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Black Belt Jones.

What is the significance of this name to the way our cultural melting pot has evolved over time? Well, simply put, loads of significance, buddy (or Lady if you will)! The first time that I ever watched Black Belt Jones, the impact of this golden piece of celluloid hit me like a well placed death blow from BBJís mighty fists! It made me view life in a whole new way. The air smelled different, somewhat fresher. The birds sang differently, almost emulating the first few notes of Beltís kickass theme. Toothpaste tasted differently, with a hint of that special something that might make you feel differently about knocking out all of Your teeth as to prevent cavities via the advice of Pinky. Wine started tasting more distinctive, with a hint of fresh-picked grapes direct from Don Steffanoís Del Orso orchard. And most of all, it makes You feel stronger. Not just physically, but mentally. You can feel Yourself channeling Beltís presence through deep meditation on Beltís rooftop patio.
       If You can watch this movie and somehow not feel differently about the way You are carrying on in Your life, then shame on You. Shame You to hell! You should be lucky enough to have a burly Bogard wailing on your insignificant little pipe cleaner-esque body. If You are lucky enough however to realize the importance of BBJís message, then You shall be enriched with a higher plane of kung-fu knowledge and blessed with dependable allies such as, say, a Toppy or a Quincy.
      Please be sure to visit this site often. I think that You will believe Yourself a better person for it. And please remember, You can always címon back if You want símo, so if you want símo, címon back.
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This limited edition re-issue vinyl (LP) includes full-size movie poster and thick vintage-style cardboard cover. Stills from the film on back.  You gotta know I already ordered mine!
It appears that the LP is no longer available.