Sounds Incorporated

Alan Holmes - flute/saxophone

Geoff West - saxophone

John St. John - guitar

Barrie Cameron - keyboards

Wes Hunter - bass guitar

Tony Newman - drums


Sounds Incorporated were formed in 1961 in Kent. They initially made their reputation backing-up visiting American singers such as Little Richard.

A widely respected band, they were another of the artists/groups signed by Brian Epstein, and they cropped up everywhere in the mid-sixties, touring and recording in their own right, working as session men, and backing-up solo singers on nationwide tours.




Feb '63


Decca F 11590


Aug '63

Keep Movin'/Order Of The Keys

Decca F 11723


Mar '64

The Spartans/Detroit

Columbia DB 7239


Jul '64

Spanish Harlem/Rinky Dink

Columbia DB 7321


Nov '64

William Tell/Bullets

Columbia DB 7404


Apr '65

Time For You/Hall Of The Mountain King

Columbia DB 7545


Aug '65

My Little Red Book/Justice Neddi

Columbia DB 7676


Oct '65

I'm Comin' Through/On The Brink

Columbia DB 7737




Aug '64

Top Gear - Detroit/Spanish Harlem/Top Gear/The Spartans

Columbia SEG 8360



Jun '64

Sounds Incorporated - William Tell/Fingertips/I'm In Love Again/Rinky Dink/Bullets/Last Night/Sounds Like Movin'/One Mint Julep/Ready Teddy/Crane/Maria/Light Cavalry

Columbia SX 3531

Nov '66

Sounds Incorporated - Goldfinger/Little Bird/If We Lived On Top Of A Mountain/Grab This Thing/Yesterday/Boil Over/What Now My Love/Zorba's Dance/Bahama Sound/On The Rebound/The Old And The New/Legend Of Lyndos/Twilight Of An Empire

Studio Two TWO 144




Sounds Incorporated - The Spartans/Detroit/Rinky Dink/My Little Red Book/Hall Of The Mountain King/One Mint Julep/Last Night/Crane/Emily/Mogambo

See For Miles 371