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The Ten Most Disappointing Endings
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X-COM Apocalypse

Watch the final movie [9 MB]

X-COM: Apocalypse had a lot of high expectations to fulfill when it was released. Hoping to make up for the disappointing X-COM: Terror From the Deep, the designers of Apocalypse added a slew of new game options - including real-time combat - and completely revamped the setting and style of the game. And for the most part, they did a great job. The game replaced the original X-COM's global setting with a single city and added new levels of strategy while retaining the addictive qualities of the first game. But the designers did one thing wrong.

Instead of sticking with the sinister tone of the original, the designers opted for a colorful, almost humorous tone. The game featured strange-looking aliens and vehicle designs based on the '50s ideal for the future. It was like an art-deco version of X-COM, populated by aliens that looked like Muppets.

Nowhere was this tone more evident than in the final cinematic of the game. After a great endgame sequence, in which you had to lead your team into the alien universe and disable its important structures, you were treated to one of the silliest cinematics to ever be assigned an SMK file extension. The short movie's content wasn't all that bad, if you discounted the soldier who exploded into polygons for no discernable reason. What made the movie so bad was the dialogue - and the horrible voice acting only made it worse.

It's so bad it's almost funny. Though to think that you had just played 50-plus hours of a game only to be treated to this was nearly infuriating. Listen to the strange manner in which the guy pronounces the word "bastards." Listen to the penultimate line - "we kicked their ass" - delivered in the most emotionless monotone imaginable. And even if the delivery weren't so bad, the fact that it should have been "we kicked their asses" only added insult to injury.

Download it for yourself and see what thousands of players earned through long hours of sweat and tears.


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