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BSM Bike Of The Year 2008

29 Dec '07

BSM Bike Of The Year 2008 Business Standard Motoring Bike Of The Year 2008 - Bajaj XCD 125

The Bajaj XCD 125! The XCD 125 brought a new scale of value-for-money to the volume-end of the Indian motorcycle market. But more importantly, it is the sole all-new motorcycle to be launched this year. Our awards format has always respected and rewarded the manufacturer who puts in the effort to create an all-new product.
2007 was characterised not by all-new machines, but by six other significant variants and upgrades and we decided to bring them in for the awards evaluation. They made the XCD's task more difficult, obviously, but at the end of the evaluation, while the results were interesting, the XCD's ability to fit its role left us impressed.

Perhaps the biggest name in this year's contenders list was the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. It led the performance scores, shared the top subjective scores with its close sibling, the Pulsar 200 DTSi, and was the clear leader in the features class as well. And why not, it is a superbly crafted motorcycle, easily the most effortless, cohesive of all the Pulsars. The unrivalled headlamps and sporty ergonomics also won it points.

However, our awards evaluation structure favours the less expensive and more frugal motorcycles. So while the 220's excellent economy won it points, the price tag lost it the biggest chunk of the points. Its sibling, the 200, shared similar scores on many parameters, but trailed the 220 on performance as well as features and economy. But its significantly lower price added to its advantage over the 220. So, in the final score, the 200 actually outscored the 220 by just under one per cent.

Hero Honda had two contenders this year, both variants or upgrades – the Splendor NXG and the Hunk. The Splendor was the smallest bike in the contenders list, and while it topped the fuel economy charts, it scored the lowest in the performance category. But on the whole, the competition was simply too strong. Even winning lots of points for a low price tag would not bring it close to winning.

The Hunk, on the hand, did rather well. And it should. After all, it shares all of its powertrain with our 2007 Bike Of The Year, the Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme. In the company of the 220, the 200 and the Apache RTR, its performance score was middle-order. It also lost points to the trio on a number of subjective parameters as well as features. A handful of points earned with marginally greater economy only meant one thing – the 150cc class price tag would get it the points needed to inch ahead of the more expensive competition. As it turned out, the Hunk's points deficit turned into a minute advantage over the Bajajs, thanks to the lower price alone.

Royal Enfield could not provide us with a Machismo 500 in time for this test, and therefore was not actively considered for an award. But, having extensively ridden the motorcycle, we decided to score it anyway, to be able to pin down its position on the charts. While the 500 did fairly well throughout, its six-figure price tag was a huge burden, and it lost a substantial number of points.

 Which brings us to the TVS Apache RTR 160. The aggressive new TVS impressed with its engine performance as well as dynamic character. It did well in the performance department and stayed close to the 220 in the subjective evaluation as well, only to lose out on the features front. However, its massive price advantage took the Apache RTR well ahead. Since it scored the highest among the variant/upgrades, we've decided to salute TVS' achievement with the RTR. Which is why the TVS Apache RTR 160 wins the debut Business Standard Motoring Performance Bike Of The Year 2008.

But standing head and shoulders above the variants and upgrades is the Bajaj XCD 125, the Business Standard Motoring Bike Of The Year 2008. Its biggest achievement is that it brings a significant change in a segment which we've always criticised as sluggish and status-quo oriented in product evolution terms. It takes on the mighty Indian 100cc commuter, with a frugal, larger displacement engine and a superb price tag. It also looks modern and fresh, rather than template styling that most of the segment's motorcycles tend to resort to, while enjoyable dynamics and good ride quality only make the package that much more compelling. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for our 2008 Bike Of The Year, the XCD 125. Congratulations, Bajaj!

Comments (35)


Posted by Mohan on Thu, 03 January 2008 (permalink)
Gentlemen, I am a regular reader of your magazine for quite a few years. But its amusing to note that you give awards merely based on impulse rather than a broad judgement. Very soon you will find that so many award scooters disappear fastest from the market like award winning movies which do not remain in the screens for over one week/ While giving awards, you also bring out the past experience of the manufacturing products which sustain atleast for five years. You know, many Bajaj brands are of poor quality and do not remain even for a year except while on discount. Please apply and reclassify your parameters Mohan


Posted by Neeraj on Mon, 07 January 2008 (permalink)
I think BSM has got it bang on target, it would ve been easier to five the award to P220, but it rather chose the XCD125, because it is re writing the rules of the very segment. Ground Breaking indeed. as far as the comment below Mr. Mohan I think you better back ur statements with some facts insted of your "impulse".


Posted by maheshwar on Fri, 11 January 2008 (permalink)
i too agree on the fact that bajaj wont stand for long. there is no need of any baking or proof of it. they have the worst gear system and the bikes are worthless after three years maximum. gone are the days of great bajaj chetak. bajaj is worthy a mention because they set standards in every segment with their features but not quality. we all expect to give awards based on performance and testing, giving award fot features is just... and let the point be transperant.many of the new bikes launched have problems. p220 has oil leaks, p200 had fork problems and rtr160 has this weird sound coming from the engine and also suffers vibration at certain speeds. am not just claiming all these. people who have the respective bikes know it.

160-rtr apache

Posted by jaydeep panchal on Mon, 14 January 2008 (permalink)
good coment on rtr-160but,it is really bike of the year.

New Parameters For Bike Of The Year.

Posted by Parimal on Tue, 15 January 2008 (permalink)
There should be certain parameters while judging the bike of year:- 1.)Quality factor & reliability. 2.)Maintainance. On all these factors,Bajaj fails miserably. Hence, I don't think any bike till date from Bajaj stable deserves such awards.

u all are wrong

Posted by vikram bajaj on Sun, 20 January 2008 (permalink)
actually i had bajaj caliber n its about 7 years old but its still in 100% fit n fine condition after i have had accidents several times in the road n also its engine never gave me any problem n now also it being a 110cc bike it give about 100km/hr speed after being 7 years old bike n i dont think so that a splendor or cd dawn or any other hero honda or other bikes of which u are tellin about quality gives such a gud quality as i have mentioned above. so ride it first n then u alkl will know n also the menteinance of the bike depends on the rider how he cares of the bike n thus if the riders care for the bike then the bike will last life long or else even hero honda's best products will also be a rusted dust in 1 month.

Bajaj ..... Hamara Bajaj.... Tumhara Bajaj

Posted by Vijay Dinanath Chauhan on Tue, 22 January 2008 (permalink)
Guys, The bike of the year award cannot be given to veterans, as this award is for the new comers. Secondly, its a myth that the bikes dont last long. Its the bikers who are not able to keep them running for the longer tenure. Bajaj has had the tradition of breaking and remaking the paths of glory and expectations. The class of Pulsar says it all, the mileage of platina says it all and the trust of chetak says it all oer again.... so whether it is about the veterans Chetak and Pulsar or the new-comers XCD and Discover, its has always been a No win situation for any other brand except BAJAJ.... long live Bajaj Philosophy and no need to pray for their Bikes..... for people who love to hate Bajaj, U can surely try and ride a bajaj bike to get a life. Stop cribbing guys...

RTR 160 deserves the best bike of the Yea 2008

Posted by Sandesh on Mon, 04 February 2008 (permalink)
I think RTR 160 deserves the best bike of the year . The performance , the mileage,the pick up, the looks of the bike is awesome

Bike of the year 08 :Apache RTR 160

Posted by Santosh on Thu, 14 February 2008 (permalink)
RTR 160 is one of the best bikes ever produced as compared with any of the bikes till date.Not only RTR has great looks but is also very efficient.RTR's performance is just outstanding along with its classy sporty looks.

RTR 160 is GoD

Posted by rupesh korgaonkar on Mon, 24 March 2008 (permalink)
I am a proud owner of the RTR – I love the bike. B4 this I had a Yamaha RXG-135 – a 2 stroke bike. I always use to think a 4 stroke bike can’t have a pick like a 2 stroke. But when I test ride the RTR I was just taken back n said to my self this is it my new bike. I have done top of 134 kmph which was awesome. The gear box is always ok. The best part is when you sit on the bike that sitting position just makes u feel top of the world. One more this I wann tell every the way RTR starts not like the pulsar making lots of noise. All in all a great bike to buy. Now I am looking forward for the Yamaha R15. Thanks and Regards Rupesh Korgaonkar

Which is best? Cbz or hunk?

Posted by Tinan on Mon, 19 May 2008 (permalink)
Hi, i want to knw which is the best bike between hero honda cbz x-xtreme nd hunk? Plz suggest me....plzzzzz. Im waiting.

good bike

Posted by Rohit Malakar on Sat, 31 May 2008 (permalink)
xcd 125 is a good bike by looking,maileg & by price


Posted by mohammed sheikh on Mon, 23 June 2008 (permalink)
Hey guys i am not going to say this bike is good that bike is good,the quality of bike ,mileage,performence,style & good Maintenance and availablity of spare items in a possible price this things or more important then we can maintain any bike, In a leading quality Performance,mileage,looks Bajaj bikes or better,there is no high maintenance bikes or realy giving good performance in highway, I have using before 11 months Bajaj Discover which was realy good to drive in any condition of roads. Then presently i am using Bajaj pulser which is giving me great mileage and its good to handle in every way, I am Realy Satisfaid with both bajaj bikes,i am happy to have a bajaj pulser with me,

Awsome Bike

Posted by Manish Bajpai on Wed, 02 July 2008 (permalink)
Hi want to know how is Bajaj Pulsor? I like this bike lkot. I'm going to purchase Pulsar180, I want to know how is the performrnce of this bike?


Posted by jagjeevan bakhsh singh on Fri, 18 July 2008 (permalink)
the hh cbz xtrem is realy good bike


Posted by Raza on Fri, 25 July 2008 (permalink)
i love speed


Posted by Chathura on Wed, 30 July 2008 (permalink)
How any other bike can achieve this bike of the year award while "TVS APACHE RTR 160" is there in the market. That is the best bike which produced ever in the 2 wheeler history.

xcd deserves it!

Posted by malhotra on Sun, 03 August 2008 (permalink)
XCD is a very Fine bike! its a revolution in performance, looks and mileage for such an affordable price tag! XCD is "A neighbour's Envy.. owner's Pride"

RTR-Its definetly BIKE OF THE YEAR

Posted by P.S.Arun Kumar on Fri, 05 September 2008 (permalink)
Hey guys...there is no doubt,that RTR is the Best.I am owning one Matt Grey of it.It looks awesome,style is best in industry and performance is top in the segment.If u hear apache RTR roaring sound you will like to have one for u.One of my friend ownes other 180 cc bike,but like mines.He prefer to drive mine.I heared that top speed is 112 in reviews,but unfortunately in my first speed up action ,in half throttle i reached 95. Its HOT Have it

XCD125 - Indeed 'Distinctly Ahead'

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on Tue, 09 September 2008 (permalink)
Hi guys, I own an XCD which is 8 months old and Iam really Proud to possess a bike which is 1.Giving me a mileage of 68-70 kms in city. 2.Has a fantastic Pick Up. 3.Gives an excellent ride Quality(no probs at all, even while doing long distances) and at 112kg, it gives the rider absolute control in handling, both in city and highways. 4.Has AN UNIQUE PLUS POINT-a brilliant top end power!( ride within 35,it is damn smooth.ride between 35 - 50 the bike is little cross 50 and is exceptionally smooth and steady. U feel u are flying an aeroplane! Even at a max 85kmph, there isnt a single shake or drag). and finally 5.Fresh, Stylish, Youthful, strikingly attractive and 'very much Alive'in looks. Now more importantly, all these at a VERY AFFORDABLE price!! Pls remember 1 thing..'the Quality and Performance of any bike depends entirely on the CARE and SKILL of its Owner'.


Posted by vivek on Tue, 16 September 2008 (permalink)
hello sir, I want to know the best bike . performance and milege both

best of bikes i have used

Posted by abhishek on Fri, 19 September 2008 (permalink)
hi all , i have been riding for last 7 years all bajaj bikes .life line of my bike is generaly one year with 60,000-70,000 km of riding first bike was calibre good economical bike then i use pulsar 120 it worked 80,000 km never given a trouble never it engine was repaired as i use to ride daily 100 km pulsar has good grib/and balance even on speed, now i am using unicon honda.good bike same like pulsar easy to ride but cannot be campare with trem of maintainance and services .now i am planning for bullet for long drive

Pulsar 150cc Lover...Its really a great bike

Posted by VikramG on Wed, 01 October 2008 (permalink)
Hi every one... Thanks for your postings about different bikes. But onething what i want every one to know is, "Pulsar Rocks the Market at all times". U know, the Apache RTR 160 from TVS, its a dam bike. None of my friends like the way it looks and neither me. Its very very short compared to Pulsar and it gives very less milage. Compared to Bajaj Pulsar, its draw backs are: 1: Looks very UGLY where Pulsar has a definitely MALE look. 2: Power: U know people say that it has a great power. But, i have used it for a long time and it sucks. Where as Pulsar....One has to drive it and feel its power. No word can explain about its great power. 3: Milage: Dear ones, inspite of having a good look, good power, it gives around 48 to 50 KM/Litr. I own a Pulsar 150cc bike. Where as Apache RTR 160 not even gives 40KM/Litr. Its so bad. 4: If u want to buy a newly released bike, nobody will buy your TVS RTR 160 for even 20K RS/-....It has a very low re-sell value.


Posted by Prashant on Wed, 01 October 2008 (permalink)
Hi all, As Talking about CBZ Extreme it's really good but my question is how i can increase the Bike Average mean to say 45 plus.


Posted by nitin on Fri, 10 October 2008 (permalink)
HIII FRIENDS,I AM PRETTY CONFUSED BY TAKIN THE TOUGH STEP OF SELECTION OF MY BIKE THESE DAYS,plzzz suggest me between some bikes i think,n do give the reason for ur suggestion------- stunner 125cc 2.bajaj discover dtsi 135cc 3.hero honda splendar NXG 97.2cc 4.yamaha gladiator graffiti 5. yamaha fz16 153.2cc i want atleast a average of above 45km/lit

god of bike

Posted by ragu on Sat, 08 November 2008 (permalink)
pulsar is not the best.but it is the god of bikes.

which bike is the best of all d bikes

Posted by srihari on Mon, 05 January 2009 (permalink)
hi i want 2 know which bike is d best of all d bikes regarding all d qualities of bike....i never mind whether it is bajaj r herohonda..bcoz i want 2 buy a bike........

TVS Apache is the bos of the bykes

Posted by pradeep on Sat, 21 March 2009 (permalink)
hai this is pradeep tvs apache is the bos the bykes this year

Suzuki GS 150R

Posted by Aniruddha on Sat, 21 March 2009 (permalink)
remember TVS-suzuki launched Feiro 150 cc in 2001-02. i have experience driving Pulsar, CBZ, Unicorn. but nothing like feiro. now suzuki has launched GS150R. see the features. take a test ride and you will never think about any other bike. those who bought Suzuki feiro are still very happy with their bike(not TVS feiro which tvs launched after the split). i think Suzuki GS 150 R is going to be the best selling bike in its class this year. i think suzuki is planning to launch another bike in 200 cc segment soon. my vote for GS 150 R

apache rtr 160 fi

Posted by Max. on Tue, 31 March 2009 (permalink)
The rtr fi is almost a great bike. r15,a karizma,pulser 220, it all bike in our group. The rtr top speed is 138 . The karizma top speed is 140, the pulser 220 top speed is 140, the r15 top speed is 145. So the rtr best perfomance in 160 class bike. Turning & break skill is best in rtr. Pulser is best in looking but her perfor mance is no so good long. Karizma & rtr in best to all side, no faulty report in that bikes. Pulser no so good for balance. In that case all over india year 2008 very & various accident in Year 2009 release the rtr 180 cc menace and karizma fi the most 2 powerful bikes.

apache rtr160

Posted by saju on Mon, 25 May 2009 (permalink)
apache is king of all bikes.its stunning look,power everything ..really proud to be an apache owner..

Pulsar is the Best

Posted by Shuvashis Paul on Sun, 12 July 2009 (permalink)
In my word Bajaj Pulsar is the best. No other bike like Apache, CBZ or hunk can chalange only for speed. Speed is not the only matter. Bajaj Pulsar has a great name. It has agreat style. None can compare it with other.


Posted by Nitin Kumar Adhikari on Sun, 23 August 2009 (permalink)
TVS Apache is the best bike

Yamaha Fz16,R15.

Posted by riyas on Fri, 18 September 2009 (permalink)
i am Onely yamaha Bike Loverbecauseof Great Speed..Qucke time save..Any long route riding no bour No pain,Next Future yamaha 225cc Bike Ready to come After 5,6,month,Yamaha bike Lover Wait Ride fantastic Bike comes to India.Thank you Yamaha bi

Clutch plate change

Posted by Gobi on Wed, 23 September 2009 (permalink)
i have a bajaj pulsar 180 cc & the mileage already hit 40,000km.What is the mileage recommended to change clutch plate since i'm using a long distance travelling to work.secondly the is hole in the exaust pipe near to the block, can i weld it to reduce the sound of noise coming from the exaust( compare with other bike but only pulsar have this hole at the exaust ).


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