You can always flick the channel over if you don’t like it.

  12. RichoTB says:

    Sorry to disappoint Mak, but FlashForward is a terrible series. Here its lost 600,000 viewers in the space of just one month. In the states its dropping even more. It took Lost 4 years for people to lose interest, here its already happening after four episodes.

    And as for the argument that people watching crime procedurals are less intelligent than those who watch serials, sorry, but thats absolute toss. I’m studying Journalism at one of Australia’s top universities…and the network I watch most is ABC. To be honest I found FF to be the most derivative, cliched show in years. It took a great premise and shot it to hell with bad acting and Captain Obvious writing (Joseph Fieness is terrible). If you want an intelligent series, the current season of Dexter is amazing. Even the new season of Heroes isn’t that bad.

    I know I’m being hypocritical as I’m always bagging 2.5 men and 20 to 1 watchers, but its mostly tongue in cheek.

  13. Rutzie says:

    Did anyone at Nine bother to view the so called Seinfeld Reunion Part II, because this is just a thought but to be a Seinfeld Reunion you’d think Michael Richards and Jason Alexander would have been in the episode.

  14. sameer says:

    while watching flashfoward last nite (watched previous eps) i was wondering why i watched it, (it was feeling flat) was bout to switch off but i am immature and stayed on for the lesbian scence. apart from that i dont think there is much too it and i think the story is to far fetched for a good storyline. not sure if i will keep watching.

  15. Harry says:

    TEN need to get rid of Jamie Oliver. No-one watches. Evidently. I predicted FF would drop to about 1.1 million. Ive heard its not that great. Criminal Minds went really well in its slot. Shame about Nurse Jackie, its a good little show! Watched it last night whilst distracted but it seemed great!

  16. catherine says:

    Mercy deserves a better timeslot. It should be on after All Saints or earleir. Last nights episode was brilliant and Im loving the show.

  17. Rutzie says:

    So Seven treat a quality Aussie drama in City Homicide like crap and move it for a dodgy US import that will be moved to 9.30pm next year (at the rate it’s going quite possibly 10.30pm, or even to 7TWO). Shame, Seven shame. Also I think Man Vs. Wild pulled such a big audience because the show last night was the one where Bear was stranded in the Kimberley. Can’t wait for East West 101 tonight.

  18. Lewis says:

    FlashForward is struggling. Last night’s ep was better than the previous two, but it is so cliched and badly acted that it might be beyond repair.

    If they’re trying to make a new Lost they’ve failed miserably.

  19. damo says:

    i watch question time some times. it does get a bit boring especially when christopher pyne get’s up for a point of order every question

  20. Jed says:

    I quite liked Jamies American Roadtrip last night, don’t usually watch his shows, but this one was great.

    And Mercy last night was also brilliant. It’s a quality program, prefer it to Grey’s now.

  21. koverstreet says:

    I’ve been catching bits of Nurse Jackie & it seems a rather dark comedy and not the sort of show that would have mass appeal despite being quite good. The one last night was particularly depressing revolving around a nurse dying of cancer ,luckily the woman dying had a sense of humour about her situation. It’s confronting tv so not surprising the ratings are dismal.

  22. Alty says:

    its not weird mak, there is a support group for this
    “I confess: I watch “Question Time”, and I Like it”

  23. mak says:

    Sounds like we have very different tastes. Thats what makes life interesting.
    If we all liked the same stuff, wouldn’t it be boring. BTW I also like to catch some Parliament Question Time (house of reps only). Sometimes makes great tv drama and comedy. How weird is that!

  24. Craig says:

    I wish Nurse Jackie was rating better and not stuck after that other crap, lets see how it goes a 10pm next week.

    As for The Mentalist last night was a re-run 1.15, in TV Week it’s listed as a (R) but I’m not sure if or when it aired as I watch it by other means at the time. I can tell you 1.16 aired early April this year as I recorded that one, so I would guess late March 2009.

  25. David Knox says:

    It wishes it was Lost. At this rate it will be lucky to be Heroes.

  26. ozzzie says:

    mak, i have to agree with david in regards to flashforward. i’ve seen all 5 episodes and the acting is ok at best. the story is bland and the plot twists are all quite generic and there is nothing new and special about the show which draws in the viewer.
    the show is similar to lost, but lost began over 5years ago and back then these types of shows were different and fresh.

  27. Mike says:

    Again poor ratings for Nurse Jackie when its the funniest and most touching show around. Student Nurse Zoe is just hilarious. Last nights ‘Walk with me’ made me cry with laughter. Lets hope next weeks early slot helps.

  28. mak says:

    David, you have your views on how you are affected by a program and it looks like I have a different view. I guess what I’m saying is that if you like to watch something and it always leads to a predictable outcome, well thats fine.
    If you prefer something which takes a different direction on many occations during the hour then Flash Forward does that.
    People have been very quick to dismiss it because it is similar to Lost. That may be so but I suppose those same people could not be stimulated by such programs which make you think and not just be entertained. For entertainment I watch The Office where I don’t have to think too much.

  29. Studley Dudley says:

    Media Watch pawned Nine News over their dodgy refugee story. Nine News cant be trusted to present the truth

    No wonder it rates so poorly !!

  30. MR says:

    Not a great start for the G on 7PM
    Still sinking fast and not helping Jamie with low numbers allround
    When will TEN bit the bullett on this and shatter Rove in 09 or 10

  31. David Knox says:

    Mak I don’t think we were watching the same Flash Forward then!

  32. ryan says:

    tens mondays are shocking! jamie’s new show was good but got pretty bad numbers and im sick to death of seeing gnw! ten should have 7pm project for 1hr on mondays and fridays, then repeat of simpsons and then new eps of law and order c.i or s.v.u at 8.30 and then nurse jackie at 9.30 and little britain at 10.30!

  33. mak says:

    Flashforward was again fantastic last night. Not sure why more people aren’t watching. The Mentalist is just like all the other crime shows. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
    Get your teeth into something meaty where you have to use your brain for once. Switch on Flashforward people.

  34. ozzzie says:

    wow, man vs wild is doing very well, even if the show is several years old. it did 500k+ with a relatively weak top gear leadin. imagine if sbs put eastwest 101 in that slot, it would be the talk of the town with 500k ratings.

  35. Brodie says:

    The Apprentice was building up until last night, when it was annihilated by Criminal Minds. That would imply people were only watching it because the competition (Mercy) was even worse. Doesn’t bode well for a new series, not that it ever looked like getting one.

    @ Kuttsywood. Your argument has never really made sense to me. Deal may not win very often in Brisbane, but it is usually very close to Hot Seat, and last night it had a comprehensive win. Despite often having a losing lead in, 7 News always pulls out big leads over 9 News in Brisbane. I can’t see Seven being too worried about Deal’s performance, nor do I think they’ll replace it with ACA lite – which is exactly what Extra was.

  36. koverstreet says:

    Richo- i concur The Mentalist is one of the best,it reminds me of Monk with Jane providing the same offbeat humour.

  37. Jerome says:

    CM did well. one of the first times in it’s life that it did not have a procedural competition and it rated almost what it used to Wed 8:30, but at 9:30. next week it will probably beat FF.

    mentalist did well. Apprentice back down, not firing in the demos either. for an expensive show its not looking like it will be renewed. which is a shame because it is a good show and is mainly not rating because of ch9’s scheduling.

    huge lead for deal over hotseat. over 180k. and a good lead for 7 news over 9news even in Sydney.

    Jamies should be out of schedule by the end of the day, Mon 7:30 is such a high profile slot and ten continue to put such detritus there. was anyone expecting much more than that?

  38. Edu says:

    The Apprentice dropped but the show was fantastic last night, it’s really getting very interesteing now and I heart mark Bouris.

  39. Kuttsywood says:

    Ten proves again, that local news can win the slot, giving Deal their first win at 5:30 in Brisbane since the tie on September 9. But I’d say Deal’s rating is purely storm related.

    But the lengthy run of losses for Deal in Queensland must have Seven thinking of the future, as that slot has had a critical decline since June.

    Advertisers, probably signed with 7, assuming Deal would annihilate Hot Seat, but weren’t expecting the appearence of sub-100k results on both sides.

  40. RichoTB says:

    Good to see The Mentalist gain viewers, for a repeat no less. IMO its the best procedural on TV. Good cast, solid writing. Not as clunky as NCIS and a hell of a lot more fun than the aging CSIs. FlashForward will continue to drop, or at least stabillise around the 1.1 mill mark. New season of Criminal Minds at 9.30pm has destroyed The Apprentice which was rising the last few weeks.

  41. David Knox says:

    Mentalist was from S1 but apparently not a repeat at least according to guide info and promos.

  42. koverstreet says:

    Well so much for The Mentalist rpt helping out Flash Forward. The Mentalist actually went up while Flash Forward dropped another 100k.

  43. Craig says:

    With all the reports I thought TG would do a little better. BTW why did they skip the last 2 eps of S3 or did I miss then? Last week was a special and not the usual ‘classic’ ep and now SBS has moved on to S4.

  44. David Knox says:

    The ratings archive in this site goes back to January 2007. Click on the Ratings tab to see preceding weeks or use Search. Demographic wins are logged each week in weekly ratings report (ie. Week 43)

  45. Brandex says:

    Hey David,
    I have a similar question to @Tal, Is there any way to find ratings set out like these from previous years?

  46. Tal says:

    Is the demographics info available to the public anywhere?

  47. Elizabeth says:

    @koverstreet – I agree with you Rescue last night was great! Good to see it end on a high and glad it’s returning in 2010. Supporting Oz dramas all the way :)

  48. damo says:

    idol needs to be put on the back burner or scrapped or just clean house on that show. i wouldn’t bring back x-factor either. look how well that went

  49. Harry says:

    Good to see Idol retain the million – just! – for 2 weeks in a row. It was a good show last night. Hayley Warner makes the show worth watching for me personally. 20 to 1 performed under, below a million for a new ep isnt great.

  50. koverstreet says:

    X-factor was a horrible show and will never make it back to our screens with any luck.
    Idol may need a rest but in my opinion they need to bring back Mark Holden,sacking him was the biggest mistake they made. Perhaps give it a year off and come back with the orginal judges Mark,Marcia and Dicko and pretend Kyle and Jdee never happened it was just a bad dream :)

  51. Nik C says:

    Channel 9 lies again. CSI Miami was Not a Season Final. This show has been on and off my radar for years. Off because whenever I start watching it again it finishes. Last nights episode was no 12 of Season 7. We are nearly a full Season behnd the US. Why do they treat shows so badly. Plus when will it have its own Timeslot! It is still moving after like 5 years (I first watched it on a Wednesday…) it and the whole things gets me angry!!!!

  52. Survivor_Fan says:

    The Force beat Border Security. It’s more interesting than Border. So over it.

  53. Allie says:

    @Dan R. Totally agree with you, Idol has had its day. It has been a chronic underperformer this season, and as it is such an expensive show to produce, this would be extremely disappointing for the Ten network. I think the show may well be cancelled, or at the very least “rested” for a season or two. You are right about the X Factor being a runaway success in the UK. It regularly rates between 10M-15M in a country with 60-oddM people. Ten should revive it here – much bigger talent pool to choose from, more interesting acts rather than just solo vocalists, the opportunity to put together a new judging panel (this is critical, the current three have to go), etc. The opportunity to discover a middle-aged, Aussie, Susan Boyle style vocal freak is out there!! Go on, Ten, how about it?

  54. seanie says:

    Whilst Idol was back over 1m, it would have been a complete failure in Ten’s eyes who are only interested in demos. It could not win a single demo, beaten in 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 by Border Security / The Force and Bones – which I would have thought were older skewing than Idol, but apparently not.

  55. Avid says:

    Nine wins again.. Interesting to see how its audience is being pushed up by GO! But whilst the total people numbers are good, individually its shows are struggling – the exception being Nine News last night? Maybe the massive amounts on advertising has helped..? And for all those people saying Chris Bath might be the prob in Sydney, well Ian Ross evidently isn’t holding his own anymore either.

    Meanwhile, Sixty Minutes has to do some rethinking. SN has to have them concerned. If they get a full run next yr (are they even confirmed?) then 60’s going to be in trouble – every week they’re losing.

  56. Xav says:

    Bones is the highest non-factual and non-news show… i don’t know why people are insisting that Seven should’ve aired it at a later date, considering that Bones struggled in ratings before. GO! has a very high share and 7TWO (I don’t care if the ads are cringeworthy, I love them lol) will have some tough competition on the digital stage since GO! has established a moderately large fanbase.

  57. ryan says:

    i thought rove was good last night, he might have cut corners with the amount of guests but who cares! just some fun, don’t take it so seriously. the comedy bit was great and the news segment plus it was good to see more than 1 or 2 guests. Idol was also good last night, they are still getting pretty good, the teacher is the only boring one left, next week should be good with awesome guests

  58. Allie says:

    @Boogie Howser. It is normal procedure in the print media to prepare obituaries well in advance of a prominent persons death. Tribute TV shows such as the Don Lane one that aired last week are also usually prepared in advance as well, with Don Lane’s one being completed last year, so it was waiting round for almost 12 months before it aired. I’d say there is probably a tribute program already in the bag for, say, Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke, two of our former PM’s. Can’t think of any prominent TV personalities that are terminally ill or very elderly that they would currently be preparing tribute programs for. From memory a few weeks back, one of the TV stations put a tribute show to air on Patrick Swayze very soon after his death. His illness was known to be terminal, so there was ample time to put a clips show together before his death.

  59. Andrew B says:

    Mentalist tonight is a repeat due to not being on in the US last week – so expect to fall in ratings while Flashforward rises.

  60. Jed says:

    @Andrew. I wasn’t suggesting they make the change now. It’s too late for that. But City Homicide should have been put on Sunday, Criminal Minds Wednesday and left Bones for next year. It might do better without Rescue Crap Name on now, i dunno.

    Is that figure for Seven News Adelaide right?? That is a big difference with Nine and Seven, especially since Seven news is the dominate news. And both V8s and Postcards had same numbers. Odd.

  61. Boogie Howser says:

    A few days late, but talk of Nine having the Don Lane tribute ready to go in advance has me wondering… who else have our networks made such advance preparation for? I heard the Queen Mother’s was around so long they had to keep transferring it to new technologies every time they updated.

  62. Andrew says:

    no way…id hate for bones to be taken off so that criminal minds or city hoicide could take its timeslot…
    i hate both of them shows.

  63. DanR says:

    I think Idol is done and dusted after this season and can’t be revamped any further – too many changes has stolen its momentum. It could be replaced with a re-engineered, Daniel McPhersonless X-Factor … wider talent pool, groups not just soloists and new judges could broaden its appeal beyond Idol – still doing very big numbers in the UK. It didn’t work first time around because Idol was still going so strongly but without it, stands a much better chance

  64. Craig says:

    Why did Nine lie last night calling the CSI Miami the ’season final’ when S7 has 6 more eps to run? Why not just say 2009 final!

  65. Camo says:

    Wow Andrew how long you been doing PR for Rescue…LOL nah its all good to see someone so over the top enthusiatic over a TV show

  66. koverstreet says:

    @ andrew – i know i was very happy to hear last night that Rescue Special Ops would be returning in 2010! It’s a fantastic series with a great mix of drama,romance and action. The finale was brilliant and I can’t wait for series 2!

  67. Todd says:

    Allie, Idol’s days of getting 2M per episode have been gone since season 2, what’s your point? DanR, when you put it that way, Idol isn’t doing that badly I guess. I’d like to see it back next yearly, only if major changes are made. Firstly – complete judging panel refresh. This is absolutely necessary, and if they (Ten) aren’t willing to do this, then I don’t want the show to come back!

  68. Johnson says:

    I notice that last night’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? did very well for SBS. 447,000 viewers for Maggie Beer’s episode is a series high and a big jump from last week’s episode featuring Christine Anu (290,000). Looks like a lot of people (who may be fans of The Cook and The Chef which had just finished on ABC) want to find out more about Maggie.

  69. andrew says:

    So, so pleased to hear Rescue Special Ops is returning. Last night was gripping – some of the best Oz drama we’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for its return…what are we gonna do Sunday nites at 8.30pm. Really got to know the characters now – its such a shame there were two really downers episodes – no.3 and no.4 which must have turned people off…all the rest were absolutely brilliant. Go Lara, Go Dean…oooooh, their chemistry is sizzling! And whose baby is it? Love Heidi’s fall-back boy too. Great script, great acting, great show.

  70. Stevo says:

    David, what is the biggest audience a show on GO! has had? Surely Wipeout’s 310,000 last night must be it, that is a quite impressive audience?

  71. DanR says:

    When the top rating show on Sunday night only pulls an audience of 1.4million (with a big swag of over 55s watching), Oz Idol’s 1million is fine, particularly in its seventh season. The days of huge ratings for individual shows seems to be over, with the odd exception like Masterchef finales and Hey Hey reunions …

  72. Mitch says:

    Haha, I looked at the top shows and went “Seven won the night then.” Scrolled down to the percentages and went “What?! That’s a mistake, surely.” Then it hit me and I remembered about GO. Oh sickness, how you affect my mind.

    Also, this is not a post complaining about GO’s percentage being added to Nine’s. I would imagine though that Seven absolutely cannot wait for their second channel to be up and running so they can reap the same “benefits”, so to speak.

  73. Allie says:

    Idol has stalled, I can’t see it improving its numbers now. It is down to the final five next Sunday and it should be getting way more ratings than just on 1.003M. Third in its timeslot is dreadful. Ten must be extremely disappointed with this, Idol is one of its flagship shows. Figures will improve closer to the grand final, but its days of regularly rating close to 2M have gone.

    Still enjoying Sunday night. The report on the endangered Congo gorillas last night was gripping, very good indeed and a well-produced segment.

  74. Ryaneco says:

    GO is the only channel with a decent lineup on Sunday nights I love it. I’m just not a big fan of south park it’s the only let down for me personally. I hated the big bang theory before go launched now i love it. I think it can be attributed to its rise on nine as well. I know I’m not the only person in the same boat.

  75. Jed says:

    Those numbers aren’t good enough to justify putting Bones on now. Should have had City Homicide Sunday night, and Criminal Minds on Wednesday night. Leave Bones til next year. I watch Bones, but i’m not a big fan so could have waited.

    Seen those ads for 7TWO. My god that is terrible. How cringeworthy having them all sing that cheesy song. I know they’re meant to be taking pi** of political campaign, but it’s pathetic. I’m interested in the Channel and a lot of the shows they have on offer, but that ad is actually turning me off it.

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