1.   Overall view looking from the back. Note that there is no national insignia on the fuselage or the wing.

2.    The tail skid (note the color the preservative has given the airframe.

3.    The front of the aircraft.  It is minus the engine, allowing you to see the fuel tank as well as the carb and oil cooler intake.

4.    The cockpit canopy with aiming sight.  You can still see remnants of the black anti-glare paint on the nose in this and the next three shots.

5.    Right side view of the cockpit enclosure.

6.    Right side view of the headrest and showing the wooden seat and supports.

7.    Right side overall view of the cockpit.  Bag in seat hold parts from the aircraft. Note the fuel filler cap open on the nose.

8.    Closeup view of the instrument panel.

9.    View looking down on the seat showing the floorboards, control column and the throttle controls on the left.

10.  A view looking under the instrument panel into the foot well. Note the simple rudder pedals in this and the previous view.

11.  Closeup of the left side of the cockpit showing the throttle quadrant and a pull wire of unknown purpose.

12.  Looking down the left side of the fuselage.  You can see the left wing in this view.  

13.  A look in the left side of the cockpit. Note that you can see the right wing in this image and how devoid of markings it is compared to the left wing in the previous image.

14.  A closeup of the right side instrumentation and an empty rack, maybe for a radio receiver.