Lattice Heart

Birgit Phelps 2001

Rings are R1=6-6 or R2=6j6

j=regular join s=shuttle join

R1, ch5-5, R2, ch6, , R1, ch 5-5-5-5, R2

ch 5-5-5-5, R2, ch 5-5-5-5, R2, ch 6

*R2, ch6, R1, chain 5j5-5-5, R2,ch 5-5-5-5

R2, ch 5-5-5-5, R2, ch 6, repeat from *

join to base of first ring (inner motif completed, don't cut thread)

Outer Row:

Ch5-5,s, ch4-4, s, ch4-4, s, ch4, s,ch4-4, s, ch4-4, s

ch4, ch4-4, ch 4, ch4-4, s, ch4, s, ch4-4

Switch shuttle or SLT, bottom clover:

R5j2-2-2-2-5, R5j2-2-2-2-5, R5j2-2-2-2-5

Switch Shuttle or SLT

ch 4j4, s, ch4, s, ch4-4, s, ch4, s, ch 4-4, s, ch 4, s

ch 4-4, s, ch 4-4, s, ch4, s, ch4-4, s, ch4-4, s, ch5-5,

tie into base of second ring.

Mine is done in Manuela size 20, color 204

If anyone finds mistakes in the pattern, please e-mail me and let me know!

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