Genealogy of the Royal Family of Prussia1

HRH Prince Wilhelm and his descendants

HRH Prince WilhelmHRH Wilhelm Friedrich Franz Joseph Christian Olaf Prince of Prussia
* Marmor Palace, Potsdam, July 4th, 1906
† (killed in action) Nivelles, May 26th, 1940


(morganatic) (civil) Bonn and (religious) Palace Church, Bonn, June 3rd, 1933:
Dorothea von Salviati
* Bonn, September 10th, 1907
† Bonn-Bad Godesberg, May 7th, 1972
(The marriage was acknowledged as dynastic 1940)

Children from this marriage:

  1. Felicitas Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea Prinzessin von Preußen
  2. Christa Friederike Alexandrine Viktoria Prinzessin von Preußen
    (Since 1940:) HRH Christa Friederike Alexandrine Viktoria Princess of Prussia
    * Schloß Klein-Obisch, October 31st, 1936


    (civil) Wahlscheid and (religious) Auel, Siegkries, March 24th, 1960:
    Peter Paul Eduard Maria Clemens Maximilian Franz von Assisi Liebes
    * Munich, January 18th, 1926
    † Bonn, May 5th, 1967

Felicitas Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea Prinzessin von Preußen
(Since 1940:) HRH Felicitas Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea Princess of Prussia
* Bonn, June 7th, 1934


  1. (civil) Bad Godesberg, September 11th and (religious) Bonn, September 12th, 1958:
    Dinnies Karl Friedrich von der Osten
    * Köslin, May 21st, 1929
    (Divorced: May 5th, 1972)
  2. Aumühle, October 27th, 1972:
    Jörg Hartwig von Nostitz-Wallwitz
    * Verden/Aller, September 26th, 1937

Children from the first marriage:

  1. Friederike Thyra Marion Wilhelmine Dorothea von der Osten
    * Bad Godesberg, July 14th, 1959


    (civil) Ismaning near Munich, August 17th and (religious) Aumühle, September 1st, 1984:
    Bernhard Ernst Dieter von Reiche
    * Celle, April 26th, 1956

    Children from this marriage:

    1. Felicitas Catharini Malina Johanna von Reiche
      * Munich, October 28th, 1986
    2. Victoria Cecilie Alexandra Josephine von Reiche
      * Munich, January 19th, 1989
    3. Donata Friederike Diana Sophie von Reiche
      * Munich, January 28th, 1992
  2. Dinnies-Wilhelm Karl Alexander von der Osten
    * Bad Godesberg, February 15th, 1962
    † Cologne, June 28th, 1989
  3. Hubertus Christoph Joachim Friedrich von der Osten
    * Rheinbek, May 5th, 1964
  4. Cecilie Felicitas Katherina Sophie von der Osten
    * Hamburg, March 12th, 1967


    (civil) Lütjenburg, July 27th and (religious) Schloßkirche, Schloß Panker, July 29th, 1997:
    Ole Hugo Marxen
    * Hamburg, March 10th, 1964

    Child from this marriage:

    1. Julius Dinnies Peter Ole Marxen
      * Eutin, October 17th, 1998

Child from the second marriage:

  1. Diana Renata Friederike von Nostitz-Wallwitz
    * Hamburg, October 7th, 1974


  1. Source: Queen Victoria's Descendants by Marlene A. Eilers. With special thanks to Brigitte Gastel Lloyd and Netty Leistra.

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