Count Smokula
"The Count Smokula Show"

Direct From Smokesylvania
Count Smokula, a notorious, yet reformed undead, was born 496 years ago in Glipsch, Smokesylvania. He made a name for himself early on by playing his skveezebox at Smokesylvanian bean-eating festivals, or shlabans. After a revolution which virtually destroyed his beloved homeland, The Count came to the Hollyvood of the California with the intention of making a fortune as a "public excess show host" to restore the glory of Smokesylvania. Although that never quite happened, he became a popular underground figure hosting "The Count Smokula Show" starting in 1996 in Los Angeles, known as "the greatest talk show in the voild". 

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Debut:  1996
Recently Appeared on the FOX Special: "30-Seconds To Fame," MTV, E!Entertainment, ABC's "20/20 with John Stossel, and numerous tv programs and independent films throughout the world. 
Count Smokula has hosted "The Freak of the Week" segments for "Troma's Edge TV" and is featured in and wrote the music for "All the Love You Cannes", a feature-length documentary about the Cannes Film Festival also by Troma. Another documentary is in the works about Tromadance at the Sundance Film Festicval, also featuring The Count.
Hosts and performs at live events such as The Rock City Music News Awards, Los Angeles Music Awards, American Film Market, Screamfest, Tromadance, and the Cult Movie Convention and with many rock bands. 
The Count hosts and performs with The Vamphear Circus


Los Angeles, CA  (Home)
Nashville, TN 

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