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THIS LAW: Absentees' Property Law (passed by the Knesset March 14, 1950).
ITS AMENDMENTS: (6.3.51)(14.2.56)(3.19.58)(2.2.65)(8.7.67)(8.8.67)

No. 29
of Law
1. The Absentees' Property Law, 5710-1950(1), shall be amended as follows -
  • (a) in section 12 -
    • (1) subsection (c) shall be replaced by the following subsection:
      • (1) The Minister of Finance may prescribe by regulations, with the approval of the Finance Committee of the Knesset, rules to be followed in fixing the rent. Upon such rules being prescribed, the Custodian may change the rent fixed by any contract of lease so as to adapt it to those rules; provided that the change shall not become effective before the expiration of the period of lease or before the 24th Adar Bet, 5711 (1st April, 1951), whichever is the later date. For the purpose of this section, a change of rent as aforesaid shall be deemed to be the fixing of the rent by the contract of lease, and the rent so changed shall be deemed to be the rent fixed by the contract of lease.
      • (2) The rent fixed for any property under rules as aforesaid, as reduced under subsection (d) (if so reduced), shall for all intents and purposes be treated as the standard rent of that property within the meaning of the Rent Restrictions (Dwelling-Houses) Ordinance, 1940(2), or as the maximum rent of that property fixed under section 6(1) of the Rent Restrictions (Business Premises) Ordinance, 1941(3), as the case may be.";
    • (2)paragraph (5) of subsection (d) shall be deleted;
  • (b) The following section shall be added after section 28:
    "Property of
    an absentee
    being law
    fully in the
    area of
    28A. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Law, property which is not absentees' property on the day of coming into force of the Absentees' Property (Amendment) Law, 5711-1951, shall not become absentees' property by reason only that an absentee, being at the time lawfully in the area of Israel, becomes its legal owner, or enjoys its benefit, or holds it, after that day.".
Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
President of the State
* Passed by the Knesset on the 28th Adar Alef, 5711 (6th March, 1951) and published in Sefer Ha-Chukkim No.70 of the 7th Adar Bet, 5711 (15th March, 1951), p.70; The Bill and an Explanatory Note were published in Hatza'ot Chok No. 54 of the 2nd Cheshvan, 5711 (13th October, 1950), p.l4.

(1) Sefer Ha-Chukkim No.37 of the 2nd Nisan, 5711 (20th March, 1950), p.86.

(2) P.G. No.1065 of the 20th December, 1940, Suppl.I, p.289 (English Edition).

(3) P.G. No.1086 of the 31st March, 1941, Suppl.I, p.19 (English Edition).

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THIS LAW: Absentees' Property Law (passed by the Knesset March 14, 1950).
ITS AMENDMENTS: (6.3.51)(14.2.56)(3.19.58)(2.2.65)(8.7.67)(8.8.67)

SOURCE: "Laws of the State of Israel: Authorized Translation from the Hebrew, Volume 5". Government Printer, Jerusalem, Israel (1948-1987), p. 63-4.

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