Despite being the motherland of Bandy, the sport has not been played in England for a long time. The last games were played in the mid 1910's, then the outbreak of world war one ended the games and since then the warmer climate has stopped any further games.

Bandy was mainly played in the Fen district, with Bury Fen Bandy Club being the dominating club, here posing for a photo in 1891. The well-known soccer clubs Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United were formed as bandy and soccer clubs; other English bandy clubs were Virginia Water BC, Winchester BC, Northampton BC and Oxford City. The National Bandy Association was formed 1891, the same year did also see the first rulebook published.

England won the European Bandy Championships in 1913, but that turned out to be the "Grand finale" and bandy is now unknown in England. 1