Communist Workers' Group of
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Member of the Leninist/Trotskyist Fraction
Class Struggle  # 85
August-September 2009
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Bennett Bashes Beneficiaries
Kiwi Banksters Rule OK
Aotearoa: make the bosses pay for their crisis
Afghanistan: Defeat the Invaders
South Africa: Forward to the General Strike!
Argentina:  Zanon occupation sold out
Debate on China as Imperialist
FLTI delegate at Antiwar Assembly
Founding Congress of FLTI July 2009
What we Fight For!

Special Issue on NZ Terror raids pdf
Who are We?
Leninist Trotskyist Fraction
What we Fight For?
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CWG Archive
LCMRCI  Interbull   2   3
Is Iran Next?
Bolivia: October 2003
Iraq: February 2003
Trotskyists in China
Bolivia 1952 document
International Workers Organiser
English Edition Sept 2008
Towards a  Socialist  Polynesia
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Bulletin 1 July 09  World Situation
Bulletin 2 July 09  Palestine
Bulletin 3 July 09  Greece, Madagascar, Guadeloupe
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Bulletin 4 July 09 Bolivia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Bulletin 5 July 09  United States
Bulletin 6 July 09 Hunduras,  Peru